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It's funny, I thought long and hard about that comment, especially the wording.

I was trying to evoke sort of a viking vibe. That's all I can imagine when I read about the folks who are actually trying to start civil/race/etc wars in America. They come off like they're just itching to do some viking shit. They come off like they think they can get something out of it that they can't get in their peaceful lives.

If you look at what I'm writing in that thread you'll see that my stance is against civil war and the people who want to wage it (including the 'come and take it' left that seems to think that a clean divorce is possible and would result in blue state fairy land); it would be a disaster for all involved.

I have a lot of charity to offer my political opponents, but very little to people (an assuredly tiny minority) who want to start a civil war and turn my beloved country into a wartorn hellhole. I'm sure you can understand; I do, after all, have to live in it.

Owch, name recognition, and not the good kind. I'm curious about how I earned a place in your rogues gallery. Am I really that bad?

Isn't this already just Bohemian Grove?

I'm not familiar with the story but I'm skeptical in general.

Just about any diet that gets people thinking about what they are eating can make a difference.

This is the dirty secret behind all fad diets.

If Russia had limited its intervention to capturing the government instead of staging a full on invasion and all of the death and destruction entailed I think it would be much easier for Russia to avoid international contempt.

But you're missing a key point: Gaddafi was a piece of shit who took down a commercial airliner to fuck with the west. Zelenski isn't.

I don't see how ANC can provide any better protection

ANC produces sound that cancels incoming sound via destructive interference. It's ability to cut sound is therefore limited by how loud of a sound it can produce and how well it matches the incoming sound. It's a surreal experience when it works right. But I have doubts that it could match the volume of a gunshot.

The myth was popularized by Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas.

They might have aired a portion of "Unedited Footage Of A Bear"

Is there a functional difference between hp for sustained sounds (ie lawnmower) vs overpressure? Shooting earmuffs I see tend to be much thinner than earmuffs you see at the hardware store.

Is ANC for that level of protection hokum? I see some electronic earbuds that claim (to me) unbelievable NRRs.

Tell me everything about hearing protection.

How about NATO countries invaded by Syria / Libya / Iraq / Afghanistan etc?

Redefining invasion.

Which Libyans consented to a coalition of NATO countries and Qatar to come in and murder their leader?

The Libyans who bayoneted him and shot him dead.

NATO doesn't protect anyone from invasion, quite the opposite actually.

NATO countries invaded by RF: 0

Non-NATO countries invaded by RF: 2

Gaddafi got what? His fair trial according to the rule-based liberal world order?

Something about the consent of the governed.

militarization of American police

Which has jack diddly squat to do with the discussion. Armed forces and police are separate entities. What does that have to do with Ukraine?

They've had them and not used them. Their track record is much better than America's.

The consequences for using nukes now is different from the consequences of using nukes then. They're still shelling cities with conventional weapons, with the expected results. 'We didn't use nukes to destroy Bakhmut, just conventional weapons!' isn't an impressive humanitarian boast.

So you do not identify with the BLM crowd 'hands up don't shoot' or the J6 protesters 'please stop detaining me without a trial'?

Non sequitur.

the military kicking down everybody's door?

In the US? You know they've all got guns at home right. They're not going to kick down their own doors.

We can start with Russia never dropping nukes on 2 cities full of civilians perhaps.

Russia practiced total war same as everyone else. You really think they wouldn't have used nukes if they had them?

By democratically seceding?

The war of course started not with the secession itself but with confederates attacking federal assets (Fort Sumter.)

Again, there's a whole series of convenience store robberies you haven't looked at if Russia is the main perp in your eyes.

Are there other nuclear arsenals aimed at the US? China's is unimpressive compared to Russia's, but don't get me wrong, when (if?) China invades Taiwan I will have zero problem with the unholy gift basket of armaments my tax dollars will provide them with.

Having a de facto NATO protectorate on your border is a matter of life or death for Russia.

How unfortunate for them. Maybe if they didn't make NATO the only way to avoid getting invaded and instead offered a better deal they wouldn't be in this mess.

How well did the Arab Spring go for liberal democracy in North Africa and the Middle East?

Man, it's been a while. i think the fondest hope was that Iran would flip, and it didn't.

But Gaddafi got his, so there's that.

Why do people support Ukraine fighting against Russia, with a strange militaristic fervor, instead of supporting surrendering / negotiating peace?

Because they have chosen to fight. They can surrender whenever they feel like it. But until they do, they ought to enjoy the full support of people who also don't like wars of aggression prosecuted upon them.

-the war is destroying Ukraine ( population + territory / infrastructures / institutions)

The traditional response to an insult is reprisal, not submission. Indeed, they've probably got very little to lose and everything to gain by continuing to fight.

continuing the war increases the chances of a world war

If Russia is able to win all conflicts by threatening a world war, they're going to spread unchecked. The hell with that, I say. Waiting for the apocalypse is exhausting.

Is it cheering for the possible destruction of Russia?


Something to do with the current leadership of Russia, anti-LGBTQ, pro-family policies?

I cannot speak for everyone supporting Ukraine but that always seemed like a distraction. The reason I want to see Russia get spanked is the arsenal of nuclear weapons they maintain trained at me. They're the guy robbing my convenience store at gunpoint; if they go down in a hail of cop gunfire after stealing a car that's just as well.

What would be the best case scenario for a Ukraine/State Department victory?

Even more of the Russian armed forces taken out of commission. Like 2x what we've seen so far. Perhaps 5x. Russia withdrawing from Ukraine. Putin replaced with someone who's more interested in increasing Russia's GDP than square miles.

To my understanding, Putin is not the most radical or dangerous politician in Russia, and an implosion into ethnicity-based sub-regions would cause similar problems to the 'Arab Spring'. Chechens for example would not appear very West-friendly once 'liberated' from Russia.

Is there a strong reason to believe that Putin is the glue holding together the federation?

Models don't have rights.

You'd need to disclose not only your training set, and model, but also the training environment and initial configuration

Done and done.

That's an interestingly roundabout way of mass-banning

I'm ok with this.

a lot of people are just going to smuggle AI-gen outputs as 'naturally'-generated.

Which is going to happen anyway, in fact it already is happening.

Right the only way to make this work would be nothing up your sleeve training-wise. You'd provide your training set and if your model can't replicate, bam, you're busted.

Any model without an associated public data set is presumed guilty.

Requiring that people hold valid licenses for their entire training sets isn't even enforceable enough to do anything

Why do we think this is unenforceable? Unappetizing because it hits AI hard, sure, but surely not unenforceable.

Tell you what, I think animal advocacy people don't want the dog/owner relationship to exist because the anthropomorphize dogs so they're tying themselves into knots imagining how they can abolish that relationship but not make dogs extinct.

In dogs we have (rightly or wrongly) bread an animal more noble and worthy than we are. They serve us better than we serve each other. They might not be as intelligent as we are, but I think they're having a much better time. I don't think we should strive to be as dumb/happy as dogs are, but to me (a staunch dog-phobic mind you) it would seem cruel to take away the arraignment they currently enjoy.

Uplifting predators is a bad idea generally; we're on track to destroy this pathetic biosphere and we're not the hyper-optomized obligate carnivores that some species are. If housecats had access to modern technology we'd all be atomized by now.