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Scarlett Johansson doesn't have an IP right to "female voices that sound vaguely like Scarlett Johansson." As long as they can produce the receipts to show that this is actually what happened, she'd have no case.

Hmm yes, a female voice that teehees around and feigns innocence while attempting to manipulate men.

For some reason this doesn’t strike me as the most unique IP.

But I'm a homo, so presumably I'm not the target audience

Hey now, no need to gloat. Count your blessings.

Um actually black samurai were totally a thing historically. But even if they weren't, why does it matter and why are you so bothered about an ahistoric depiction of a black man pairing up with a young Japanese woman to kill a bunch of Japanese men? It's only a video game.


On the bright side, this should be a boom for jokes and memes beyond the obligatory "dass rite, we wuz samuraiz n shieett."

For example, the top appearing comment on the YouTube trailer says "The most heroic thing about this trailer is that they left the comments open." Another commenter remarks, "I cannot wait for Ubisoft to make an assassin's creed game set in Africa and make the main character a Chinese man." Assassin's Creed: Empire of Dust does indeed have some gravitas as a title. There are a bunch of Japanese comments and I'd like to imagine they're chudding out hardcore, but haven't plugged them into a translator lest my illusions get shattered.

Looking at Wikipedia, apparently there are something like 25 Assassin's Creed titles between the main and spinoff series? I would have guessed there were like five.

Especially if he were aided by a slim black female love interest with a pretty face and long, straight hair. The collective seethe might just blast a hole through the fabric of the universe.

Yeah… although I’m sure there’s a non-zero amount of men into the BBW or feeder fetish, most of men claiming they’re into “thicc” girls is just euphemistic cope for them being unable to pull slim chicks.

It’s like the inverse of the Mitch Hedberg joke. “I’m now the third most famous player on the Chiefs. I already was before, but I still am now, too.”

It cracks me up how chicks nowadays just instinctively turn to tilt their ass at the camera when one comes out.

I love how social and mainstream media pearlclutching over Butker has pretty much catapulted him to being the third most famous Chief via the Streisand effect. I’d never heard of him before this.

I still have no interest in listening to his speech, looking into his opinions (they’re probably kind of stupid), or watching him or the NFL in general, but he’s making the usual insufferables seethe so I like him. I’ll just donate my ki from afar like he’s Goku charging up a Spirit Bomb.

It helps that most of his fellow NFL players have greater idpol protections and hold views that are even more politically incorrect about women and 2SLGBTQIA+ (views that are sometimes physically expressed to the former in a fiery, but mostly peaceful manner). However, they just don’t have the desire or ability to introspect on a worldview and go around giving speeches. So Butker likely enjoys some low-key solidarity.

The Chiefs as Superbowl champions in an OT victory and the biggest hotbed of off-field drama, gossip, and lolcowery? Maybe the NFL is indeed fixed like boxing, instead of real like pro-wrestling.

(Yes I'm trotting out this meme again, I don't care: I was effectively shunned from an entire community and industry for the crime of politely asking a girl if she wanted to get coffee sometime and I'm still mad about it - anyone saying "just ask her bro, the worst she can say is no" is full of shit.)

Everyone knows women don’t care about looks, but it sounds like her feminine intuition and personality-detector correctly clocked you as the type of bigot who posts in a lair of racists, misogynists, and transphobes. So she bravely and rightfully got you excommunicated from a community and an industry to keep everyone safe *crosses arms and turns away indignantly*.

Yeah, women take it as an insult when a man she views as beneath her shoots his shot at her, as it offends their princess complex. “Ugh, you thought you had a chance with me? Gross.”

Usually (I hope) getting rejected by a girl doesn’t lead to immediate exile from community and industry, but realistically it at least means no other girl in her social circle will want you. And even the guys in your/her social circle will have their priors updated in the direction of you potentially being a social liability. A girl will eagerly spread the word and poison the well after rejecting you.

On the bright side, though, banging a chick greatly increases the chances you’ll bang other chicks in her social circle. Praise be the double-edged sword of female mate-choice copying.

