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For most activists, the end justify the means. You're really not allowed to be critical because it's more important to be a team player (the cause is more important).

You really can't be an activist and be rational.

I think we’ve found that the fetishization of individualism


Yes, individualism has problems. But without it, who get to decide what's good for everyone else? Are we really going to ignore all the times authoritarianism has lead to problems?

Take free speech for example. Yes, some people say bad things. But historically, when we gave people the power to control speech to result was much worse. Just focusing on the bad thing people say and calling anyone who defends free speech as a fetishist isn't a good argument.

I remember first hearing 'learn to code' after a study was published, where they trained some of the miners to code as a way to retrain them because coal mines were shutting down. This lead to smug twitter responses of 'learn to code' anytime someone brought up things like clean coal, towns shutting down, etc.

So now, I tell those people to 'learn to mine!'

We will probably need the lithium

So one side (that it seems you agree with) lied... A lot. So that means both sides are talking past each other?

If a white person complains about this, they're almost immediately called a racist. Most just keep their mouth shut...

Do you think there's good research on this?

I don't believe men and women, the rich and poor, ...

Are you really saying that there is no difference between biological sex differences and social-economic differences? You seem to be employing a rather weak strawman...

Found it on spotify... It was an interesting episode, I'll definitely check out more!

Soundcloud only has episodes 28 and 29.

Am I missing something?

Wear what you want. The issue is demanding other people wear them.

Because we can all learn from the mistakes made?

The problem with dogpiling is it has a self-reinforcing effect...

The problem with dogpilling is that it becomes really hard to keep an even tone. If you have a bunch of people throwing comments at you, some of which are bad faith or straight up insulting; it's hard to separate who is debating in good faith and who is just trying to shout you down. Also, the latter tends to be the constantly online type who will follow you around...

I used to take them seriously...

A $50 billion company folded in 2 days.

Huh? Are you saying twitter folded? You seem to be counting chickens.

Also, one of the biggest frauds in the past decade with A LOT of political grants/donations. You think it's proper to sleep on this?

I really dislike Trump. That said, I don't understand...

Compare the amount of media coverage given to Musk to the amount given to FTX and SBF. Hell, NYT recently put out a puff piece about SBF... Why would I take any of these journalists seriously at this point.

I'm going to hit Trader Joe's. Thank you!


I've always found it difficult to be a wine beginner. So many varieties of grapes, makers, etc. I need to get over myself and do proper research. lol

(Sorry if this is a dumb question): What's a good price point for a pinot noir? I'm kind of assuming that (most) cheap wine isn't good and expensive wine is a diminishing return curve...

Huh, I'll check it out. And getting a few bottles for Thanksgiving is a good call!

Thanks for the rec!

I've always been too broke to get into wine, so maybe this analogy will miss...

It's kind of like music. Anyone can have an opinion about what they like and they're not wrong. But some people dedicate their lives to music and have a better ear, larger vocabulary, better understanding of complexity/history/what have you... These people might have a completely different tastes and all sorts of rational as to why something is good (or better).

But, at the end of the day: Is Holdsworth a better than Iommi? Probably, but I know who I'd rather listen to...

I have spent a lot of my time in neckbeard libertarian circles

huh? What does this have to do with the topic?

I made an early decision that I would not touch them with a bargepole for the foreseeable future. No subsequent event has made me regret that decision.

I like my investments like my taste in paintings: safe, traditional, and matched to my low time preference.

I guess the important part is that you feel superior :marseyeyeroll:

He gambled with customer's money (by giving lines of credit to his hedge fund, amongst other things), when the terms of the exchange explicitly said it wouldn't.

I thought this video did a pretty good job of explaining it, with some receipts.


From what I've read, it was specifically in the terms that they wouldn't...

It was definitely fraud... but considering their 'political donations' it'll be interesting to see what comes of this.

if you were ethical, you would be willing in the first place

This completely ignores the emotional aspect... Am I misunderstanding? Are you are saying I can control who I am attracted to?

And to be clear, this is not my position

This shouldn't have to be said but I hear you.

My point was just that in the framework of that set of premises and conclusions, attraction is irrelevant.

Right, and my point is that this framework leads to disgusting ideas, like corrective rape.

Desantis stood up to a lot of the Covid measures and he actually seems to have a little bit of a platform that's not just 'look at the crazy left!'. I think people are getting sick of the culture war too... Which will hurt trump (gut feeling, so whatever).

If I was Biden, I'd be hoping for a Trump run.

So you're saying, ethically speaking: unwilling sex < unethical preferences?

You realize how much this sounds like corrective rape?