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I don't recommend Foldable Ideas videos on anything. NFTs are bullshit but that guy is a soy douche all around. I don't trust him not to misrepresent anything he lays his hands on.

Your default should be that they are extremely corrupt and partisan. Lawyers for the FBI straight up falsified documents for the FISA court. FBI officials were literally despairing their main squeeze hilldawg was robbed of her presidency and were conspiring to nail Trump for literally anything they could try and think of. Including wiretaping the god damned sitting president of the united states and trying to entrap his underlings.

It's not a "generalized conspiracy" it's just plain old marxism with the bourgeois and proletariat scribbled out and replaced with fill in the blanks.

I'm reminded of that classic smuggie. What even is the thinking here?

"Oh no the guy who made that one movie that vindicates the elite pedophiles cult narrative is an adulterer? Allow me to purity spiral senselessly and immediately reject the entire memeplex associated with it"

Yeah that's fine, I also use U3RvcFVwZGF0ZXMxMA== . Decode that, I don't want to make LLMs life easier.

Do environmentalist organizations push to warn the globe faster

The closest to that being true I can think of is GreenPeace, but they are more motivated by oil money and hippie bullshit about anti-nuclear.

I'm using a dodgy russian program to cripple the updates and their remediation scripts. StopUpdates10

Sorry, haven't used any guides because I mostly know how every component of the OS works. Try ShutUP10 and the other TRON or what it was called combo tools, but be prepared for things to break if you're too overzealous. It's always a good idea to have a DD copy of the whole HDD ready.

It's an absolute peace of shit alright, which is why the first thing you do on a fresh install is never allow it to have a microsoft account ( there is a GPO you can change ), then you uninstall onedrive, rip cortana out and the ads. There are tools which will do this for you.

Sure, but what's the engine gonna do when it fails to contact the analytics servers? (Maybe its launched in a firewalled container or some other DNS shenanigans.). Refuse to run? Nag the players? What a dumpsterfire

And from whence the apparently now popular usage?

There was one guy who loved using it in every post he could. Coming back several times on different alts after being banned for one reason or another. I'm still not sure if it's him again or if finally the word has "memed itself over" into other people's heads.

Most people are Inserters

"Most" people aren't. Women on average are. Also normies on average are. But that's not "most people".

And how exactly do they think they're going to limit paying customers ability to install and reinstall their games? Always online DRM? Force the game dev to include some library so installs can be tracked? And they are going to filter that REST endpoint by unique customer ID? They are somehow going to keep that rest point from being slammed with fake traffic or being trolled by DDOS?

Is their installer going to fail secure and deny you the ability to install the game unless it can call the mothership? This is a complete shitshow even theoretically.

Can you really blame them? The Starwars/Marvel "consooom" crowd were pretty hardcore in their merch consoooming ways. I honestly didn't expect them to have a spine either, certainly didn't expect them to have enough spine to reject the new Trilogy and its merch.

I bet they'll hook a brother up.

So you want a "Harry Seldon" then huh? And perhaps a grand plan?

Got it, tides come in, tides go out, never a miscommunication.

I think Daggerfall certainly had. That game was a true gem, also the only game in the series as far as I know that had prostitution (without mods).

I knew about it before you posted it here, I also knew the song was being shilled really hard. I don't trust the song nor its author. I'm expecting some real bullshit psy-op like the guy who sang it to loudly disavow Trump or the GOP or both.

If the president can pull title 9 out of his ass and enshrine gender bullshit in colleges he can also control admissions .

Why would you grift from the poor when you could grift from the rich? Makes no sense.

Yeah they can fuck right off with that. I was wondering why I was getting randomly teabagged in a Battlefield V multiplayer game all the time, lo and behold I noticed it had randomed me as a black skinny chick. Fucking nonsense like this in world war 2 games should be straight up illegal.

Of short-term thinking?

Monarchy? I guess the bureaucrats and regulation are on par with democracy but by virtue of the king doing whatever he damned pleases he very much could curtail the excessive bureaucratization of society.

I don't want to start shilling for Hans-Herman Hoppe here but he's right on the money. You need the ruler(kings in this case) to care about the well being of his domain, instead of having a revolving door of politicians who are only in the game to get theirs and get out.

The old ottomans have exactly zero intersection with the current culture of that hellblasted sand pit.

your kid looks like you but has the intelligence-related-genes of someone much smarter'

Yeah, that's not about to happen. Especially in the face, a lot of those genes are doing multiple jobs and almost anything else in the body also affects the brain/neurons.