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This is the default world chat for the game, similar to an old WoW Barrens Chat. Imagine if Barren’s Chat was just girls spamming their OnlyFans and simps bending over backwards to give them attention

I think the misogynists were on to something in the 00’s when they would bully women out of FPS games. There’s a regional chat room in the game I currently play when bored and disenchanted with the world. The chat is filled with women whose names link to their OnlyFans — one audacious women even made a clan with her OnlyFans name and the clan is comprised of her subscribers. The chat is men trying to win the attention of these women, offering to buy them cosmetic items or carry them in matches. The worst misogynistic chat has more dignity to it than what unregulated gender-inclusive lobbies look like in this game.

Did I break the record of having the least upvoted QC?

I would be afraid of getting sick because of lacking immune system to Indian pathogens. If you can’t drink the water and they are cooking with water…. But maybe if it’s really hot and has curry in it

Good luck in your quest. IIRC volunteering at a hospital is more difficult to do because it’s a go-to experience for students and suitors. So don’t forget that there are also shelters, clinics, random organizations to help with grief, churches, online communities. Your comment also vaguely reminds me of the first opening 20 minutes of Fight Club, which I would recommend watching or reading.

It is better to go to the house of mourning than to go to the house of feasting, for this is the end of all mankind, and the living will lay it to heart. Sorrow is better than laughter, for by sadness of face the heart is made glad. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth.(Ecclesiastes 7)

Trump relied on the testimony of the most relevant possible expert, a powerbroker in Palm Beach whose last deal involved Tommy Hilfiger’s property and who represented in one of the largest sales in recent Palm Beach history. He listed the specific features which, in his expert testimony, would lead the property to be sold at north of one billion dollars, namely that is an “exclusive family compound” and “in the most desirable section of Palm Beach”.

You are misinterpreting his statement as being conclusory. Why? The expert's ultimate assertion is not “speculative”, it is based on his experience and assessment of the features of the property. It is not “unsupported by any evidentiary foundation”, he specifies the exact evidentiary foundation.

Didn’t the Judge cite an assessor’s valuation?

It’s commonly advised to not fight a low assessment because it reduces your property taxes. No one would assume a corrupt and/or ignorant judge would use that against him decades later.

Menendez chaired the Foreign Relations committee. He was the most important politician for foreign relations, all the while taking bribes from a foreign government. It makes you wonder how serious American corruption must be if this is happening at the top and he was so terrible at hiding it.

I think there’s an element of race and culture involved here, where it wasn’t for a country like Afghanistan. Republicans in America are online and they can see that Russia is (at least in appearances) a traditional white country that respects Christianity. Both Russia and Ukraine are white and culturally Christian. If you believe that the war is impossible to win for Ukraine, then the Republicans are left scratching their head at why we are killing white Christians for the geopolitical reach of America. And the geopolitical interests of America’s elite are increasingly at odds with the interests of many white Christians who can imagine themselves acculturating more readily to St Petersburg than San Francisco.

Which accomplishment on that list do you find the most significant?

i agree, but we don’t see this kind of anti-agricultural ethic in Christianity. All Christians are of equal value who act Christlike, and the learned class was celibate. So it makes sense for eg Slovaks to rebel against a foreign upper class. And, of course, it also makes sense for Jews to want to make more money in lending and trade rather than farming. All of it makes sense, it’s just competing value schemes.

Because Sukkot has its origins in Ancient Israel, and actually before that in ancient Canaan, which was agricultural. Talmudic Judaism came about around the first century, around the time of the destruction of the Second Temple. This is where what we call “Judaism” originates.



These articles go over how the Talmud made those who were illiterate very low status, and those Jews eventually converted to other religions. But farmers were pretty much necessarily illiterate before the printing press. Additionally, scholars had a huge advantage in terms of marriage because of the general praise of scholars. “200 years together” talks about how rabbis took advantage of this. Specifically in the Talmud we read we read that agriculture is the lowest profession and that selling merchandise is better than working the land.

I think what a person cherishes and how they act are consequences of internalized metaphors. Metaphors are like the building blocks of cognition. “Living in a simulation” is a bad metaphor because it automatically connotes insignificance, whim, chance, and technology culture. Imagine the difference in feeling between “I live in a simulation” and “I am the beloved creation of an infinitely great benevolent monarch.” Which one a person believes will have huge ramifications for how they treat life.

That’s interesting. I did some googling and don’t see a lot of mentions of gambling from Ancient Israel. It would be a sin by consequence though, falling under foolishness / love of money

The Talmud has passages condemning agricultural work and encouraging learned / literate work. According to Solzhenitsyn, the Tsar tried to get Russian Jews to farm but failed. As far as I know there is no example of a Rabbi (the leaders of the Jewish micro-nation) ever asking for farming privileges in any of their negotiations with foreign powers.

