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What you said makes sense in the scenario you created.

Thank you.

I read your article I enjoyed it.

Basically one is forced to face the truth when nothing else works, and too often, they would gladly deny it until such a moment occurs

Noted. I am guessing this is the equivalent of we like your ideas, but change your style as it's gonna get aggressively negative feedback.

In their individual lives yes, to pass judgement onto others outside their direct experience no.

And innocent until proven guilty matters to make sure you do not get the wrong guy based on your opinions.

Noted. Thank you!

Yes, thank you!

I am doing well, I created a simplified life guide today for people who have trouble deciding what to prioritize first.

I am going to give very controversial opinions now. Tighten seatbelts:

  1. The modern day social system allows women to be both too young to be responsibly in sexual relationships with older men till the age of 25 ( Leonardo di Caprio is blamed for ditching his 25 year old girlfriends even though he has been doing it often enough it's not even a surprise anymore. Zero expectation from people that the gf also chose to be with him knowing his history.)while also at the same time constantly claiming sexual maturity to make her own decisions when it suits her. So now as an adult male you start off with don't have sex with anyone younger than 18, but then the rules start changing to any woman younger than 25 is too young if you are an old man it's always going to be the equivalent of grooming, along with the fact that depending on who you are talking to at the moment the rule is being arbitrarily changed.

  2. This shift in the social contract multiple times within a person's life makes them more likely to not even take previous social contracts seriously. The thought process can be they already keep trying to raise the social age of consent every year, maybe they were bullshitting about below 18 being too young as well. So now we have two groups of people trying to tear apart the sexual consent and individual responsibility social contract in opposite directions.

  3. Based on this years data, it turns out that it is almost impossible to stop Gay men from having sex. Taking into account the sexual assault accusation and jailing rates for Trans women, it also appears that transwomen have an equal or even higher libido than gay men along with a far higher ratio of criminal records relating to sexual crimes. Within LGBT communities there also seems to be an unspoken rule about how they are far more loose with what the age of consent is supposed to be. All of these statements are based on my limited knowledge of the LGBT community over the years. I started out as a genuine ally by the way.

  4. Trans people are the more extreme elements of the LGBT community which is already more loose with their rules and attitudes regarding the age of consent when compared to hetero groups. ( Supposedly). So it comes as little surprise that a noticeable segment of the trans community has no problem with sexualizing minors.

  5. There is an additional element of transgerderism actually initially being about mental illnesses, along with the fact that transgender groups have a comparatively very high number of autistic people. Autistic people as per my knowledge are already pretty disconnected from general social norms, on top of that now they are going through additional mental health issues relating to gender identity, meanwhile having the libido of at the very least the average individual of their biological gender, while at the same time being at the bottom of the barrel in terms of who is willing to have sex with them. At the end of the day all these factors taken together should come as no surprise that a segment of trans women would be more than willing to get sex wherever they can and however they can irrespective of general legal and social norms of society around them.

In conclusion - Hide yo kids from the aunt with a dick unless you can at a very personal level 100% vouch for them.

I mean it's been more than a century and men are still trying to figure out whether it was a good idea to let women out of the kitchen. So the roots are definitely deep. Almost no culture in the world is considered sociologically matriarchal, so in majority cases the men are the decision makers so again that would bias the world view towards men as agents and women as inherently unagentic.

However there is another alternative system that does arise in certain cultural time periods. Generally during the warrior class in high levels of activity time periods. Such that often the men would go to war and the women would be the home care takers along with handling finances and the family business or their family part of the feudal estate. In these instances women are decision makers and are well versed in financial matters.

It is my belief that if industrialization had not taken place, then this would likely have been the final outcome of gender roles. A woman respected within her own sphere of influence as a well educated and skilled person but still within a societal expectation of her area of expertise being a woman's role.

So it would be akin to all men being soldiers, and all women being real estate agents as a firm rule or something along those lines separating certain skilled jobs as for women, and others for men, both being respected.

A man is not guilty without proof. Doesn't matter if the whole world thinks he cheated if he is on camera showing that he is playing a fair game.

There are only two theories left, anal vibrating beads, or previously knowing the prep game. Anal beads is almost certainly not the case. Previously knowing the prep game has a small chance but it would only be the case if someone from Magnus inner circle gave up the goods beforehand. If no mole is found in Magnus circle then we can assume that no cheating took place.

True true, I am just saying it is not the only meaningful variable.

then I would argue that we should accept both black elves and skinny women in our lives.

no but nobody can spend their whole lives with their thoughts and opinions about someone desynched from how they treat them there will be leaks.

I mean being a genius isn't even all that great. Being smart does not guarantee social success, nor does it guarantee the best income. If you wanted to be rich you would be a businessman. If you wanted to maximize reproductive success you would keep working out. I think one of the primary issues is that on the functional society level we fail to realize that there are multiple solutions and values beyond intelligence. I am pretty sure I can make myself sound smarter than almost everyone I know, but my reproductive success is the lowest nonetheless. You gotta accept the markers then look at where you are deficient and what to do about it.

Of yeah I am a firm believer of human biodiversity.

The thing is that society is fully functional only at the level where it has evened out its diversity levels. We managed to do that at the national level then it stopped. One day we achieve enough intermixing at the continental level and it no longer matters again.

The group expands either by further intermixing of larger and larger groups or in a competitive state some groups simply dying out over time.

Believing this leads you to a lot of inferences/conclusions that are very controversial to say out loud in polite society.

It's only controversial as long as people do not understand that working out will make anybody seem more attractive and attractive people have the highest reproductive success rate.

Could you tell me what is HBD?

Thank you for the encouragement.

Mocking the mentally ill or looking down on everyone around you.

more than 10%. I assume if you have more than 10% sociopaths in your society then its likely gonna collapse.

I thought I did. My bad.

I may have come from means I come from. I believe that's a colloquial phrase?

I did familiarize myself with them, do you expect a baby to walk perfectly with its first step because you showed it a diagram and gif of how to walk?

last line acknowledged.

I would not be surprised if there was a noticeable minority that unironically like the main character in American Psycho. As I understand it the actor who plays the titular character had to go on camera to explain to the people that you aren't supposed to root for the main character. Add in the fact that the main character does reflect a form of masculinity that from his own point of view makes him a tough person, and one can see where the fans who like him genuinely come from.

I have met people in real life who would admit they thought the character of the main psycho was a horrible guy but also a chad.

Could you explain please, I do not understand.

Why? It was an effortpost on rdrama, why can I not reuse the effortpost?

I am not a troll. What would assure you of the same?