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Knowing little of Finland, but knowing how severe alcohol abuse is in your neighbor Russia, would have me siding with the many-state leftist if there was even 5% chance it could get just as bad and possibly irreversible.

Long shot, but can you or anyone using twitter ask the guy to ask ChatGPT how people in the city, minorities particularly, will feel about the decision the bomb diffuser made? I’d try myself with Chat but I’ve been getting error messages lately.

I think when the inverted pyramid gets to top heavy, the West would rather open the borders than make the hard decisions and live with it. At that point, everyone I know and loved (and their few children) will likely be long gone and the populaces values so far removed from my own it might as well be a foreign country. So I guess I don’t really care.

Could we also see how many child comments a particular comment gets when collapsed?

I also can't imagine any of these offended women would have any sort of problem with a chart showing that taller men make more on average than shorter men.

Ask yourself “why would anyone go to wizardchan with a survey showing women prefer tall men” if not to stir the pot. She’s a troll and has been for years. All you’re doing is helping her further her grift by spreading drama over her obviously true survey that just had to be done. Had to be.

You look at the world around you and think it doesn’t focus enough on looks?

Mind linking to sources quoting what Kanye said exactly?

owned up to drawing the Eye of Sauron to the sub in the first place, because he uncharitably interpreted some conflict theory posting as "calls to violence."

Where or at least when he he admit this?

The moment it was used for non-terminally I’ll patients, it stopped being vague.

I would be for all the reasons /u/Tophattingson outlined above. We essentially went through the same moral reasoning over the years.