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Would you anticipate the Free Heroin Clinc accepting clients who are not in treatment or only accepting clients for whom other treatments had failed? Is there a path to being opioid free in these treatment plans?

Thank you. That's charitable.

I was hoping slightly that someone would respond with Kipling's Dane-geld.

Is free heroin for onsite consumption substantially different from methadone for onsite consumption? Is this a particularly methadone resistant cohort?

Exactly now the Danes come take our stocks and treasure by force while doing considerable damage. If we paid them the damage could be avoided.

Letters of Marque for tow truck operators. They can tow and impound any improperly parked vehicle.

I've had similar thoughts about my own elementary school teachers vs my childrens. Smart women do have more options now. Classrooms are different now, the expectations of the experience are different. I think this encourages the moronic.

Is the complaint about throwing blame or understanding the nature of the problem?

The 'honest men' losing in post-modern societies are frequently losing because they listen to what women say, rather than watching what women do, as @The_Nybbler suggests.

The current regime of sexual promiscuity was demanded by women a generation ago. Blaming 'society' for the predictably poor outcomes removes the agency of all the people who fought for the current regime. I understand that many may be unhappy with the result, but something something about a fence.

@CanIHaveASong does not address the cohorts in our post modern societies that still marry and reproduce despite men being mean to women on the internet. Many of these cohorts rejected most of the sexual / cultural revolution at least in aspiration if not practice. Many of the most fertile women in America have rejected telephones.

Many of the women who are most unhappy about 'men these days' seem to be the least likely to advocate for a return to traditional marriage and religiosity.

Does school suck now? Why does it suck? Has it always sucked? Is it like this everywhere?

In 4th grade in the '80's at a public school in Sacramento, CA we had a divided start, homework 4 days a week, tilt top desks with integrated swivel chairs in rows. Good posture was encouraged by being mandatory. In classroom work was handwritten, questions were copied from the book. Math was half the problems in class half at home, any incorrect answers were expected to be corrected and resubmitted. In class there were many opportunities for reading aloud. We're were expected to have memorized multiplication tables to 12 x 12. We read 'Brighty of the Grand Canyon', I had reading in the afternoon, I don't know what the kids in the morning read. Lynne Reid Banks came to the school for Author Day, there was an assembly in the MP room.

I had poor penmenship and failed to apply myself, but there seemed to be more rigor. I wouldn't have guessed 4th grade was so different now. 4th grade was also the year you could work in the cafeteria, I liked working milk sales.

I've found with my children I have to demand they supply more effort and often apply considerable pressure to see improvement in the production of their work, especially in a non-preferred subject. Many of the traditional pressures of written corrections, writing lines, poor grades, deficiency notices, summer school, repeating the year have been eschewed in favor of what? The expected standard seems low, the quality of work produced by my recent 4th grader is below the quality of 4th grade @AvocadoPanic, but the school isn't really demanding excellence.

I've 5th, 3rd, 1st and pre-k. Our district is in the top 10% in Massachusetts.

Are there any old teachers here, did you complain in the 80's about children in the 40's having better penmenship?

Describing the enthusiasm for Trump as a personality cult I think misses why he's popular.

He's hated as are his supporters by blue tribe. That he's hated by his supporters opponents makes him attractive. The red tribers that hate him get labeled as RINO, uniparty would likely be a better description.

Voting for Trump is the protest vote for those wanting to see the Uniparty burn.

Just move to a red state, join a church, get new friends, etc.” as if ripping up your entire life and starting over is just a super simple thing for people to do.

I don't often fall back on my progressive bona fides, as the only child of a lesbian mother. I had 'two moms' before there were books about it.

You don't even have to move to a red state. In our very blue state, we've joined a local traditional church, and made new friends that are on the same page regarding the madness and degeneracy of current year.

Your attachment to an urban lifestyle may be working against you here.

Isn't the

Abortion is good if the child is low IQ/degenerate/black.

