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Though this is a good idea, I think you really need to thread the needle on 'subtle hint' or you just come off like you're bragging about how huge you are.

'look at all these idiots, blindly following society's prescribed recipe for cassava. I bet I could do a way better job!'

Society is older than you, even if you might be smarter. It's developed all kinds of tricks to trip up the unwary defector. This isn't to say that the system is unbeatable... but it's harder than it looks.

Just to be clear, I like Americans a lot.

It's that nature of Americans to strive and struggle even when everything is handed to them that makes them such a force to be reckoned with. Isn't that amazing? The ability to never be happy, to be so totally indifferent to success AND failure, to possess such an invincible armor of narcissism.

she's the only one who really understands the (checks notes) star wide receiver on the football team

As Gone Girl (a contender for National Book of 21st Century America) put it - what's the point of being together if you're not the happiest?

Well, really why bother? Maybe the CIA could or couldn't get rid of Maduro, but it seems to be of very little advantage to the United States. They don't need their oil, they're not in a relevant location, there are much bigger and more serious threats, and whatever comes after Maduro could be worse. Either way, the CIA gets the blame, so why not go home early on Fridays?

In a consumer culture, it's not enough to tell people about weight loss - it has to be sold to them.

I mean, that sounds fine. The game opening up and offering more options in the midgame is natural to a well-designed game - as is the tedium of the endgame as you steamroll towards victory. Note that this is the same trajectory as the queen of games, Chess. You begin with limited options, and usually perform one of a few standard openings. The interaction between the players causes the game to develop into something complex and unique. But as the board empties, freedom of action narrows once more, until eventually one player is railroaded into defeat or surrender.

Alexander died, Alexander was buried, Alexander returneth into dust; the dust is earth; of earth we make loam; and why of that loam, whereto he was converted, might they not stop a beer-barrel?

Though I sympathize with your point, I find that my body very easily returns back to my 'typical' weight of 78-80kg, and staying above that requires some effort. And I could easily credit the existence of biological mechanisms that make weight easier to gain than to lose. Of course it's still possible to control my weight, but it's definitely easier in some directions than others.

I'm fine with a lack of variety, but I've always been reluctant to pick up kitchen gadgets. I would probably buy one if I wasn't going away in ten weeks.

I find it stressful, it costs more money and takes more time. I'm not really a big fan of food and eating more makes me like it even less.

Russell Brand is an idiot and we're better off not hearing from him. One of the most annoying and vapid commentators around.

After spending summer at a lower weight, I've decided to try and bulk and gain again. I have mixed feelings about it because I found bulking in the past to be very stressful and miserable, but then I also hate how small and weak I am.

The game space in RW is so vast that I haven't really come close to exploring it (I've beaten it about five or six times), and I think it rather defeats the point of the game to recommend a specific build, but broadly speaking, the strategy is to get some decent damage spells online, then try and develop a good way to disrupt bigger groups of enemies, whether with summons or something else, then round yourself out with utility spells to deal with specific problems. Some specific highlight spells are Silver Spear (amazing damage and high number of uses), Blink, Word of Beauty (fully heals you, stuns arcane enemies). I reckon Blinding Light is the single best spell in the game.

You must nearly always develop some kind of damage mix since immunities and resists are everywhere later on. Holy and Physical damage are the most versatile types and Dark is the least. Poison builds can get away without it so long as you don't mind hiding in a hole for hundreds of turns on late game maps. Every build also wants some kind of blindsight option. This doesn't mean you can't have a build focused on a particular element, but you need to have some kind of alternative as well.

Spell and HP economy matters a little bit less that they initially seem. Always choose the rift that you have tools to deal with. Often the rift layout matters as much as enemy composition. Prioritise Gates and enemy summoners.

Mordred is himself a very long, tough fight. Blink or the chasm teleport is absolutely necessary.

As a final note I think Rift Wizard is actually fairly easy in that there are many effective ways to build the Wizard. The challenge comes from navigating the insane number of options available and dealing with the huge amount of variation in levels. In that sense I think it's better than any other roguelike I've played. More than that, I think it has an incredible atmosphere. Most true roguelikes have a sense of 'descent into hell', but Rift Wizard develops it so strongly. You really are a lone wanderer in a surreal, hostile, and shattered world, battling teeming hordes of bizarre monsters in the service of nothing.

Yes, but under Catholic teaching, can demons actually influence the physical world? Or do they just lead men astray?

I understand that official Catholic teaching is the former, rather than the latter. Demons can tempt people, but actual magic and witchcraft are just superstitions.

If anything I find it way too stimulating, and I want to look away from the constant smash cuts.

Note that my personal tastes for entertainment are quite low on the stimulus level. I like board games, roguelikes with basic graphics^, and episodes of Mad Men where nothing much happens.

^ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1271280/Rift_Wizard/

Risking your life is a great way to gain respect... from men. In which case it might work, if what he needs is more self-respect

Is it fair to compare the culture of middle Japan to the highest culture of the West? No doubt, their high brow intellectuals also sneer at American superhero movies. Indeed, even that comparison flatters the Japanese, since anime, low or highbrow, at least has some sense of creative energy to it, in comparison to Western capeshit which is utterly bankrupt creatively.

Christian Europe based of "noble blood" and "divine right to rule" made revolt blasphemy and effectively eliminated dissent from the lower classes.

People say this, but the person I associate most with divine right is not Charles I, but Oliver Cromwell - who genuinely believed that God had ordained him as ruler of England. The strong religious beliefs in Europe did not lead to peace and unity, but the opposite - to decades of war as men sought to topple ungodly or heretical princes. And far from crushing dissent, the early modern period saw the birth of liberalism. John Locke and John Lilburne were the contemporaries to Oliver Cromwell.

Sure, in the same way that criticizing the Emperor is not a free speech issue.

There's a lot of assumptions here - that bullying is something that happens to everyone (rather that some kids being on the receiving end), that people who bully or get bullied learn that bullying is wrong. It could be that people who get bullied come to believe that bullying is normal or acceptable.

Well, it makes Taiwan more important to the international economy, which affects the entire world.

Can't it be both? It's not that there's some Comintern issuing instructions and directing people. But they're also not totally atomized - they share a broad ideology that shapes their motives and judgment

I mean, /u/FiveHourMarathon is fairly explicitly analogizing 'failing to get laid' to unemployment, and via analogy describes them as losers, useless, morally worthless, wastes etc.