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In tech, staying at a job for more than 3 years is seen as coasting. Devs are increasingly expected to do everything, because 'everyone should be full stack' and everything that isn't feature development (testing, staging, canaries) get deprioritized. Overworked novices means carelessness, carelessness creates mistakes.

This may be true amongst the Dev Set, but it's very much not once you get outside of that small corner of 'tech' and into the infrastructure side of things. While there are plenty of greenhorns puttering around, there are also the true gray beards who have been in the same position for decades and know literally everything about the systems they administer (and design and build).

I'm a network engineer and there are enough grizzled old men on my team that our collective experience no doubt stretches into the centuries, and several of these guys have gotten a big chunk of it at this one place. We just had a guy retire last year who started in the late 70s...

They starved MAGA candidates of support in the midterms

One of the big reasons Vance won his Senate seat at all was because McConnell drowned Ohio in NRSC money.

You're stuck in the same oppressor-oppressed mental dynamic the Left has. Trump is the GOP right now. All of the party establishment positions are filled with his people. Pretty much everyone who ever opposed him speaks glowingly of him at the Convention (or they've left the party).

Stop playing the victim.

Hunter has another trial coming up.

And universal sufferage only 100 years old.

Suffrage without respect to class is significantly older in this country and glimmers of it date back through initial settlement.

Trump would have been safely defeated and probably too old and beleaguered to run again

And imprisoned. I think, if Trump loses, there's a very high chance he's found guilty in the Smith case and he goes to prison. That hanging over his head is probably a big reason he's so willing to listen to campaign advisors on so many things.

This is a little more exhortative than analysis or discussion.

Is this place supposed to be a recruiting ground for 'wy' Nats?

Aletheia also just means 'truth'.

People have been doing translation and Biblical criticism for some time now.

By the way, the "truth" Jesus claimed to be was not material factuality, but aletheia -- literally non-concealment and non-forgetting (or, to put it positively, revelation and remembrance). This is the Greek word that is translated as "truth" in Homer, Aristotle, the New Testament, etc. In Greek, aletheia is typically not a property of sentences, but a property of the way someone communicates with another person on a given occasion. The modern English equivalent would be something like, "being straight with someone". For example, when Bill Clinton said, "I did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinski", his statement was materially factual, but he was not speaking with aletheia, because he was either concealing something or forgetting something (almost certainly concealing something).

The English word for this is 'honesty'.

Both the majority and the dissent write about the history from the perspective that the 16th amendment redefined income taxes as indirect, not that it made a specific type of direct tax legal. This seems silly to me.

It's apparently a popular opinion in legal circles these days that Pollock v Farmer's, the decision that necessitated the 16th amendment to legalize income taxes, was a terrible decision and that income taxes were always indirect taxes. This bit is, I think, a snipe in that direction, included because the 16th amendment means the Court will never get the chance to overrule Pollock itself.

I have never understood the hate, but it's a moot point now.

It started as that, but the New Left was captured by the managerial state in the process of capturing it and now they're its biggest beneficiaries. That whole thing about the hippies cutting their hair and getting jobs and becoming yuppies.

This kind of professionalization is older than the New Left, although they're certainly beneficiaries of it.

Your burner phones also uniquely identify you. If two phones are in the same location (or connected to the same wifi networks) for extended periods of time, the borg can link them together as belonging to the same person pretty easily. These burners are probably a waste of money unless you are literally throwing them on a train after buying them and using them once.

I can say with some definitude that your phone's individual identifiers are trivially available to anyone who cares to know. So, triangulating you based on using multiple burner phones in close sequence is easier, not harder, than using one phone in sequence across a few discrete locations and then using a different one.

Maybe, maybe not.

How much of the law you practice is judge made, versus prosecutor made?

He's not a journalist, never went to journalism school, never (except for the 4 hours when it looked like he'd write columns for NYT) worked for a newspaper

I hate living in a world where these two things are qualifiers for being a 'journalist'. Journalism is something you do and journalists are the people who do it, no more, no less.

"Inventing new legal theories" is an inherent part of the common law system.

All of the laws Trump is being prosecuted under are codified statute, ie. not common law in the strictest sense.

All of that was still considered corruption back then, and was occasionally punished.

Now it's considered normal.

It's both, plus state money. Plus, the big foundations that finance a lot of this receive favorable tax treatment to pretend to be charities.

So fleeing El Salvador because random gangs try to murder people every day because they're not wearing the right tattoos is outside of the definition of asylum.

This was changed by the Biden administration several years ago.

A parasitical relationships between the producers of wealth, the managers and the oppressed/activist class, who can rearrange the chairs to receive more money, prestige and wealth.

American society used to have a much larger distaste for money being wasted in this kind of corrupt way. However, as taxes increased and government grew, the focus on economy fell by the wayside and it became a lot easier for these sorts of cash flows to just disappear in the torrent of Federal spending.

But they still have a clear path to a much larger GDP just by integrating rural peasants into the larger economy.

The rural population is aging faster than the urban population, is dramatically less well educated, and wages in urban China are rising too quickly to try a repeat of the world's cheapest workshop plan that worked in the 1990s.

There is still some steam left in that boiler, but not incredibly much and, once it's gone, it's gone.

Mainland China (and Taiwan for that matter) is going to be an extremely different place in 50 years. The demographic graying the mainland is going to go through is going to hit their economy like a flood of molasses and the 2070s are going to be exactly when they're in the thick of it.

The PRC essentially has until the 2040s to get something off against Taiwan, afterwards they will be struggling against the worst dependency ratio in world history. They have a good window between about now and 2035 when the American naval procurement cycle is at a nadir and they continue to grow competitive on hardware.

If nothing happens by 2035, nothing is likely to happen ever.

I'm just not crazy about it becoming a regular thing. If Tucker becomes an important part of the frame everything gets discussed in this thread, this place is going to go down hill, fast.

Or you could just make your own themed thread for talking about Tucker. Meanwhile, I'm 'going to post things' I'm thinking

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I can kind of see it. The Federal government in 1860 more than 10x'd itself in just a few years, going from spending $80 million a year in 1860 to spending $1.3 billion in 1865. Over the course of doing that it organized and prosecuted a Continental war against a peer competitor, successfully. Starting from almost nothing in terms of the scale of its military.

Could you see the US government of today suddenly spending $30-40 trillion and getting anything comparatively useful done? That's 'jumpstart space colonization' money and I'm skeptical we'd get 'Moon Dust for All' once all was said and done.