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When my galpals whine about not finding men to stick with them, I ask them to consider women. Apparently this is autistic to verbalize, because for all their claims that sexuality is a spectrum most insist on liking cock, preferably attached to a 6/6/6 who can 'banter'.

This of course happens because my friends are older women who are comfortable explicating their preferences to Wrongthink William, and when younger these women gaslit themselves on what they actually wanted. Having wasted years of their lives hating themselves for fucking Chad and then displacing their self hate onto Chad, who then rightfully concludes these women aren't serious, the rapidly diminishing physical value these women command has turned the deluge into a shower. At least in the deluge there was the chance of finding a gem in the flow, but in this state they find their pickings increasingly unsatisfying.

The funniest thing is that for the women that do say 'sure lets see what the carpetmuncher crowd is like', its STILL full of dudes! Shitloads of creeps just say they are women or nonbinary and put their full 100% shitty male profile picture and details there. One girl claims she had her account banned for transphobic abuse when she matched with one of these fakers to berate him for abusing the system. I mock them all for the chickens coming home to roost for them, but I still feel for them and wish they can find happiness. Alas the cat-per-woman average is reaching 2 for these girls, and I think thats tipping point but I dont' know why I think that.

I mean, is AI moving or is the train just really fancy on a looped track in Disneyland? You are able to discern the little gaps in the AI to fill in and make it work, but a noob with no existing skill will run into failure really quickly.

AI is better at solving complex math, just like how it can perfectly play starcraft or go or chess. So what? Those are exercises in proving brute force computational power, not organic thinking. AI can beat Kasparov, it can't stop some marines from metal gear soliding to an objective with a trusty cardboard box.

Plenty of perverts raised on anime love Delicious Flat Chest. Between fat and booby/butty versus slim and flat, slim and flat usually wins. That is also of course influenced by scarcity, but thats a different dynamic to examine.

Ok, just for funsies I shoved this entire thread sans this reply into an AI and asked it to summarize and give the balance of what the discussion here says on the expected future utility of AI and to summarize the key points.

Heres what I got from Llama 3:

The conversation discusses the current state of AI development, particularly large language models (LLMs) and their potential applications. Some points made include:

  • LLMs have immense economic potential, but may not lead to exponential progress or human-like intelligence.
  • Current limitations include lack of true learning ability and reliance on fine-tuning for specific tasks.
  • Specialized AI models for specific industries or tasks will emerge, rather than a single general-purpose AI.
  • Integrating multiple models to create a more comprehensive AI system is a promising approach.
  • Regulatory forces and public opinion may impact AI development.
  • Big labs may capture a significant share of the wealth created by AI, especially in enterprise markets.
  • CRUD apps (create, read, update, delete) and similar software solutions will be created using AI, opening up new markets.
  • Centralized providers will likely play a significant role in AI development and deployment.

Here is the result of OpenAI

The thread delves into several topics, including the plateauing of current AI architectures, concerns about censorship and its impact on AI products, and the evolution of AI models like Stable Diffusion 3. There's discussion about the potential effects of political correctness on AI, with some arguing it hampers development. The thread also touches on the future economic impact of AI, potential market disruptions, and the dominance of big labs in AI development. Throughout, there's a mix of technical insights, speculation, and social commentary.

I did a few recursive loops and derivative testing, but generally there is no improvement from the baseline: the output of the AI is the most generic thing possible it is difficult to tell whether it actually summarized the threads, or if it was scraping and populating from larger similar keyword terms. With further investigation, I could get it to tell me what specific people said and what their points were, but the additional introduced verbosity made the result less useful than just searching and parsing myself. OpenAI did give a better estimation on what specific users were being agreed with based on subsequent statements downthread, so theres definitely SOMETHING there, but it required very specific keyword abuse to get a nongeneric answer and with that level of prompt engineering I'm doing more heavy lifting than the AI.

Which brings me, ultimately, to my main point: what are you all using AI for?

Do I want porn pics? Everyone on Pixiv is using NovelAI, and I think there was a guy here a while back who talked about CharAI for porn stories, with certain dungeons on the internet clearly being AI (or rather just script-vomited) in generation. And there was excitement about StableDiffusion for a few months where the internet had a shitload of africans making plastic bottle jesus sculptures.... and then it all died.

