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I thought the Lebanese were heavily into organized crime in Australia?

It turns out they mostly don't want to be stuck in racial ghettos and seen as seperate from the majority.

You sure about that?

Does the Australian police collect racial crime stats by any chance?

Didn’t LePenne come in second in the most recent elections? With a serious chance as well? Seems like this just boosted her odds

Yeah the dissent… you should really read it. See attached


He at least had the good sense to feel ashamed of it

It’s a silly argument. Does anyone seriously think a diversity in work ethic makes for a better team? A diversity in intelligence? How about a diversity of medical conditions?

For there to be a true diversity to prevent biases you’d need viewpoint diversity. Somehow that one never makes the cut.

Relatedly, some applicants might be able to use the essay to imply their race in a clever way that gets them in


We actually already have pretty good evidence which option works best here. Economic analysis shows that the productivity of high ability people goes up almost exponentially when in close proximity to other high ability people. This is an example of what is known as a “network effect” the flip side of which is when we put antisocial criminals together in a prison we accelerate their criminality. Like attracts and works best with like.

According to these principles diversity is a major obstacle to innovation and productivity. No one demanded that the Manhattan project be more diverse. Somehow a highly homogeneous team of male Hungarian Jewish geniuses pulled off major innovation, if DEI existed back then we would probably have never developed the bomb.

Anyway, hence we need high ability people together to get the most out of them. That’s if you actually care about society as a whole and not myopically focused on the welfare of a few antisocial criminal underclass cultural groups.

Reading Sotomayors and Jackson’s dissents all I can think is: “this is an excellent example of why affirmative action needs to be banned”

That’s for a newly released box set for a book trilogy written in 1991. So, yeah. Better numbers for the newly minted woke novels

100 grams of high quality animal protein is probably enough, with rapidly diminishing returns above that

Sales figures are pretty good evidence of quality of product, but go off I guess

We have no comparisons to other books released at a similar time.

Ah so you didn’t bother reading the article. Cool.

The original Thrawn Trilogy sold 15 million as of 2014. And then, after the Star Wars Extended Universe was jettisoned by Disney and Kathleen Kennedy, it went on to sell five million more copies. A new boxed set of the original Thrawn Trilogy released in May 2022 has sold 13,031 copies by itself.

Like, what figures were they expecting?

I guess you missed the part where the previous expanded universe series sold TENS OF MILLIONS of copies.

And no, selling a few thousand books isn’t “very good”. Like, cmon.

alleged billion dollar marketing campaign

“Alleged”. This isn’t a law court, this is just a fact.

Funny. I’m a regular /r/MawInstallation participant, and I’ve mostly heard good things about the High Republic.

Yeah, Redditors don’t really reflect the true fan base for, well, anything anymore. surprised someone still thinks that, especially in this space.

The follow-up to this condemnation of the rollout is…an argument that the first book was actually successful.

Successful? It merely is the best selling of the bunch, which is….not high praise given the pathetic numbers on display:

Maybe 2021 wasn’t the best time to release half a dozen books.

Yeah, why would the middle of a pandemic when everyone is stuck at home be a bad time to sell books?

According to the fans, yes, Zahn “did it right”. Money talks. Shit walks.

  • If the tits aren’t out, she can’t be a good Jedi, hmm?

Judging by the fact no one knows who this character is, yes. Correct.

Er, third-rate talent operating on a budget.

Lol, Disney is operating “on a budget”. Yeah, a billion dollar marketing budget.

This article has made you really angry. Why? Did you enjoy the new Star Wars and it’s abject commercial and cultural failure feel invalidating to you?

I’ve sometimes heard that the left wing takeover of corporate America is a hollow one - they don’t REALLY cars about minorities, just look at umm their Middle East twitter accounts! They care about $$$ and aren’t true believers

I found an interesting counter point recently.


This is what a corporation that has no idea what their audience is about, but does in fact know clearly what it’s ideology is about.

I’ll summarize the link but you really should read it for yourself, it’s astounding how bad Disney gets the Star Wars franchise: for instance, the books need to be (in addition to all the old touchstones of diversity etc) ANTI WAR. And then there’s the characters, who are somehow all androgynous.

The sales figures reflect an enormous lack of interest of enthusiasm. But it doesn’t matter for Disney - they get to spread the Good Word of gender ideology and anti fascism/anti traditionalism.

I guess if you totally discount immigration that might be true


Apparently there’s been a big drop in conservative support for gay marriage, all in the space of a year.

I think this says a lot, mainly because it’s a point I see brought up by a lot of the blackpillers in this community “look, look - even conservatives support gay marriage now, there’s no stopping progressivism”.

Well, what now? Apparently the left has pushed too hard and too fast and it’s turning the GOP away. Being LGBT isn’t seen as some harmless thing anymore, especially when it seems being “tolerant” means accepting gay drag nuns on crucifixes. The parodies are no longer a parody, and grooming children to accept gender ideology seems rife in schools even in deep red states.

Recently I read about a Muslim city in america voting to ban the pride flag. This is just one example of the incoming shift and realignment being forced by progressive extremism becoming more forcibly mainstream

Well wouldn’t an increased tax burden eventually translate to increased corporate taxes? At some point they must see this also goes against their interests

He’s unlikable, yes, but that doesn’t make him wrong

Someone must be buying them

Non Americans

Yes but why should we need such archaic laws and taboos? The taboos against homosexuals also existed for thousands of years without skulls. So meh

Also eugenics has been around for thousands of years in other forms. Baby looks kinda weird? Throw it off a cliff or leave it exposed to the wilderness. Meh.

You’re wasting your time, people on the motte are very blackpilled and demoralized to the point they can’t see a win as a win.

What happened last time is the Canadian economy lost millions, with billions in trade being stalled out due to cross border blockades. This hit the government where it hurts, and showed that it doesn’t take much, just a few trucks to do major damage. That means something.