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And they are crossing 10 kids per household in many cases, it is likely that just by sheer volume there is going to be enough castoffs to fill volume. It is going to be similar volumes for the mennonite population.

I think this post relies too much on a definition of Republican and Democrat that do not mirror one another and change depending on which paragraph they appear in.

The Democrat party has a long bench only if you count people who aren't traditional Democrat party people, as it concerns people who are the same sort of people as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton, everyone is of a similar age. The Republican party bench is just as long with Trump weirdos and freedom caucus guys if not longer, but the establishment pick for the 2024 election is Nikki Haley who lost the election before the first debate.

The disease that is killing the republican party is just as present in the democrat party if not more so, they've just had their TEA party moment in team red already so that machine has already been dead since Obama.

So what will the Republican Party look like come 2030, barring the actions of the other side? Every institution and think tank is entirely in flux at the moment and it is going to come down to who can exhibit real power next year and specially in 2026 and 2028. What is likely going to happen is that Rand Paul continues to rise to where he is one of the most prominent politicians in the party establishment just from seniority, which is going to be a bit wild to think about.

As it concerns the future of the Red Tribe intellectual, the Ivy Leagues got their start as seminaries and future red tribe elites are probably going to have a lot more MDivs and DDivs, less PhDs and JDs. There are a lot of new players like American Reformer and First Things on team red that are explicitly religious and I expect that trend to continue as who they represent rise in power on the right, while a lot of existing journals veer smart-religious or die. This is generally because those sectors that support these publications and produce those intellectuals have children and cause drastic worldview conversions in other people as a regular part of life. They can also get these intellectuals a job fairly easily as there are deep and growing shortages for well paying positions based around conservative outreach. The Hasidic Jews also have high TFRs and inevitably are going to show up to the future as well, and are naturally going to be in the red tribe.

This will also be a regression to the mean as it concerns American politics, and if the seculars are going to want to keep their happy tribe they are going to have to fight for it.

Rhetoric around the SCOTUS is turning into a particular flashpoint in recent times as well, particularly because of Rightist failings in the Executive and Legislative branch even when they win those branches. The Legislative has failure to repeal Obamacare, and to be frank the failure to do much more than obstruct; The Executive has the whole deep state thing, brought into sharp contrast with the Trump administration. Now we are seeing consent being manufactured to reach into the Judicial branch as it falls into hard Originalist control for the first time, as mentioned, since the '20s. If the SCOTUS returns to penumbras and emanations through less than clean means the right very much will feel locked out of the Federal government entirely, when they very much shouldn't be.

the nature of the Puritans' society.

That damned nonconformist John Locke was a real anti-liberal, you know.

Iโ€™d think the adults in the room like Blinken get this. And itโ€™s a stunt. Because the alternative canโ€™t happen.

Where do you put the odds on it happening without their say so?

To make no sense! I presume you meant "to be straight to be afflicted".

His question was how many people go to conversion therapy go there with the intent of relieving themselves of homosexual attractions so they can live their preferred lives.

It is a bit of a tautology.

If it were quietly melted down and not bandied about as some great victory over the outgroup I'd care less, but the most publicized images of this event have the face of Lee carefully removed and cuts ritualistically made into it leaving just enough for the face to remain intact(Fig. 1). Who ever did that had the intent of a humiliation ritual, no matter the intent of anyone else involved, and it has been signal boosted to the moon and back.

I'm not ever really happy when I have to admit that neo-confederates were right about anything, and would like to avoid it in the future.


Can someone explain to me why teabagging this particular outgroup is a bad thing? Drop the moral relativism: some cultures/societies are so execrable that symbolically "teabagging" them is great. The Confederacy/Antebellum south is one of these---one of the worst cases of hereditarian, anti-egalitarian nonsense in modern-ish history.

Because many of us have found the hard way that the outgroup being teabagged by this is marked not by neoconfederatism but rather people who speak a bit slower than those on TV. Why do you suppose that so many people learn to disguise their natural southern accent at work? Hell, speaking with a country new england accent got me many of the same accusations.

What are your purposes for being disagreeable and why does it turn people off?

You can have your first instinct to every question be to answer "no" and still not be a dick, what it took for me is to approach the conversation differently.

So just equal protection cases or is there some specific policy win you'd like to call out?

The creators I watch are generally demonetized anyway, so google just makes money off of their work without compensating them.

At the end of the day, I have to ask why Musk was able to make loads of money off of Paypal, then Tesla, then Space X when these were all industries with established and extremely smart players and he went from the bottom of those barrels.

Might be a fun graph to see where those donations go.

Someone must like him, he got elected speaker.

So a 2003 op-ed is the most recent example of his support for such?

A wonder what I can do with similar opinion pieces written by prominent democrats,

What Christian fundamentalist policy preferences have you seen happen recently? Certainly abortion isn't a christian fundamentalist exclusive issue, especially not when some states are as loose as they are with the cutoffs for it.

Have you seen other preferences happen?

I am once more struck by how cookie cutter spree killings have become in the US. You'd think we'd see more truck rentals after the Islamic extremist killings using them but I suppose that doesn't get you time magazine covers and your face shoved in mine like this guy has been.

It would be based off of PM counts at the stack no? What do you think it should be, PM2.5?

If you think they were meaningfully similar to the modern white nationalists, they were also commies and ancaps and monarchists all at the same time.

But generally if you talk to them, they do reason through things similar to the worst sorts of leftists. I generally get bored with them and start using the arguments I learned here to argue for them.

The area is geographically important and israel has made it clear that they will seek to expand their borders to the point where they have days warning of an invasion rather than hours if support is withdrawn. The US likes the Suez canal being open and sees it as one of our great international missions.

Look- I wasn't expecting my post to be accepted with applause and universal agreement, but my thought out, nuanced, cited post gets 4 upvotes, while apologia for sexually harassing women (that dismisses out of hand what I wrote) gets 30+?

Yeah and it kinda sucks that he got 30 upvotes.

But I don't believe you don't care about only getting 4, because at the end of the day you aren't downvoted into the ground like with other echochambers.

The best achievement you can get in a place where there are serious debates happening is to go against the groupthink and come out on top, which you've done.

Jfc conventional BBSs like system remains superior to reddits.

There is innately a hierarchy of moral obligation, as expressed by your son being worth more to you than a generic person on the moon.

The pre-48 era of cars is also an era where you are pretty much doing bespoke parts and full custom builds, which hurts the wallet even more than when it spawned tuner culture.

I expect that the reprogrammed and custom ECUs that define tuners are going to have a lot more legs than you express in this post as well, particularly as modern cars get scrapped due to obscure and poorly designed CANBUS problems at higher rates.

Kustom Kulture and the "live fast, die young" mindset is also to a degree what the streetrods you visited very much were created to exclude, as expressed by an attempt to family friendly. I don't think that the aging demographic there is going to much speak to that subculture. They might more be associated with motorcycles now tho. Car meets are still fairly regular in most of the country, facilitated by social media, and I know of some deeper levels where street racing is organized.

And people are murdered every day.

How does that affect the legality of murder?

A lot of this post seems to be riding on Brand and the specifics of this case rather than a more general talk about the issue.

In service of this here is an archived link