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I can see it. Controlling people's ideas and behavior outside of voting with propaganda and norms already does waaay more than a forceful system focused on elections could ever hope to achieve, and I don't think I've heard of one place which successfully got rid of the secret ballot.

With 2 ballots I, the coercer simply make you take a picture of both filled out. I suppose making ballots free to print as many as you like and having a secret keyphrase which must be on 'real' ballots cast could help, but if the phrase is compromised, or the fake phrases you put on your coerced ballots don't match up, I will realisze your trick and punish you.

Best solution I can think of is mail a secured tablet to each voter, which is covered in cameras and records the voting session, only allowing those votes not recorded or with witnesses. This can still be bypassed by hidden cameras, as can normal voting, and is expensive.

With how important secret ballots seem to be to government, I'm surprised they aren't used in industry. I believe most if not all shareholder voting is public. I wonder if the secret ballot is more to legitimize elections and make the governed more compliant than it is to ensure a vital process. That would explain the posturing, but lack of real security measures.

I wonder how much of the difference between the two comes down to consistency of the stimulus. I just saw an episode of azumanga dioh and found it healing, but if I had a constant happy voice in my ear, perhaps I would find it too much, as people who constantly drink soda or take drugs find themselves dissapointed with life once their hedonic treadmill 'speeds up' in response.

Personally, I'm in my early 20s and would love to hear your advice. I had a crisis and dropped out of college senior year, but instead of using supernormal stimuli, tried to punish my 'bad' self by rejecting media and pleasure, and ended up just wallowing in pain under the covers with occasional food, internet browsing, or masturbation binges. I think what really brought me out of it was reading a terry pratchet novel and laughing for the first time in a while. When I was younger always having a comedy or fantasy novel was immensely helpful in dealing with the pressures of school. Personally, I'm taking classes again vaguely connected to what I actually care about, though eithout a clear path, and trying to make friends irl, but I still have days I hide from everything. Any little bit you can give helps!

I seem to recall that history's greatest minds in science, math, and philosophy generally were friends with each other, rather than having 'work only' relationships. There's a reason businesses and the military are so intent on team building and getting their people to share pleasures: it likely increases comfort and enjoyment of working together. It would seem to me that the best way would be to combine the socializing and the work groups, and enjoy pleasures together after completing hard parts of the objective together. This creates a barrier of the work to those who only want to share pleasures, but increases motivation and increases confidence in each other in the workgroup.

It sounds like this problem was inevitable since slatestarcodex comments are made for personal ego reasons, and not to build an actual work or project. That being the case, some Lady going 'ooooh how interesting' is going to make the experience even better for nerds wanting an ego boost. Solution: write a psych paper or book together and gangbang aella after you finish each chapter. Tldr;get into normies : D

'Deserve' is a signalling strategy rather than a statement about the form of the good. Same with 'rights'- people who say they have a right to something aren't saying they have any proof of some god guaranteeing it or whatever, they're claiming you'll get strong groups fighting you to get them that thing.

People who steal from their employers and have society's support 'deserve' what they take. People who work hard and are killed, but who have no support from society 'deserve' their own fate, since the power distribution of society gives them that.

I wonder if you should use 'they cause a shit economy' instead of 'deserve' since you're not rallying a base to take their economy from them. To some degree, however, there will always be a part of us which believes the connotations, and maybe we should keep the manipulative terms in our mind for our own psychological benefit, and accept the innacurate model of reality. Personally, even though I understand good is subjective, I can only make decisions in terms of 'x good' 'y bad.'

I'd argue this is due to the more intelligent understanding more complex phenomena. We can understand the mental processes of those below us, but not those above, leading to an inability to evaluate it- and a very good reason not to dismiss those we don't understand.(god I hate people who 'cringe' like beaten dogs)

I don't think this is too much of an issue since the smart can always talk down to us, just as we can train dogs or remote control bugs, and we have very little to offer the super smart with our posts. This does become concerning when we want to hire smart people but they should be able to find us if we prove they will benefit from doing so.

The strategy I suggest is to broadcast your most useful high level ideas where they are useful, and like a dogwhistle, you will summon those at your level or perhaps above. This is easier said than done of course.

"The medium is the message." I think they'll go for places they can achieve their goals most effectively, and cultivate relationships to get things done with others. That makes me think email or private Discord/Element/Telegram/Signal groups with measurable objectives, or just direct messages to their contacts. It's my understanding Newton, Napoleon et all basically used letters and personal meetings rather than hanging out in public places.

2 factors I think explain this: lower readership, and failure to improve users lives. Smart people are going to learn more quickly where their efforts are wasted, and they probably moved on, since I haven't heard of anyone or any movements becoming successful out of his teachings.

I enjoyed what I read, and I think they made me a more rounded out person, but they clarify high level trivia like 'why is advertising that way' rather than building a fundamental skillset (eg. A class on marketing) or worldview (eg. Economics or communist texts), which let's people actually get things done IMO.