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Not robot-ist just don't like 'em

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Anyway, why would you ask the professor this easily searchable question - your laptop is right in front of you!

As a smart kid who did ask easily searchable questions even when I already knew the answer: you don't ask your professor questions because you want to know the answer, you ask your professor questions to prove you're engaged and interested so as to improve her opinion of you. As for slowing all the other kids down - sorry classmates, but this is a War Of All Against All, if your learning must suffer so I can get extra credit, then that is a sacrifice I am very willing to make.

You're omitting a rather large confounding variable here, namely that the people who aren't deterred by cigarette packaging are addicts who have had their neurological pathways chemically remapped in order to be compelled to purchase the product. Not so with "Breaded soy for frying".

I think that a motivated lawyer can make the case that it does, and that a partisan judge will convict.

What's objectively reasonable don't come into it.

You know that the Russian military is trying to wipe out a European ethnic group/nation like, right now?

I didn't know that. Can you elaborate?

If you would have grown 5%, but due to X you only grow 4%, then 1% of growth has been destroyed.

But it’s absurd to act like regulations and bureaucracy destroy wealth. They sometimes slow down its growth, but mostly they just distribute it.

You're making Bastiat's broken window fallacy.

You see the resistributed money go to the bureaucrats and think "Look, GDP!", but you don't see how that money would have been better used for more GDP in the hands of not-bureaucrats.

Spandrell fashioned an entire thesis around precisely this question: bioleninism

The proof seems pretty clear (if it really is a very unique password that's even more a smoking gun than a very unique username).

I don't think this matters. He should still just flatly deny it, and say "Ooo, what a coincidence that someone else has the same password :^)". The leftists hate him already, rightists don't care already, but they DO care (for some reason) about having at least paper-thin plausible deniability, which is what a pro-forma denial verging on non-engagement supplies.

forced post-Covid amnesia is that the media went all in on lockdownism and that's increasingly embarrassing

I came here to post "Normies stopped talking about it because the media stopped talking about it", so in that sense I agree entirely. Absent the daily orders of What Current Thing To Support being beamed into their devices 24/7, the Normie does not support it, and so when the media messaging stops, the Covid hawks vanish.

I'll also give a moderate agreement on your reasoning as to why the media stopped. Reminding people about Covid might remind them of a glaring example of how Big Government (and it's Cathedral tentacles in academia, NGOs, media, civil society, experts) fucked up. Which is a line of thought they want to assiduously avoid planting in the proles' heads, so better to just memory-hole the whole experience.

So all the graphs and quantitative data show there's no UK economic decline... and the response is that people write articles wondering how the economic decline has managed to hide itself from statistics?

Hear hoofbeats, think horses not zebras. Maybe there's just no economic decline? Hell, if we're trying to be rationalists, the decline's absence from the statistics means that DEFINITIONALLY there is no decline.

As many of the commenters on Scott's site speculate: one gets the feeling that "UK Economic Decline" is something that europhilic economists want to be able to talk about (and blame on Brexit), therefore they assume it exists as an article of faith and spend their time conjuring up epicyclic reasons for how those dastardly Tories managed to hide it from every single graph in the world by gaming the metrics.

Just as plenty of Americans who illegally aided the IRA during the troubles were loyal to the US.

This is oxymoronic. If you violate the policies and laws of the government, you are by definition disloyal.

The whole point of the comment I was replying to was to speculate on why the toxoplasma hasn't flared. Considering then discarding the reasons it could flare is proof by exhaustion, not waging Culture War.

Neither is the average grad student, or Indian call center employee, they just mindlessly regurgitate whatever is fed to them by their professors/supervisors.

Yes, but this is an argument for morally valuing useless demographics less, not for morally valuing babies more.

How do you figure that? In the case of abortion the mother has presumably agreed to the procedure

If you can do an abortion without the father's permission why can't you do it without the mother's permission?

...being the exact train of thought they don't want you to start down.

This case, if true, is obviously tragic.

It's the "if" that should make it a scissor statement. It is very difficult to prove "medical murder", and therefore reasonable people may disagree on the implications of this case. The feminists could insist that Letby is a victim of a misogynistic society determined to punish women, and doctors / hospital managers are trying to use her as a scapegoat for systemic failures in the healthcare system. While on the other side...


...ok maybe that's why there's no toxoplasma around this. What bloc is going to be a loud comment section partisan for "Yes she did kill all those babies"? Misogynists who do want to blame women for everything are a boogieman that don't actually exist, so who is there to fill up the Internet for the prosecution?

I'm not going to be paying attention to what anyone else is saying; my world would have been shattered and I'd be doing my damnedest to keep every attention-sucking ghoul out of my mourning.

I think you do not understand how Bongland policing works.

The families in such cases are harangued into giving such a statements by the urging of the "friendly" "support" officers assigned to family liaison. I mean, the police's remit is the maintenance of public order, not the coddling of the bereaved, so I can't say they're not technically doing their jobs by hassling the families to come out with this kumbaya drek.