Which brings me back to the issue: what are we using AI for, and therefore whats the economic impact?

LLMs are basically a context-approximation and text-generation tool, not an organic information generation system. They present as a knowing wise voice, but in reality cannot on itself assess the likelihood or capability of things like a greenfield, and the amount of prompt engineering required means the user must start off as a subject matter expert to begin with to even ask, if not derive useful information, from the AI.

I don't need to create a video of a balloon taking its kid on a walk or a dog eating a car, so image generation AI is just a toy. I would NEVER trust AI to buy stuff for me because Amazon is already shitted up thanks to algorithmically optimized SEO garbage. I don't need AI to write me stories. I don't trust AI to be able to give accurate information in the first place. Coders are the best right now, but I defer to my coder friends who tell me that they can rush a dev build really quickly with AI, but need extensive (but not as exhaustive) fine tuning for production.

So, whats the total delta? In the end, I think the limit on AI will be enthusiasm, and commercialization. We don't have flying cars, we're not gonna get Her.

Random guy could himself be a threat. Better a female roommate that can be bullied into at least doing her chores, than dumbfuck larry who spit shines his plate before nuking another hot pocket.

For the most part though, the problem is that women on dating apps have an extremely limited window of Compatibility before they are removed. Good women shack up fast and are taken off the market, or get spammed by shitty dudes and shut down the app, or go on a series of unfulfilling situatkonships and shut down the app. Those who remain are women who like drama, or are undateable for any other reason.

It is quite commonly seen on this board and others that the most viable population for mildly asocial professional westerners is asian women, since they tend to despise asian men and are not fat enough or crazy enough to be disqualifying candidates for dateability. There is the pretty severe risk that an asian woman on dating apps TURNS INTO her white sisters and falls into shrewdom, but thats her fate to bear. Optimal strategy for women should be to date up and secure the bag asap, not fight in the thunderdome to be Chad Thundercocks leavings.

There are plenty of people who hate literally every job out there, but like Stuff. Depending on how expensive the Stuff you want is, you compromise more of yourself. Women don't like selling themselves, but if they didn't like Stuff so much they could just pick up a shift at the macs I literally see 'Now Hiring' every macs in every country I go to.

Pop feminisms influence on the concept of selling sex is adequately examined by others in this thread, but given my own (relatively extensive by this boards standardsl) experience with hookers, there is extremely little evidence of them lacking agency or awareness. Barring the women exploitated by Moroccans/Turk johnnys in Amsterdam/Denmark and the weird shit for western slavs, most working girls seem to by exercising an excessive amount of agency. At least here in Asia they have large freedom in changing managers, are literally on a high-take commission structure, and are freely able to reject clients (Indians are effectively banned from Singaporean brothels, for example, and no one gives a shit about the racism).

The dark side of the focus on OF parasites and escorts is that the real threat of female sexual exploitation is relatively unnoticed. Girls in debt and forced into prostitution are rarely streetwalkers, they are children whose shitty parents pimp them out in their private shitholes and bring in johns via darknet meetups (strictly speaking the girl is not the one in debt, but their shithead family instead).

This is a real vector of abuse that is extant and is being addressed, but I strongly suspect that the invective against sex work while hailing it as simultaneously feminist is simply due to it being another tool in the 'MEN BAD' bag. Pedos are already castigated and hunted, so theres no value in propping up the plight of these kids.

actually pays any attention to the male actors

I will not tolerate this disrespect to the greatest american alive. Soldier, doctor, firefighter, astronaut, viking warrior, loving father, Johnny Sins has done it all.

Normie women are capable of dating men and not have either of their lives consumed entirely by osmotically dictated political preferences? How can you be aware of this and be on this forum at the same time, interloper!

Oh man believe me I am EXTREMELY aware of indigenization being the most difficult component of adaptation, causing small run of (unnecessarily) tailored stuff. And then whichever bureaucrat signed off on the project 3 years ago get promoted somewhere else and the new guy comes in with at minimum a review and probably a few 'minor' ideas that add years to procurement. I've got a friend who realistically thinks he can send his unborn kid to college off a single vessel FFNW exercise.