Perspective the same as the

Conservative: "A child's right to life is paramount, and killing them is wrong.

Perspective if only applied to my high-IQ, non-degenerate, white in-group?

Won't they just gets cats and wine like the current cohort of post-fertility women with fake email jobs?

They do so little handwriting in school I'm not surprised. There's some direct instruction but opportunities for incidental use / practice have been removed from much of the school day.

That would be the whole point of underwriting. To not fund high risk borrowers / disciplines / institutions. The remaining confirming loans could be sold off to a GSE to service after a period.

Writing also doesn't require spelling, penmanship or much actual writing.

It's not something fundamental about public schools, it's the students.

It's also the curriculum, teachers and administrators.

I would happily send my children to my elementary school too, in 1980, when I started half-day kindergarten.

The reality of school today is very different even in top decile areas than 1980. We've found our high performing public school to be insufficiently academicly rigorous. Our school committee feels more like PR or cheerleaders for the superintendent and faculty, who are products of post-modern education academia.

In the US there is far more non white crime yet the american middle class seems comfortable with diversity from their suburbs.

Here in the US suburbs do insulate their inhabitants from the realities of urban diversity, in combination with beliefs in progressive orthodoxys, is comforting.

Of course there are many in suburbs who are uncomfortable or oppose the seemingly open border, or would prefer a return to tough on crime policing, or involuntary commitment for a larger cohort of the mentally ill. The silent majority has leadership issues and has been splintered by many divisive topics.

I agree that loan forgiveness is not a solution, for anyone other than the students that would have their debt burden lifted.

I'd like to see underwriting standards for student loans that look at the human capital of the borrower and the proposed program of study. Only these conforming loans would be eligible for government guarantees, etc.

Moses said they could keep the virgins, after killing all the women and boys.

Now therefore kill every boy, and kill every woman who has had sexual intercourse with a man. But all the young women who have not had sexual intercourse with a man will be yours.

Suburbs were a terrible mistake in the US as it allowed cities to deteriorate without in impacting the elite.

And then for no reason at all, all the 'elite' moved to the suburbs.

I fundamentally believe that immigration policy would have been completely different if people who voted for diversity had the diversity in their neighbourhood.

This is why suburbs exist. The federal government and courts moved to address equity, the desires or votes of the majority mattered little. The resulting diversity motivated those that could, to move to the suburbs.

I understand your experience in Scandinavia is only recently enabling some to understand a reality that many in the US have known all their lives.

student loan forgiveness that enable students to study useless things and provide little value to the rest of us for the trouble

I not infrequently see this framing but it strikes me as being off, and fails to address the root of the problem.

While the things many students study are useless, the loans enable the University to teach useless disciplines. The University has no skin in the game. Like mortgage brokers, they've originated the loan, but don't hold or fund the debt. While being incentivised to originate as many as possible, here the barrier of lack of human capital able to engage in useful disciplines, may go someway to explain the expansion of uselessness.

Students may want to study useless things, they're young and mostly don't know any better. It should be the responsibility of the University to ensure uselessness is minimized and human capital is deployed efficiently in useful disciplines.

Isn't crystal clear to whom? It seams clear to Paul.

It's cast as the center and most important aspect of WW2, the reason for sparking it.

Doesn't this lead to, if there had been no jews, there would have been no WW2?

Who judges the mistreatment? The child is likely a poor judge.

The intervention in your hypothetical results in material improvement and better life. Grievance over something you can't change and resulted in better outcomes than non-intervention seems poorly considered. It may make the people who intervened wish they left you with your shitty birth family. Is that a better outcome, if it dissuades future positive interventions?

Expunge bad culture teach good culture.

We used to that. Do you have children in school? We're homeschooling, now.

The view now is that previous attempts to inculcate native peoples with the mindset and skills necessary for survival in western civilization is genocide.

I don't know what definition of genocide was available to them at the time.

I suspect the alternative was a more immediate form of genocide.