I mentioned to several of the people I interviewed for this piece that I’d met my husband in an elevator, in 2001. (We worked on different floors of the same institution, and over the months that followed struck up many more conversations—in the elevator, in the break room, on the walk to the subway.) I was fascinated by the extent to which this prompted other women to sigh and say that they’d just love to meet someone that way. And yet quite a few of them suggested that if a random guy started talking to them in an elevator, they would be weirded out. “Creeper! Get away from me,” one woman imagined thinking. “Anytime we’re in silence, we look at our phones,” explained her friend, nodding. Another woman fantasized to me about what it would be like to have a man hit on her in a bookstore. (She’d be holding a copy of her favorite book. “What’s that book?” he’d say.) But then she seemed to snap out of her reverie, and changed the subject to Sex and the City reruns and how hopelessly dated they seem. “Miranda meets Steve at a bar,” she said, in a tone suggesting that the scenario might as well be out of a Jane Austen novel, for all the relevance it had to her life.

It amuses me that, even in the showerthoughts, daydreams, and fantasies of presumed PMC(-aspirant) #GirlBosses, such women are comically hypoagentic and can’t muster up a fraction of the courage and initiative that men regularly exhibit. The thought of themselves making The First Move is outside of their personal Overton Window. If a given man doesn’t read her mind and approach her after she performs the physical and emotional labor of sitting, standing, or existing near him... k fine whatevs, it’s his loss.

If a man does successfully pick her up in a bar, elevator, bookstore, breakroom, subway, or wherever and a long-term relationship ensues, it’s retrospectively revised on her part to be “omg it just so happened that we met” rather than “he assessed the costs/benefits, initiated the conversation, led the conversation, drove the interaction forward, and I just followed along” such that she can claim that she Did Her Part as an equal partner rather than being a bystander in her own narrative.

Seriously, have you EVER seen a group of women playing pickup basketball or soccer in the park? I never have. Literally never. (Although sometimes one or two bold women will join the guys).

Nor have I.

Closest to male/female parity I’ve seen or experienced would be in beach volleyball, where women may ask to join on-going pickup games so they can better teehee around in a bikini and bask in male attention.

I’ve played a lot of pickup basketball games growing up and as a young adult, but probably a single digit number of them included a woman on a squad that tagged in (usually of quite different aesthetics than the aforementioned volleyball women). And they’d be left generally unguarded by (us) men. I’ve never seen just women playing each other in a pickup basketball game In the Wild, ranging from 2v2 to 5v5.

Of course, one might counter that this is only due to societal factors and internalised misogyny that leave women too traumatised, anxious, and self-conscious to play pickup games against each other, that life as a woman is too exhausting and time-consuming as to leave mana for playing sports, or that men are always manspreading their way across courts and fields and crowding out women with their toxic competitiveness and rapey male gaze.

With regard to organised sports, my hypothesis has been that, given low birth rates among married Western couples, fathers with no or few sons have a tendency to treat their daughter(s) as the son(s) they lack as cope and compensation to keep the info-hazard Daughter Question thoughts at bay.

Thus resulting in higher female participation in sports than there would otherwise be. Of course, this is no guarantee that one’s daughter won’t do the usual thot-maxxing when it comes to her profession, hobbies, or “hobbies,” as Maycee Barber’s father was recently reminded.

Not saying you in particular, but if right-coded Americans embrace Latin American immigrants (illegal or legal) primarily because said right-coded Americans believe LatAm immigrants can be decent janitors and an ally in the abortion wars (despite, "never ask a Latin American father about his teenage/young adult daughter's 'social' life"), perhaps they deserve to lose and get replaced.

I'm sure Latin American... American... janitors are more productive than a mannequin or dead body. However, net-productivity is what matters when evaluating potential countrymen, and one would need to be substantially above the median US income to be a net-taxpayer. Assimilation is a negative value-add if latinos are but assimilating to the free real estate that lies between the white and black Bell Curves.

That’s quite the coffee moment *chef’s kiss*.

Yeah, for each woman it’s an opportunity to reiterate her Emotional Truth that she’s a good person, one that is desirable and vulnerable, yet simultaneously strong and compassionate, a constant victim of men and their shittiness.