Also, reee at NCD not having any lizardmen. /k has a better claim to sanity and humanity than the grunting planefuckers on NCD.

Its just shitty women transposing their responsibility for being a bad date to their partner. 'Men can't handle a strong woman, its their fault their toxic masculinity is intimidated by me.'. No ma'am, its the fact that you use the phrase 'toxic masculinity' unironically and then jut your jaw out in anticipation of a fight. Tall girls and short girls both have problems with shitty dates, its just that the tall girl has more socially accepted ammunition to externalize blame.

gotten manipulated by Lockheed Martin

So this is a very specific complaint I see levied constantly by people. Lockmart is viewed as negative here, positive on NCD.

But we really have to examine one thing: aside from really expensive big ticket items, US arms sales are actually quite in line with normal industry practices and not especially expensive when total lifecycle costs are accounted for.

For the purpose of discussion I will also include 'military aid' as sales, but offloading a shitload of truck beds and M113 hulls is a fancy amortization exercise as opposed to fulfilling a RFQ.

Anyways, US high price equipment and ordinance is the most expensive, because it is viewed as the best and actually fulfillable for order books. USA isn't selling howitzer shells, its selling expensive jets and harpoons. Overpriced? Find something better. Factor in parts availability and supply chain reliability, and it becomes clear that USA is the most reliable source of complex arms requiring long term upkeep. A MIG 29 is cheaper than an F16, but it craps out after 3 years and you even pre2022 you couldn't guarantee UAC was able to maintain, let alone upgrade, the platforms. Astros circular error of probability is shit compared to HIMARs even without GPS guidance, Silkworms are not compatible with legacy mounts on warships fitted For But Not With and their operational history is spotty anyways.

For anything in the same capability sphere, US arms compete at a similar playing field to European ones. For stuff that is considered overpriced relative to capability, competitors absolutely demolish US arms. Insitu sales are dropping dead while Bayraktar and Harop continues to gain traction. The right arm of the free world was the FN FAL, not the AR15. European battle taxis dominate the tracked/wheeled space, and the competitors are South Americans and Koreans, not the USA.

If one main argument against NATO is that it is an exercise in USA forcing everyone to buy its shit and therefore demonstrates US self interest, then the argument falls flat. US arms, then and now, are valued on a cogent basis for the most part. Individual systems may win or lose due to whatever backroom deals are conducted, but corrupt militaries never buy US arms, they either get "gifted" desert camo US military "aid" or just buy rebranded local shit.

I wish I shared your optimism on migrant populations fitness for service. Absent domestic security considerations of training foederati, the migrant populations are by their own definition unfit for purpose, and in practiced reality require extensive secondary training to reach baseline competency. PT, basic drill, chain of command... its quite a shit experience trying to get normies to do that, let alone uncooperative aliens. Don't even start considering battle drills, I wouldn't trust these guys to inventory shit properly.

Being able to define winning asymmetrically also helps. Israel isn't interested in destroying Tehran for the sake of it, and having the military capacity to send a terrifying signal is enough to force the other party to stand down. Dropping a single strike on Isfahan in retaliation for a (poorly executed saturation/wasteful show of force) missile salvo demonstrates capability while offering mutual outs: the jew can only hit us once, the persian can be hit where it actually matters. Large standing armies are signals, discouraging belligerents by the threat of actionable retaliation. This doesn't quite work when the other parties have warped risk/reward payoff structures, but it at least minimizes enough threats.

Far right women in Europe are shacked up or male-coded lesbians, not singles eager to repopulate the master race. Even conservative women find most far right people distasteful, if only for legitimate concerns about stupidity permeating the wide umbrella of rightists. Having said that, finding a 'far right' young woman can be incredibly fun. Theres something tantalisingly subversive about a young blonde woman quietly admitting that she is looking for any group that is willing to advocate for a nation to prioritize its own people. I get that from mothers, but every time these young women pop up in my orbit I try to get my guys to get to know them. Unfortunately map-painting CK2 autists don't pass the sniff test of conversational competence, so my efforts are continually frustrated. These guys will eventually find some asian woman to shack up with, but I dont know how to help the girls.

