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It's silly for practically everyone outside of big ticket things.

Some mentally lacking men are very insecure about intelligence. This is not a women centric issue but might be perceived as such by women.

Is there no possibility of convincing your wife to have a planned cesarean?

I only really see this possibly as a trigger for developing self sustaining chronic conditions given that people don't seem to get better by moving.

I doubt this has much general explanatory power or delivers much if any insight into possible treatments.

It seems to me that numerous things could plausibly be the cause of the same, or sufficiently similar, conditions through different pathways. Perhaps some get autoimmune issues/nervous system dysregulation through exposure to fairly normal levels of environmental contaminants while others get it through ordinary virus infections, who knows and who really cares? It doesn't seem like very useful information, since the underlying cause no longer seems to matter or was that bad in the first case.

Perhaps some tiny group has really awful mold problems and that really is the entire cause and solution. If you have a mold problem you should fix that regardless but i wouldn't hold out hope for some major improvement in your chronic issues.

There are also the numerous recent scandals...

But yes, I agree motivation pays a very important role in the results of the EU elections given the low turnout. Which I feel is an underdiscussed part of these elections.

And I am not sure how you'd convince all the women who currently enjoy massive privileges to live their lives free of any real 'obligations' to accept having 3 kids each to bring things back on track, when they can simply vote for a regime that will support them regardless.

This feels like a false dichotomy. Most people are having children and that we just need to shift people towards having very marginally more children. Not going from 0->3. Women's incentives as a group if anything go the other way, since the vast majority are having children, "punishing" defectors should be an easy sell if packaged right.

Yes, food isn't evenly distributed between population and polities.

If what you really wanted to say was that British food is kind of meh then I'm on board.

So if you exclude half of western food and squint hard it's not very good outside of fine dining?

Having 4 kids in a 5 year time span is pretty hardcore though, you don't have to do it like that.

Three so far.

I'm assuming he refers to involuntary celibacy which was high for a hot moment but which has now gone down to historic levels.

The major issue here is that people aren't doing things to "help", they're doing it out of a narcissistic desire to defend their mental world view. That is what they really care about, material reality be damned.

They intentionally look away when their "efforts to help" produce the opposite of the their stated intentions and use all their mental prowess to justify their atrocities.

It's almost never that the bad effects couldn't have been reasonably predicted, it's that people actively avoided doing so because it threatened their self conception and world view.

I'd go as far as to say that this is one of the foundational building blocks of evil.

People say having kids is really hard but i strongly disagree with that. It's pretty easy, your life is just different.

If you're hellbent on travelling and partying then, yes, it's going to be hard, but if you're intending to care for your kids it's pretty easy, especially if your not trying to force them to become something they're not.

I think an issue is that some people don't actually want to have kids and they whine loudly and incessantly, with some other parents jumping on the bandwagon for clout. In my friend group there is one person that's actually had a hard time and a fair bit of that is self inflicted, and none of us were really aiming to have kids. In reality almost every single parent I know (including myself) are very satisfied with being parents.

Don't let the whine brigade fool you into thinking having kids is some kind of herculan endeavour, it's not.

I mean... They would have to grow by more than 15% per year, which is well above the growth rate of any Asian tiger, never mind at Polands current gdp. It's also more than twice the growth rate than Poland has ever had...

Same as literal monkeys. There are few things simpler than using a smartphone to consume slop.

Something to note is that that only covers the "city of Amsterdam", metropolitan Amsterdam is more th 3x as big and most people dont seem to raise children in the "city" as by far the most common demo living there are 25-35yos.

I'd imagine this is mostly an effect of misleading statistics. The ethnic Dutch raise their kids in the suburbs while ethnic minorities do so in social housing/ethnic ghettos, leading to a them having a disproportionate share of the children in the "city".

It's most likely the case that Amsterdam is getting less Dutch ethnically but it's probably not going quite as fast as the stats would seem to suggest, and I'm not sure how much space there is for an increase in ethnic change given housing constraints.

I watch at 1x but I skip around a lot.

As for the guy you linked, I don't have any issues understanding him at 1.75x but at 2x it gets exhausting. I wouldn't know how that compares to other videos though since I usually only watch in 1x.

It seems to me that all central banks and almost every economist under the sun wants inflation.

What you want is for the cost of things to go up but for productivity to go up even faster.

That wasn't really why they were elected though, since it wasn't much if a salient issue. The overriding political issue was the extremely severe financial crisis and the financial mismanagement by the social democrats, not anything else.

They were elected as combination of being a protest party, general (rightwing) economic populism and anti-immigration.

That said, there were definitely problems with crime and the great Nordic biker war started in '94.

Upselling is bigger than ever

Surely not, being only some 20+ points ahead.

I didn't intend to comfort you.

Muslim fertility in the west is below replacement if one looks at the children they have once they're actually here. No one is having a ton of kids outside of small religious extremist groups and the vast majority of Muslims do not fall into that category.

That should only exist when you're scrolling upwards.

I got that :)

I've already read MoL but Ar'k is new to me and I'll check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!