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For ~6 months or so. I felt they made me a cheap date, in that I would feel the effects of alcohol quicker and more pronounced for a given volume of drink.

I largely don't care, what it's like to be a 'trans kid' or an anorexic, or a spaz.

I have 4 children. We may have had more if we were able to send them to a non-globohomo school. Our culture pays outsized attention to people that won't or shouldn't have children.

I've no specific fear of the earth running out of people, only running out of people competent to run and administrator modern civilization.

The company you keep is an entirely different claim than a causal one though.

They're adjacent with some overlap, and the line of responsibility / credit is clear to many if not you. Having had some success the LGB brought the T inside the tent. If the LGB were still fighting for marriage state by state would T be in the tent? The pedos still want to be in the tent too but that's still too far for many of the LGBT. If I lend you my pirate crew and pirate ship to commit piracy that makes me the pirate king. You're going to tell the pirate king he's not causing piracy? Did Fagin not cause pickpocketing? You're view of 'causal' seems conveniently narrow. How proximate must the antecedent be for you to accept 'cause'?

Reasonable mainstream conservatives should view abortion as an issue best handeled by the state legislatures not the federal government, we're a republic. The issue is emotional for many, they're frequently blind to less emotive arguments. The MSM presentation doesn't help. Baby murdering sluts vs. Liberated Women is a framing that only serves to divide and cedes ground to the crazies.

Conservatives get to claim that forever.

This only works until actual conservative voters have somewhere else to go. You can see this in the rise of conservative populism. I'm not sure the UK conservatives owning gay marriage is the win for them they think it is. CINO isn't as good as RINO. Uniparty is the descriptor I prefer. Who was defanged? The perception by many is the fangs just moved on to T. Do the activists ever go home after their win? There are always some new downtrodden to elevate. Were people sure at the time that gay marriage would lead to trans, probably not, trans was even smaller then. I recall suggestions that bestiality, pedos or polygamy would be next. Furries, T and polyamory would be near enough for many. The machine built for gay marriage is now in use by T.

Political coalitions aren't friends

Not they way it's frequently done, but there's nothing to preclude it. You'd just need a smaller tent. If you can't live your principles, what's the point in 'winning'.

White rust belt Americans used to skew Democrat.

Rapid demographic change and the destruction of your industry can cause people to understand the nature of the tent they're in.

By your lights should their change not be accepted because of the company they used to keep?

Repentant sinners are welcome. They can be excellent members as they've seen it from the other side. Nobody knows alcoholics like an ex-drunk. Reformed degenerates are best to keep the active degenerates out.

It's not even that there's a risk the school is going to make the kids trans. It's that it's presented in school at all as anything other than mental illness.

right wing government

Perhaps to the right of Labor or the LibDems (are they still a thing) A right wing government would probably not have passed gay marriage.

Many free-market Republicans talk openly about a compromise position on abortion, typically accepting upto viability.

I've seen the TERF distance themselves from the T, the LGB still seem to invite them to all their events and platforms.


If your coalitions purpose was bank robbery and another member of the coalition shoots and kills a guard, your still up for felony murder even if your part of the coalition only wanted the money.

I understand your claim that gay marriage didn't lead to trans. People will judge you by the company you keep.

Can we actually draw that thread though?

They used the thread to sew new stripes on the rainbow flag. Maybe if they were evicted from the rainbow I'd have an easier time not thinking one led to the other.

you don't get to have screaming fits in public about being a real woman/real man

Isn't the root of this that we're not able to treat them as we would when someone with another type of mental illness did this?

Treat them with the same compassion as someone with delusions or hallucinations, who are sometimes loud and unpleasant in public. Your not expected to endorse or validate in any real sense their claims, generally the public avoids these individuals when possible. I'm not going to try and argue them out of whatever their experiencing either.

'trans people being .2% of the population' is simply 50x less of an issue than many people not settling down into families

The degree that this and other culture war issues are inserted into public schools increases the burden on conservative families with children that now feel they need to homeschool to avoid the indoctrination.

Pride become family-friendly and wholesome

Do you have any video of these? I don't know that I've seen any pride events I'd view as wholesome, but I'll accept they may exist somewhere.

I've 4 children, a wife and a mortgage.

civil service exams' for literally over a thousand

Yes, an easier path to reproductive success for those with demonstrated ability to perform intellectually.

Their posterity just study alot because it's their culture?

Civilization exerts a selection pressure.

Other than the identity theft, fraudulent documents, driving while uninsured / without a license, false declarations, and other crimes they commit to hide their undocumented status.

Maybe prosecuted for fewer crimes on average?

Why not also claim blue eyes and blond hair?

The purpose of these descriptors is to assist others in identifying them. Not to enable them to feel high status.

Hopefully our coming ai overlord will classify people more reliably. Or failing that maybe color swatches, paint chips, or crayons.

Or easy if the other areas feature some races but not others.

Trump could probably murder someone on live TV and a majority of the Republican voters would say he didn't do it.

Depending who he 'murders' his approval may go up. As long as they're bad dudes it's probably a good thing.

If I and all the other Americans lived in Venezuela it wouldn't be Venezuela. It's all the Venezuelans that make it Venezuela.

It's their culture. They're indoctrinated early.

Many don't stop at 4 years. They'll go back to get a masters or something terminal.

The 'whistle blower' that alleged Trump demanded an investigation into potential Biden corruption in the Ukraine?

Why would he still be talked about?

Don't get too friendly with Russia. If you see Victoria Nuland, you'll know your about to have a mostly peaceful color revolution.

Biden's kids?

As opposed to dominance by DC / EU? Isn't that what the money is for, to distract from the globohomo?

Asking for US examples and then pointing to the EU is moving the goalpost.

Would he also concede on Transcarpathia returning to Hungary and Bukovina back to Romania?

Paid vacation time and holidays also maternity leave.