Palestinians are uniquely unsympathetic to me because they have not only spitefully rejected every overture of peace extended to them, but also actively harmed literally every ally they have ever had.

Its one thing to hate Israel and its supporters so much that you pledge eternal uncompromising war and employ every single dirty trick ever (hiding weapons in civilian areas, exploiting lawfare, abducting civilians, saying one thing in english and another in arabic, THE LIST GOES ON FOREVER) to maximize sympathy for yourself. Fine. Fight, play dirty, still lose, reee, repeat. Your funeral.

But the Palestinians actively fucked or tried to fuck everyone that tried to help them. Black September in Jordan, Palestinians in Kuwait supporting Saddams invasion, Palestinians aiding the Sinai militias against Egypt, fomenting the Lebanese Civil War... the only place Palestinians haven't fucked up in the region is Syria, and thats because it is hard to differentiate Palestinian caused chaos amidst the maelstrom of fuckery there.

This isn't even including the list of international terrorist attacks where Palestinians have attacked non-Israeli (geographic or ethnic) targets. Islamist terrorism is already shitty enough for being an exported political ideology, but Palestinian specific terrorism is the only instance of a domestic issue extending violence far beyond its borders. Palestinian people in Palestinian organizations have engaged in cross border murder of non-Israelis. Killing RFK, bombing of various civilian jets, etc etc etc etc. The list is long and infuriating and all for naught, so its just violence for the sake of violence. FARC hasn't attacked outside Colombia, Shining Path didn't kill random Europeans, Naxalites are unknown outside of India, IRA didn't bomb Germany, even the Cartels restrict their international violence to others In The Game. Palestinian (and broadly speaking Muslim) terrorists are the only ones that regularly kill noninvolved externals, with the (not very good) justification that everyone who is attacked is actually a zionist sympathiser who deserved to be killed.

Most sympathy for Palestinians arises from an overabundance of empathy: well if I were such a dickhead it MUST be because I was so massively aggrieved, therefore the Palestinians must be uniquely special in their suffering. The presumption that Palestinians want peace works backwards from this overempathetic viewpoint: if I had peace I won't be a dickhead, so the Palsatinians just need peace to not be dicks.

This is a reversal of causality. Palestinians don't have peace, BECAUSE they are irredentist incompetent dickheads. Fatah-Hamas war kicked off 10 seconds before the elections were concluded and both sides hate each other to this day. If the Palestinians are dicks to themselves, are dicks to their allies, dicks to uninvolved externals and incompetent dicks to their enemies, perhaps it is best if the prophylactic of sympathy stops being lavished on them so they can finally stop trying to shoot their load.

Israel is a net arms exporter, exporting 12.5bn of weapons in 2022, while importing a really tiny amount of arms. US 'aid' is valued at 38bn over a 10-year period from 2016, and Germany increased arms exports 10fold from 2022 to 2023... to 330m. Israel is an arms exporter and has the best defense industry in the region (Turkey is doing pretty alright too), and just because Israel focuses on high tech shit doesn't mean their bullet and bandage industry is nonexistent. The Israeli feelers are merely looking to backstop inventory shortages, although it should be noted that Israeli maximal doctrine is 'sustained four front war without support'. Between their domestic arms industry and their strong economy, and whatever jew money/mind control conspiracies we wish to add on, the Israelis do not need external support to continue prosecuting their war aims. Whether this is a good dollar value versus opponents lobbing shitbottle rockets and digging up tunnels GLA style is another question for another time.

100% true. Those men are weaklings whining that they're discriminated against wammins, idiots who use conscription as merely another cudgel in their war against women. Not a single one of these idiots actually has any intention or capability of fighting, conscripted or otherwise. Grunts dont (usually) doubt the bravery of women, they doubt their stamina to carry 100lb of shit on a 5 mile or even 30lb of shit in a sustained sprint.

There are plenty uses for shitbirds in service that there is plenty of shit for women to do outside of frontline roles. The US army is not a lean mean fighting machine with spess mehrines ready to solo a terrorist base, its a methed out powerbottom using its ridiculously organic logistical capability to vomit a Starbucks onto a FOB within 48 hours of the HESCO fortress being setup. Conscripting women would just mean the milspec mafia would need to find a new way to skate. This still doesn't solve the progressive problem of women not getting to participate in the 'glory' of war, so I'm not sure they would stop bitching about women 'not being allowed' to serve.