A good person, unlike insentitive jerks who—instead of validating her Emotion Truth—miss the point and fail to read the room with their bear facts and expected value calculations, and definitely unlike those icky racists and misogynistics with their gross gotchas like “what about a bear vs. a black man”?

That question isn’t the same because… it just isn’t, okay?!

Mire how nice it looks on my bookshelf in between The Bell Curve and Race, Evolution, and Behavior before more drinks and having her play with something else exposed and visibly hard, such as the pair of bongos I brought back from the Caribbean.

If your daughter gets eaten by a bear, the Daughter Question pasta can still apply:

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having had that daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You were feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she could teehee off into the woods and get eaten by a bear. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it had one simple result: her body was more enjoyable for the bear who would eventually feast on her every limb.

As others have suggested, many women (performatively or genuinely) overestimate the danger men pose, due to a combination of lipstick feminism, movies and television, being meme-susceptible, humble bragging as to being so desirable as to be a constant target for rape, a lifetime of being sheltered away from actually being under real risk of physical harm, perhaps some rape fantasy and hybristophilic wish-fulfillment sprinkled in there.

I’d also posit that on the flipside, women underestimate the danger animals, whether wild or domesticated, pose in general. Or at least, the modal woman underestimates the danger animals pose to her in particular, under the belief that in such situations her Disney Princess powers will kick in and she’ll have immediate rapport with the animals. Hence why defending pitbulls as nanny dogs is female-coded and the countless selfies of young women making a sad face with cuts and scratches after some mostly gentle mauling from getting too cuddly with a dog.

There’s a video that comes to mind but I can’t find, of a girl in a skirt or dress and Uggs getting rammed by a goat or sheep (wait, not that kind of video) because she picked up its offspring for a cUtE Insta photo. When she saw the mother coming, she tried evading by daintily kicking up a puff of dirt (“ugh, stupid mother! shoo”) and half-heartedly jogging away with the offspring in her arms before getting chased down in like half a second. Thot status: patrolled and offspring protected.

And of course, as always there’s the whole Who? Whom? aspect, as the bear vs. black man permutation hilariously illustrates.

If men are so bad, why would having more of them around help? If a majority of men decided to use violence to subjugate women, it would be easily accomplished since men are more violent, better at organizing violence and are stronger.

It’s because men and their shittiness cancel each other out when there’s a group of them :nailpolishemoji:

It makes sense if one is accustomed to expecting men to white knight against other men on your behalf, or if one’s mental model of the world is heavily influenced by media, memes, and tropes. Conservation of Ninjitsu: One man is a deadly threat, but an army of them is just a sea of potential simps and orbiters, ATMs and meatshields.

So true. This goes for basketball too, if not more so.

Basketball has become much more of a team-sport in recent years, with elaborate and intricate pick-and-roll schemes. Women, with their better sense of empathy and social skills, should be better at reading defensive coverages and coordinating pick-and-rolls with each other.

This superior ability to read and coordinate carries over to the defensive side, too. Women can better read the offense’s facial expressions and body language, better communicate with their teammates as to who’s-got-who, when to switch, when to stay, when to double. Unlike men and their stupid egos, women are more courageous in being brave enough to ask for help and thus more willing to ask for doubles when they’re needed.

Everyone knows women contribute more emotional and physical labor to housework while men laze around the house or at work. So, in a playoff situation, women have the decisive advantage over men when it comes to sweeping experience.

Women may be shorter and slower than men, but that’s only due to socialization, the height-stunting effects of the patriarchy and internalized misogyny.

As the patriarchy and internalized misogyny lessen, who’s to say women can’t be as tall or fast on average as men or even taller or faster? If women aren’t as tall or as fast as men, that only means we have ways to go in rooting out societal inequities between the two sexes that currently get assigned at birth.

Plus, height can’t be that important in basketball. Stephen Curry is only 6’2,” and there are women out there taller than that. Nor can speed be that important; Jokic lumbers around like a glacier. There have even been successful NBA players that were both short and slow, like Jason Kidd on the championship Mavericks team.

