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I wonder why Carmack isn't yet on board. He doesn't strike me as that serious a booster. Does he want Keen Technologies to play catch-up, or is he just on the fence for now?

ETA: This may be evidence of his feelings.

...That does make sense. We're more globalized, and we're also the opposite of starving, in general.

Honestly, I think we should all be thankful that most mass shooters aren't this logical. Then again, if they were this logical, maybe they wouldn't be mass shooters in the first place, perhaps.

I personally have the stance that we should not make things easy at all for China to fuck with us since they're clearly putting themselves into contention with us for superpower status, and I'm not very curious to see what the world will look like with China at the top. At the same time, though, as you note, this isn't worth singling out TikTok if for no other reason than it's not any more guilty than other social media services.

I would personally "restrict" all social media insofar as designating them as Common Carriers and implementing tougher privacy protections and better transparency, and if TikTok can't rise to that standard, then fuck 'em. Otherwise, as CCP-phobic as I may be, I will readily admit that this is rather unfair and clearly biased of The Powers That Be.

Exactly, I think it's a bit of an extreme conclusion to reason that "limiting memes = doing violence = always bad," but I can understand where trans people may be coming from with this. It's hard to say where the balancing point should be on this, because one (trans)man's "grooming" can easily be another (trans)man's "helping someone else out of the closet."

I think this is basically the "prospiracy" idea: there is no central coordination or singular grand plan, but everyone is in the same direction anyways.

I think you underestimate the skill floor of doing this kind of thing under stress. Watch videos of 2-Gun ACM/Brutality matches and see how hard seemingly simple things become. Now try doing this in a real-ass situation where you're literally killing people and you're up against the harsh timer of "the cops are going to show up at some point to stop you." Ian McCollum and Karl Kasarda have talked about how adding the stress of a timer changes everything about your execution of your shooting skills. This is also leaving aside the concept of "spree shooters are not half as experienced as 'gun nuts.'"

I assume those were the first major shooting sprees in their respective countries. If it's never happened before, the first time could be quite bad.

Are you aware of any active shooter situation where the shooter actually ran out of ammo?

I guess not, but apparently they bring less ammo than a guy who's going to the range might bring, as per BJ Campbell.

But from pop culture you'd think the magazines were single-use and disposable.

In fairness, both America and France had the idea of making magazines cheap and disposable (for the original M16 and FAMAS, respectively), but both militaries backed off of the idea really quickly (which probably contributed to the perception of the M16 and the US-issue magazines as unreliable--you have these cheap, easily-bent aluminum magazines serving from Vietnam all the way to the Gulf War, I imagine), because the idea of a cheap magazine just being thrown away probably offended some bean counter or desk officer somewhere. Ian has talked about this before.

Okay, that actually sounds somewhat reasonable in terms of carry weight. The SUB-2000 also folds up, making transport easier.

Meanwhile, these guys went up against someone who had two AR-15s!

I suspect that this is sarcasm. While drags queens do have some overlap, the motivations aren't the same.

I hope this isn't against the rules, but you yourself did outline the idea of "memocide," and I also outlined a similar idea even earlier in relation to the "trans genocide" topic.

I think we can admit that trying to put brakes on the transgender memeplex probably does amount to cultural/memetic violence, but I take the view that memetic violence is better than things spiraling out of control and devolving into actual physical violence.

What explains Europe? Is it the food? It can't be smoking or leaded gasoline that was keeping the obesity down over there (unless they regulated those things later than us).

I'd say that, historically, for some, the dream of America was to have your own little kingdom of sorts, a small slice of bountiful heartland to call your own. This was the agrarian dream of people like Andrew Jackson (IIRC, or was it Thomas Jefferson), and it has a sort of charm to it. That America had so much land for the taking made that dream possible.

I also live somewhere where walking even to the nearest grocery store would be a real trek. Doesn't help that it gets unbearably hot in the Summer.

...Is this real?

I mean, Tumblr people did try to talk and care about the Rroma/Romani, but it just never took off beyond Tumblr (probably because We All Live In America, where they pretty much don't exist, or at least not as a distinct ethnicity).

I don't know if "bioleninism" is applicable here, though, given things like the reputed high IQ of Ashkenazim and such. I mean, yeah, those ones gotta be careful about who they marry, but still.

Besides the "kid knowing about porn at a really young age" thing mentioned below, Deen was accused some time ago of sexual abuse or something along those lines.

That's what I'm getting at: you're using euphemisms. If you want to argue that "the chilling effect of MeToo on sexual relations is not a bug, but a feature intended to drive population control as desired by The Shadowy They," you can just argue that plainly. It may be declasse, it will probably attract a hard counterargument, but you won't get the likes of me noticing their own confusion.

I'm certain there's some economic theory/concept that explains this (marginal cost of labor?). Yes, it will harm human artists that earn their keep through commissions, but the cost barrier (edit: for the prospective consumer of art) there was always going to be high (especially after seeing Tumblr do its best to meme more respect for artists and their prices), AI just lowered the cost barrier dramatically.

Is this darkly hinting? I'm not sure what the externalities/failure modes of false accusations of sexual harassment/assault are supposed to do for "sustaining development." Development of what? The economy, civilization in general?

I don't know who is putting this out (you linked nothing, therefore, we don't know if they disclaimed that this is an abstracted model), but if we're gonna be really pedantic, we could also point out that the Earth technically isn't even a sphere of any level of perfection (at least, when you take away the water).