Maybe. its still not a 0, and its still largely men getting this accord, so progressives keep acting to diminish it further or claim women/gays/minorities are the real beneficiaries of a valorized history - all the kvetching about any WW2 show not having enough blacks or how the supercool vikings really were 40% women raiders. I don't see progressives trying to get more women into waste disposal or being day laborers, but I call that a wash since media doesnt give a shit about those guys either.

Frankly I don't blame women for this. Exceedingly few women are out there clamoring for girlbosses on the front lines, with most ads for female military recruitment focusing on (much needed) POG intel or maintenance shit.

No, the ones seething at the lack of female participation are progressive MEN who do not have even the concession of a dennys veterans meal accorded to them. If military valor is not an exclusively male thing, then you are not a failure of a man for not achieving military valor. Not that people actually consider military valor much of a special achievement anymore, but progressives simply need to diminish the achievements of the men they will never be in order to make themselves look less failson.

In all the footage there is probably only one single clip of a Ukrainian woman storming a trench, three if you count the gender ambiguous blobs being shot at in Azovstal. Fair few of women in CASEVAC doing in-vehicle stabilization, and a few women working counterbattery were killed. These roles are still valued, but they aren't sitting in trenches waiting for the assault.

Doesn't change the fact that others raised, which is female soldiers are better used outside of directly employing violence of action. Keep men killing, thats what they do best. Women can get the teamkill assist.

Father Christmas is giving Susan permission to fight,

Modern progressives have focused exclusively on the valor of action in order to share this spoil with women, while ignoring both how much war sucks and how few women actually want to do all the shitty bits of combat, including the killing. The reason women weren't shoved into the frontlines for war wasn't because of sexism, its because most women can't do the really shitty bits of war as well as men: marching with heavy shit, digging, being transported in uncomfortable deathtraps without puking, having some asswipe yell at you just to keep your head screwed on, sleeping in odd positions. Fuck, most MEN can't do that shit, which is why all-volunteer militaries outperform unwilling conscripts.

In modern hollywood we largely see women being graceful acrobatic spinny shits, or snipers/pilots/archers, anything that stops them being up close to shit that punches back. Wheedonified tiny women acrobatically backflipping dudes into walls or vidya chicks stabbing weightless blades through armored trolls has given a throughly wrong impression that men and women have 0 physical difference, both because of political correctness and progressive men being gym allergic 'intellectuals'.

Women being given 'permission' to fight just makes them ballerinas getting military medals instead of flowers at the end of a performance, not chumps getting chewed out by artillery or dying from malnutrition. Frontline fighting sucks, get your free applebees by doing shit meatheads hate, like safety PowerPoint

Is this guy just going to necroed threads to look for wrongthink? Tourists are fine but this seems like the prelude to some lefty discord invading and calling us nazis.

Why you gotta ruin my dreams like that man.

The problem is that the 'blacks' progs want to lift up don't end up in prog circles to kiss the ring in thanks of prog generosity. The most black millionaires come from sports and rap industries, hardly fields progs find affinity or interest in. Progs want to raise a black girl out of the hood to be president and crowd down the normie whites that otherwise occupy that position, replacing white competitors with grateful black toadies.

For all the talk about Biden and Obama keeping the border secure by performing border rejections and spinning up ICE, no one ever acknowledged that Biden was seen by migrants as the opening of the gates. Migrants are motivated to gp to the USA by promises made to migrants such as DREAM and sanctuary cities, migrants are drawn to europe by weakness and riches for the taking.

The irony of developmental economics is that as western aid becomes more efficient at making poor countries richers, it just gives them resources to make a trip to the promised land. Refugee laws were made when only neighbouring countries would flood your border, now you can get a trip on Air India to Canada or get coyotes to set up food and water and transport on your way to the promised land. The only thing that will stop migrants flooding borders is the rejection of any benefits to these people, including NGOs hiding them from police and illegal work. You westerners have no idea how to deal with these culturally disruptive peoples and the rubber band will snap back soon.