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norms-damaging individuals

Good, the status quo norms got us into Ukraine-sandpit-boogaloo and would get us into a hot WW3 sooner if they would have gotten hilldawg into office.

Fuck it, just make them pay ME personally a % of that sweet sweet profit. Make it a good amount.


Always has been huh, at this point they should start putting Ohio's flag on rockets and space ships instead.

I didn't think they would be stupid enough to try and make him an obviously innocent "convicted felon", yet here we are. The black vote is going to explode with the court shenanigans and the shooting.

Ah yes, point blank and multiple shooters. Really, it's all the same thing.

Oh we definitely do. There's videos of the "bomb" being planted. And them the next day a "plain clothes cop" mysteriously goes straight for where the backpack is and recovers it then hands it to some cops. The whole thing stinks to high heaven and they did use the aleged bombing attempt to throw the book at a whole bunch of people. Not to mention the explosive device LITERALLY being constructed exactly like an "example" bomb down to the stupid mechanical clock thing.

This is how I know the Trump assassination attempt was done by a rando. He tried going for a headshot. You never go for a headshot, you aim for center mass. People who think a headshot is what you do get their ideas from games and tv shows.

The people who have repeatedly described Trump as a "threat to democracy" aren't responsible for this

Oh they definitely are. The muh trump-russia crowd screaming bloody murder for years and the people claiming trump is just chomping at the bit to gas-camp everyone the moment he regains power are teh very definition of stochastic terrorism. It's all THEIR fault. All of those shitlibs prophesizing the end of the world if the orange daddy gets back on the throne deserve their blame.

because the extreme right still looks to the moderate right for legitimacy

In which universe do you live? That hasn't been my experience at all.

The jan 6 bomber was literally a glowie-op.

It's far easier to radicalize a man without a wife, a house and a daughter.

TBH it is disturbing and I think the answer would be yes.

But this doesn't prove that the election was fraudulent -

What's this un-fraud of the gaps(analogous to god of the gaps)?

Yes, your(royal) solution to most of these problems was to stop looking, like explicitly not recording crime and rape stats by ethnicity, I wouldn't be surprised if gender affirmative care is not tracked/tabulated/stated up by age on purpose.

What's wrong with the dem party, do they literally have no-one younger to push up there? Any senators perhaps? No? Is AOC too unelectable? Do they consider Mommy Tulsi Gabbard too much of a problem for the war machine?

Biden probably spends his days picking from a set of reasonable proposals

Biden probably spends his days talking to people who aren't there if the medical team gets his meds wrong that day. You can actually see him either being too strung out from focus stims or narcoleptic depending on if they got their dosages right of the various cocktails they have him on.

My work now requires me to grow a tiktok account


Because we are not allowed to say what everybody thinks, that some people shouldn't be given citizenship, and even when they have that citizenship they still aren't one of our own, so fuck them.

They literally used the same few servers for thousands of these "very secret" websites, they had bloody activeX on there and also if I recall all the sites used the same CMS/general web page template. Also the servers were easily identifiable by their IP range if I remember correctly.

It was major boomer internet botching.

So does betting on women's sports exist online on your platform or other platforms?

I wanna try out that meme where you bet on the former men competing in women's sports.

or revolutionaries in Iran are breaking down the Ayatollah's doors

I'd like to register my extreme doubts about Khamenei ever going hot with nukes. For posterity for future aliens reading the internet archives.

Biden has signed an Executive Order

I want every executive order to be read out in full, live on TV with nothing but a printout. No in-ear mics, no teleporompters. Further I want the order to be explained in detail by the president. If you don't finish the whole thing you don't get to have it.

But the crybulling of racism and sexism and similar removes the normal "fuck you, pay me" feedback

If it wasn't for activist shekel shufflers with DEI/ESG money (blackrock etc) we wouldn't be at this level of disfunction.

and often will in fact improve their lives through providing stuff like cheap farm labour.

If you mean crash the price of labor, than sure. Or take the H1Bs for the opposite spectrum of job sophistication. Absolutely NONE of the random Indians and Eastern Europeans imported to work in high tech jobs are strictly needed. There are plenty of capable developers at home.

Maybe he was just slow?