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just 100 years ago, high IQ people had consensus that smoking was good

At any rate, you should consider factors such as maternal and paternal age too, since environmental conditions contribute quite strongly.

Is it really environmental and not accumulation of mutations and genetic abnormalities?

I respect the right of anyone to self-infect with anything, as long as it's not contagious by normal means, and in the case of HIV

80's medicine wasn't so cautious about people blood as they do now, and HIV infections to medicine interventions were common enough.

says "has not archived that URL"

threw mountains of men at Hitler

That's a generic boo outgrop. Stalin had just about 2x more men at his disposal, overall losses are about 1.5 Soviet soldier of 1 killed German soldier.

"Russia proper" is ambiguous, it could also mean one wants to "decolonize" Russia, splitting it and "Russia proper" being the largest chunk (by population)

ELI5. Why many vaccines against diseases that can infect in tiny airborne droplets must be administered via injection which creates noticeable discomfort and, in case of some, very noticeable scar?

If we ever had a perfect legal system that always caught every criminal (or even say, 99.99%), then the use of those proxies would immediately become pointless, as you could instead just check whether they've been convicted.

Perfect legal system with catches people for past crimes, but not future ones? Then proxies still remain useful.

Given that we can measure Big-5 personality traits and IQ in mere hours at most

Of these, only IQ, and people are often reluctant to be measured. If someone gets a high score on IQ test, they almost certainly have high IQ. If someone gets a high score on personality test, this also could mean they are high IQ liar and decided their intelligence to get result wanted by test presenter.

such as Ukrainian women merrily living their best Tinder lives in Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic.

It might be their pre-war wish, isn't an argument that integrating hostile Palestinian women would be easy.

if Finland today attacked Russia to try and recover Karelia (this happened around the same time as the creation of Israel) people's sympathies for them would be nowhere near the level they have for Ukraine, and rightfully so.

how does that work with Azerbaijan fighting for the land which independent country of Azerbaijan never controlled prior to 2023/2020?

Russia proper

could you please use 'internationally recognized territory of Russia' instead.

produce articles and books that will never be read

ok, some books are never read, but say, wikipedia articles, are read a lot and the right already lost this years ago.

SMBC increases presence women and non-whites relative to real life. What is not left-wing about SMBC?

I agree about latter point: mainly nerd/tech stuff with little politics.

I don't think vikings used skis when raiding British Isles

They exist in large number if you want to pick a few bad Asian American students and a few good Black students. But how many teachers in real life had to work with a class made of 25 of the former and at same time, with a class of 25 of the latter?

Those carrying (or riding) Nordic skis with them are probably safe.

What if the teacher would be teaching the flunkies, dropouts, and mis-behaving kids at the asian school, and the honors students at the all black school?

Such use case does not exist in practice. Martina Navratilova once made a restaurant for vegetarian lesbians. Britain had many of either category, but intersection is small.

Do you want a huge population of Afghans,

probably not a good example of genetics, this country is worse than African poor and one of 2 (IIRC) countries than still do have wild poliomielitis. They probably could do about as well as Albanians given better circumstances.

Why can't the US fill the ranks of its army if its GDP is so high?

on the other hand, does it need to?

On all conventional measures of strength, NATO was far ahead of the Taliban.

So US Army did won against Taliban. Army doesn't decide what happens after this.

Thanks! It worked for me this time, I probably wouldn't have tried it for 3rd time if not your message. Still somewhat disappointed that received messages (even those still visible in normal account) not available.

Russia had positive net migration for most all post-1991 years, first a large fraction of that was ethnic Russians repatriating, now it's mostly Central Asian Muslims, both gastarbeiters and permanent setllers. ... of course, streams in and out are quite different in IQ etc.

Breeder's equation (which, as Greg Cochran noticed, somehow doesn't have a wikipedia article)

is that regression to the mean is used too often as a thought-terminating cliché to allow that speaker to arrive at their preconceived conclusion.

or how does it look to people who don't understand regression to the mean?

Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore are richer than China.

This is not good comparison, esp. the latter two. These cities are population sinks, compare them say, to Shanghai, low TFR higher GDP per capita, in constrast to more inland regions in mainland China.

By all accounts ugly people are attracted to each other too.

what do you mean by that?

Russia also has declining birthrates, so the population ratio might very well be constant.

No it wasn't constant. In 1991, it was 3:1 but it soon became 4:1, as Ukraine both had less TFR and negative net migration. Russia's ethnic minorities (esp. Muslims) have greater TFR.