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Intel Pentium III 450 / Nvidia Riva TNT2 Ultra / Corsair 128MB PC133 / ABIT BH6

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Intel Pentium III 450 / Nvidia Riva TNT2 Ultra / Corsair 128MB PC133 / ABIT BH6

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User ID: 407

There are women out there, credentialed academics, holding positions of power, that hate my group so much they celebrate its ultimate demise.

If it makes you feel any better, these women, and women as a group, are being absolutely bodied on all fronts by men in dresses.

My backyard is the family gun range.

You posted this excerpt:

Other online posts of hers furthered the prosecution’s case. Days before the attack, she posted on her social media about her and Ethan’s trip to the gun range and his new SIG Sauer 9mm firearm.

Under which you said:

This does not paint a picture of good parenting.

Another poster addressed that looking at bullets in class isn’t unreasonable nor does it suggest bad parenting, to which you qualified it as a “highly inappropriate” time and place, if not unreasonable.

I am asking a similar question pointed at by the other poster, about an imminently reasonable time and place - the gun range outing documented in your quoted section showing what you suggest(?) to be bad parenting.

Do you believe taking your children to the gun range to target practice is unreasonable or bad parenting?

I’m driving 5-7 hours across however many state lines to do the same. Skipping my check-in with my parole officer for this. For me, just my regular aviators and a revolver in case things get dicey. White sheets seem to be for recording equipment. Just take it in and keep an eye on traffic and erratic behavior (both others and yourself). Stay safe.

Is Tesla’s corporate strategy now, in part, to get ahead of the West canceling the “ban all the good cars by 203x” initiatives? Does it look like that will happen?

No need; rDrama is gentrifying this neighborhood as we speak. Enjoy your cultural enrichment.

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This is racism. Reported.

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Least closeted rDrama user.

You really haven’t pooed until you’ve pooed with friends.

Everyone you’re talking to here is already on rDrama.

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Hard to compete with other seeders, if I could upload a FLAC of some new release and seed it would grant me many more MP3 rips. Maybe I should finally invest in a proper seedbox.

Amazing write-up. I’m collecting FLAC, but sometimes wonder if it is worth it (especially on private trackers where it might count excessively against an upload ratio).

I’m interested in hearing more about remasters. The only time I would probably encounter this would be on Redacted.ch - I only know what is available and seldom hunt down specific editions unless there are bonus tracks etc.

As far as my setup goes, it’s been random budget audiophile picks in 2.1 setup doubling as a home theater. I probably would not go above $500 in any situation, I just haven’t heard good enough speakers to justify the spend.

But what does /u/Rov_Scam think?

Q- should I bother with FLAC

Ersu for the ladies’ locker-rooms.

S&W 686-6 6” 6-shooter.


And what if the person likes to feel sad, if they don’t want any help? Should we force them?

Yes, absolutely! https://youtube.com/watch?v=zQGN0UwuJxw&t=412

Job market is bad right now especially for devs. Line something up now before you jump ship.

Can you please find that post? It might be a key culture war corpus artifact.

On the other hand, some of us grew up with shitty OEMs (eMachine…) and needed to learn to solder to keep the thing running.

This is what you get for updating your system. I never patch my gear.

I overheard someone whispering in the men’s room stall next to mine that of the various posited factors that explain the sentiment vs CPI gap, the strongest was the cost of borrowing for the consumer, especially as it relates to housing. Maybe interest rate is the missing piece.

Wow, and here I thought that Yakuza 0 plotline was contrived.