It makes sense that an insular religious group which refused to do agriculture since ~400AD would own an outsize amount of property in 20th century Slovakia (acquired through moneylending and banking I imagine). It also makes sense the ethnic Slovak farmers would find this annoying and try to take action against that. How much more is there to discuss? There’s no moral quandary or political interest here, just two groups doing what is in their best interests.

I don’t think that’s right. Gambling has been a problem in every culture where it was permitted. If it is available it will trap men, as it did to important men of history like Tesla and Mozart. It’s a superstimuli, So it will be inherently addictive regardless of what is going on in a culture. Video games are a hyper-extension of gambling, involving all the same cognition but with added superstimuli.

Porn, like gambling, is also a superstimuli. No matter how healthy your culture is, superstimuli activity will always be more desirable by definition. It doesn’t matter how hot your wife is if you can see a variety of the world’s most attractive women by clicking a few buttons.

I would say these things are definitively in the category of “causes”, just like the availability of opiates and alcohol are also causes. If every human had the ability to click a button and be administered an opiate, probably half the world would be addicted, because human nature involves occasional lapses in judgment and willpower.

I would imagine that his 40k tweets and 5th most active user status on stackoverflow contributed more than some IRL social experiences

In regards to the rape crisis centre, we have to ask whether it’s normative for a promiscuous woman (in the UK, in that era) to use those services to screen for STDs. That center would do free screenings, right? If this is the same woman as in the texts about sex without a condom, it seems the contention was that he did not use a condom when she requested he do so (like in the previous time they had sex). Which is bad! But probably not what the reader has in mind when they hear about forceful rape. At least, I think rape conjures up something much more significant than taking a condom off with a woman you recently had consensual sex with on a different occasion.

Russell Brand Accusations

Russell Brand has been accused of sexual misconduct and/or rape by four women in a large exposé by the Sunday Times [2]. The mainstream consensus online is that the testimony of these women is absolutely correct. I wonder, though, how many false accusers we should expect given the context of Russell Brand.

Russell Brand is not just some guy, he was at one point a party icon in the UK. As such, he has slept with 1000 women. And these are not just some women, just like Brand is not just some guy. This is not a sample size of the median woman in the UK. The women he slept with would differ psychologically from the average woman: more likely to make poor choices, more likely to be partying, more likely to be doing things for clout (like Russell Brand), more likely to be involved with drugs and mental illness. A study on the lives of “groupies” in the heavy metal scene found that groupies were more likely to use sex for leverage, to come from broken homes, and to have issues with drugs and alcohol. (This is not a one-to-one comparison; heavy metal is different than the rock n roll persona of Brand).

Scott has written that up to 20% of all rape allegations are false. But with Brand, we have a more complicated metric to consider: how many false accusers will you have sex with if you’ve had sex with one thousand women who make poor choices? Scott goes on in the above article to note that 3% of men will likely be falsely accused (including outside of court) in their life. If this is true, we might try multiplying that by 125 to arrive at how many accusers Brand should have. That would bring us to four, rounding up — but again, this would totally ignore the unique psychological profile of the women he screwed.

There’s yet more to consider. Brand is wealthy, famous, and controversial. His wealth and stature would lead a mentally unwell woman to feel spite, and his controversy would lead a clout-chasing woman to seek attention through accusation. What’s more, (most of) these allegations only came about because of an expensive and time-consuming journalistic investigation, which would have lead to pointed questioning.

All in all, it seems unfair to target a famous person and set out your journalists to hound down every woman he had sex with. It’s a man’s right to have consensual sex with mentally unwell and “damaged” women, which would be a large chunk of the women Brand bedded. Of course, this cohort appears more apt to make false accusations. Quoting Scott,

in a psychiatric hospital I used to work in (not the one I currently work in) during my brief time there there were two different accusations of rape by staff members against patients […] Now I know someone is going to say that blah blah psychiatric patients blah blah doesn’t generalize to the general population, but the fact is that even if you accept that sorta-ableist dismissal, those patients were in hospital for three to seven days and then they went back out into regular society

Maybe, why not? The average price of a mobile plan is 144 monthly, so 1.7k yearly, so 3% of the median salary.

A mandatory four year period of large debt and fewer working hours is a serious cost on the median citizen and I’m skeptical this is actually conveyed in the inflation metric. Because you can’t just take “tuition increased by this amount”, you also have to measure the fact that it’s required for more workers who may otherwise have forgone it completely

That figure doesn’t account for the four year degree requirement, the grad school requirement for a lot positions, the debt of these two, or the requirement to have a smart phone and laptop, right?

The efficiency that matters is if a larger portion of the population has a higher quality of life to produce more, healthier children, and if they have the resources to educate their children well. The efficiency that doesn’t matter is if we have rung out the lifeforce of 80% of the population so that 1% of people can waste resources lavishly. Surplus resources going to Bezos and wealthy stockholders is much more inefficient than if it were spread to his workers and increased their quality of life.