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About half of those reserves, $300 billion, were held in the West.

USD in USA were a little fraction of it (about $10 billion IIRC), most were Euro-nominated in EU. Total value estimate in USD is just a convenience.

Horrible design decision

not mine, but "what can be destroyed by truth, should be"

and sports (or sport-like skills such as juggling).

heavy athletics and marathon running are very antagonistic

Building ice is easy, why it's not used already? What about building codes? Small ice houses would require large per unit costs, and large would be potentially illegal. ... I happen to live in a place where avergage yearly temp is +2C and nobody is doing that

Yes, it's diminutive of Pavel (Paul) in Russian. Paula is extremely rare in Russian

i can't start to use next free (kinda) hosting i try. i fail with setting SSL keys. looks like format of SSL is somewhat distinct from much earlier, on another free hosting, where https is not default, i failed to set up https using "turing on https on our hosting is very easy"

making them the first nation in western Europe to do so

Sweden, Iceland, Malta, Vatican already do

Build a website,

failed at that, what to do?

offtopic: is there some alt history fiction where China or Japan colonize California before Europeans (maybe by sending their convicts there)?

Black women are well known for large secondary sexual characterics like big ass and breasts

I pretty much doubt black women have larger breasts than European women at same height and weight. Black women do not have to be as obese as in USA

did I write something suggesting implementing your own charging circuit? sounds like you do not want this in the first place. Oh if many wanted it, it'd be on market already.

I must code

But I can't

not answering your question, but... combined powerbank + keyboard + wrist exerciser + crank energy generator

: sob :

I really doubt that different races have different tendencies towards specific kinds of political or legal institutions. Asians and Jews seem to adapt perfectly fine (as well as anyone else) to liberalism in the US

The latter sentence is very weak evidence for the former. What they do when they are in minority doesn't neccessarily tell what they would have done if they had majority. one data point: Asian Americans are horrendously underrespresented in ratsphere despite higher IQ; even more so underresented relative to their IQ.

look at the gay/lesbian community. Even if you crack reproduction, neither of these is capable of maintaining civilization, IMO.

Without a way to reproduce they cannot evolve towards goal of maintaining civilization, maybe cracking reproduction would make them to (and possibly introduce a schism)

in context of comparison with bear which can eat you alive?


most rape stories on European women in India are of multiple assailants; Indian men (in large part due to worse nutrition) do not have height and strength advantage over Euro women than Euro men have.

England was at smaller side on population, its huge growth is a 19th century thing. At 1500 England had smaller population than Portugal.

are you sure it isn't illegal and even posting this on forum put you on some list?

Ukraine to protect the Ukranians despite Ukraine facing far worse than Palestine.

Really? Less civilian Ukrainians killed by war in 2 years than Palestinians in few months (and that's not counting as a percentage of population). Also Ukrainian women are free to travel outside.

Real Hlynka has been never tried?

is that Twitter only? looks like a clickbait title

So it follows that app being developed eats roughtly 0% of memory?