So in a sense you're right, the families probably would, in a vacuum, react emotionally as you would expect them to. But the police don't let 'em.

Another thing I'll steal from Jokul or the Deep Left on Twitter is how the elites know more than you think. One thing he mentioned is how the guy who got accused of bribing Clarence Thomas is a white southerner Republican who literally was funded by Charles Murray. His point was do you honestly think this guy isn't red pilled on racial IQ gaps?


I think the elites give each other money based on who's brother is married to who, and / or who liked the cut of the other's gib at the last socialite cocktail soireé. I don't think any of them read each other's actual philosophical writings; it's Mean Girls highschool politics all the way down.

According to the industry, Reddit's users are the least valuable of any social network.

As far as headlines go, that's a great one lol


Wanting the politics that Republicans would call far left anti Israel politics if it was applied to Israel isn't right wing extremism just because it is in the US. Why is a wall In Israel not an extremist policy, but a wall separating the Mexican drug war from the US is when tens of thousands of Americans die of fentanyl overdoses every year?

The advocatus diabolus case would probably be something like: "Because what is extremism and what isn't is path-dependent, and the Jews have recent historical form to believe that people are trying to genocide them, whereas white people don't. They're karmically allowed a surfeit of caution, you're not."

But this is fairly easily defeated by pointing out that in 1933 no-one had recently tried to genocide the Jews, but this time they actually were. The fact that systematic extermination hadn't been seen before was insufficient defence against it happening in 1933, and so by analogy it's no defence against it happening to whites in 2023.

Even when TheMotte was on Reddit, I never used Reddit for anything other than... interacting with TheMotte (OK, OK, I lurked some porn subs too). So for someone with very little experience interacting with Reddit, can you explain to me how the proposed changes would actually be expected to affect the modal Reddit user?

Because I expect that the modal Reddit user doesn't even know what an API is, and certainly never previously paid for it. So messing with its price ain't gonna affect him or her.

The changes sound like a problem exclusively for nerds and corpos who like to data-harvest off of the backend; something which has no effect on the modal user AND no effect on the stereotypical powermod who's there to defend Cathedral talking points. With these two vital demographics' interests therefore apparently having no intersection with this change, they SHOULD be completely disinterested. Can anyone explain / speculate how it is, then, that the nerds and corpos have managed to rile them into rebellion?

In the interests of drawing a line to contemporary culture war from the 30 year old news story that Uncle Ted is, I just want to highlight the extent to which reporting on his death is desperately trying to prosecute said culture war by smashing a square peg into a round hole:

From the BBC report:

His crimes seemed to begin shortly after he was fired from the family business by his brother for posting abusive limericks to a female colleague who had dumped him after two dates.

"Seemed" is doing a tremendous amount of work here. To me it SEEMED like his crimes began when he saw machines tearing up the forest. Who is it exactly, to whom there seemed to be an incel agenda?

Reading that paragraph, the words that reach my eyes are as printed, but the words that I think they're trying to get to reach my prefrontal cortex are

"Doing anything that a women doesn't like makes you a terrorist. All bad people are incels and all incels are bad people. Anyone who complains about globohomo only does so in bad faith because they're sexually frustrated."

You really think the best case they can come up with is misreported hush money payments to his mistress? No.

Actually, yes. They didn't come up with anything better in 2016 or 2020, why would they suddenly become good at muckraking now?

They’re hoping the Republican base bets all their political capital on Trump, secures him the nomination, and then they’re going to drop the hammer and make Republicans look like treasonous buffoons for supporting the guy again instead of adopting any meaningful policy platform.

I don't believe anything the swamp creatures tell me, they're not going to make themselves more credible by being more lurid.

I had tremendous fun using Pepe as a racist shibboleth and then when anyone called me out on my racist shibbolething, I show them that he's the mascot of Hong Kong democracy.

Hell, in the murky waters of philosophical semiotics, I'm not even sure my bad-faith arguments were even wrong.

Spider-Verse's black protagonist is a character who has always been black starting with his original incarnation, AFAIK.

This is disingenuous. Miles Morales is a race-swapped Spider Man, exactly like Ariel. The paper-thin excuse of "Umm ackshually we've not retconned him, he's, err, an alternate universe version" is obviously just that: a paper-thin excuse, to remove white heroes from their stories.

Miles Morales was developed by writer Brian Michael Bendis. No prizes for guessing what I found oh his Early Life section of Wikipedia.

The hypothesis that Hollywood types believe in the "mere exposure" effect causes a lot of scripting oddness to suddenly resolve into comprehensiblity. If you think that simply seeing/hearing a thing on a screen will stochastically cause some number of impressionable audience members to believe and/or copy it, then the total excision of taboo positions from even villains' mouths makes sense, as does cramming a massive overabundance of LGBTQ characters into every show.