Like Barca’s tiki-taka for women’s football, I believe the Seven-Seconds-or-Less Suns or 2017 Warriors will become the standard template of play for women’s basketball in the near future. Only in right-winged echo chambers like The Motte are people denialists about women being better than men at basketball someday. Unfortunately, these kinds of misogynistic attitudes are not limited to this site—and are in fact ubiquitous througout society—oppressing women and preventing them from being better than men at basketball and other sports. Men and their fragility get so triggered and feel so threatened by the thought of women being better than them at sports.

It’s disgusting that the rich get richer each year while leaving 50% of people below median in wealth.

Sounds like Paige Harden.

WOULD, btdubs.

Then again, non-parents (especially non-parent women) are somehow even more risk/human-dignity averse when it comes to other people's children (which is why the education system is the way that it is), so maybe it'd still be an improvement.

Non-parent women can be quite risk tolerant when it comes to other people’s children for social engineering experiments in the interests of being decent people on the right side of history. Risk-seeking, even.

Out of the four combinations of parent/non-parent and men/women, non-parent women are the most ardent supporters with regard to minor LGBT+ exposure and subjecting Asian/white children to more “diverse” schooling. Other people’s children, by definition.

That's nuclear-grade propaganda right there. If I was a Ukrainian man I would want to burn the world right now.

The thought of getting sent by my government to be shot at and bombed while my countrywomen teehee and scamper away to fuck foreign men is some combination of massively infuriating, degrading, and demoralizing.

If I were Russian military leadership, I’d emphasize such points on social media for (young) Ukrainian men.

Airdropping on mobile (if that’s still a thing) and blasting on TikTok, Snapchat, Insta, VK and whatnot reels of seemingly limitless young Ukrainian women offering themselves up on dating apps/sites in Europe. Some bit about fighting for (magic) dirt and concrete while your (would-be) girlfriends and wives have already ditched you to do who-knows-what in Europe. Offer Russian citizenship to Ukrainian military men in exhange for surrender, no ‘gotcha’ clauses or hard feelings (and make good on that).

I don't see this working for Ukraine, absent a teleporting device that can be deployed accurately en masse from distance.

A baby boom would need young women for which to enable the baby booming. And young Ukrainian women are in Europe living their best Tinder lives and riding the carousel.

It's just so over for the life prospects of (young) Ukrainian men in so many ways, especially romantically.

It's no secret that women love men in uniform

When in war-time, the men in uniform need to win first, at least temporarily (see: French women with German soldiers in WWII). At the minimum: not die. The latter is not guaranteed, much less the former.

Did you kill him telepathically?

Or how #StopAsianHate saw a meteoric rise when the implicit or explicit blame was cast upon white men, but then got memory-holed when too many inconvenient videos surfaced that those predominantly responsible for acts of Asian hatred were black.

Question: The part about Indian men being the least attractive of the human species kinda stung. I wonder how much of all of this content with filth is just nth-order rollover from arranged marriages being a thing.

It's not some fundamental law of the universe that Indian men must be on the bottom of the totem pole.

Being the mimetic sex, a lot of what women find attractive or are willing to give a shot is socially mediated. If not for (the) Western media, entertainment, academia, and education system putting their thumbs on the scale, East and South Asian men would do materially better (and black men materially worse). Solving such a problem does, however, indeed sound coup-complete.

There's even a not-so-clever-but-somehow-still-hilarious neologism in the crimethink-sphere espoused by sexually unsuccessful black, South Asian, and East Asian males alike: Just be White (JBW). One that gets "yes_chad.jpg"'d by sexually successful and unsuccessful men all around.

Online women often shriek and fingerwag at South and East Asian men for supposed "entitlement" when it comes to white women, or supposed "entitlement" when it comes to not "losing" "their" women to white men ("you're not entitled to white women," "you're not entitled to women of your ‘race’").

However, black men are typically spared such well-poisoning and condescension. "You fucking donkey" vs. "there, there, princess" along the lines of the Gordon Ramsay meme.