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So, follow up question

What percentage of those minority groups currently find themselves disinclined to cooperate with society?

Either that or allow lethal force against mass border crossings like that, but the optics would be hilariously terrible. (Even if it reduced total deaths crossing the border, which I think is plausible - 8000+ have died crossing the border in the past 30 years, and shooting a few hundred people making the crossing might reduce the overall flows enough to compensate)

An absolutely evergreen video.

Keep sending Palestinians until there are no more Palestinians, of course.

I would be enormously unsurprised if workers in the US were paid double that of workers in Mexico, and that's before we even start getting into non-pay related union inefficiencies.

This is more like someone checking out a book for 2 weeks, returning it, and then camping by the shelf until it becomes available again so that no one else can read it.

I have literally seen people take off their jacket and then start punching the other person in a fight. Granted, this was in high school, but that's also the last time I really seriously interacted with the bottom quarter of the population.

To me, stripping out of a jacket/shirt is prototypical "I am posturing and about to throw fists" behavior.

Well, either they previously said "everything is ok, I'm not a felon, I don't do drugs" and the purchase was approved (and the record destroyed), or they said "yes I'm a bad person" and you can keep the record as the purchase was rejected.

Keep in mind that answering "I'm not a domestic abuser" on one application and then "I am a domestic abuser" on another application a year later is not actually proof of perjury! They could have become one over that year!

At most, it would let you slap additional 10 year felonies on top of the one that was initially detected. I'd much rather the ATF start enforcing the law before making it easier for them to dump even bigger penalties onto specific disfavored individuals.

Being fat is not an immutable characteristic, especially as a kid.

The last video you linked is showing as private to me.

I think there's literally only been a few dozen school shootings in the Columbine style in US history. Making your own database would not be hard.

Look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_school_shootings_in_the_United_States_(2000%E2%80%93present) - it lists 80+251+125 incidents since the turn of the century. Of those, 8+17+6 had 3 or more deaths. 7 have 10 or more.

2/3rds of gun deaths are suicide, 1/3 are homicide - of which 1/2 is gang related. Spree shootings are a rounding error.

"Mental health" and "lack of community" seem pretty relevant to 5/6ths of gun deaths.

The proper response to an actual school shooting is to run the f*** out of the school building as soon as possible.

This is of course enormously inconvenient to administrators running a drill, and so they don't do it.

It makes tankies into conservatives when they argue in favor of a (sexual) free market, with winners, losers, and those with absolutely nothing.

US v. Miller, anyone?

Didn't even send a lawyer to the supreme court to present an argument.

White and Asian-Americans are both over represented relative to the general population in college admissions

IIRC non-legacy non-athletic non-jewish whites are a fair bit underrepresented relative to the general population at top colleges, but I don't have the exact numbers.

I guess by this line of thinking, if one of them had a gun, they could get away with shooting him because he had "clear intent to harm".

Thankfully, the law is not quite this stupid - if you're the instigator, you don't get to claim self defense.

This is going to sound like a really silly question, but which one?

(what, you mean there's more than one HPMOR/MLP fanfic? Yes, I'm pretty sure there is)

Agreed, and it's good to see California improving a bit on housing policy! (even if only to keep more Californians in California and not dragging their policies to me)