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Sounded rather supersonic to be an air rifle.

If she married an American citizen she should be fine. Deportation is not a revokation of citizenship.

You should probably have known this already and you should become educated on the subject to correct that immorality.

I suppose I live in a high trust part of the US then because aggressive panhandling generally got a stern talk as well.

But nowadays, bring back 2016 Jeb! and he would wipe the floor with either of the candidates as they presently stand.

Only if he had a different last name

Mastectomies probably don't need a subjective standard.

I'd say it is a bit more conscious and deliberate than the term "vibe shift" lets on.

I'd also blame the aftershocks of Covid both exposing people to the excesses of people who they thought were their peers and putting them shoulder to shoulder with people they hadn't met before. A lot of new institutions like American Reformer and New Discourses sprung up that have only recently matured enough to make real waves and the process will only continue.

The trend that is more concerning is the coring out of those in-between. It is becoming far less allowed to be a disaffected moderate than has been for a century.

They aren't legal? Generally punt guns were black powder muzzle loaders.


So correct me if I am wrong, but this is suppose to induce a miscarriage at home and the woman is supposed to deal with the remains herself?

Mail-order abortificants seem like something that is going to blow up in proponents faces.

There was a 2008 study that shoved a bunch of stuff under an EMP simulator.

The only things that were majorly subsceptible were power grid electronics and SCADA control systems, which are major things but far from "lol my gunsight just turns off forever".

It takes a bit of finangling with combining multiple reports to get that conclusion tho. It depends a lot on just how much energy is in the air.

The united States has such deed restrictions as well, and changes require historical society approval.

This sucks when there is a roof leak, and directly contributes to why historical buildings rot away.

And that is his point isn't it? The place shuts down.

You report anyone who expresses a left-wing opinion you disagree with.

Reports arent anonymous?

So the idea is that the powers behind the throne use woke discourse to provide circuses to prevent an actual threat to their dominance of American life?

All reports are that the intel agencies aren't insulated from woke discourse and the culture war, so it doesn't particularly work that they float it to protect themselves from attack.

... When has that ever worked like that?

Getting that off my chest, of course the heads of industry "lean right." They "lean right" everywhere. What pro-union socialist heads of industry can you name?

What does that have to do with anything? Coal unions aren't blue tribe and unions are only becoming more decoupled from the Democratic party.

Illegal Migrants certainly don't have union cards either. So I don't get why those structures have to do with the conversation.

Honestly, trying to do away with simplistic political memology, what do you think California is? Some Communist monolith? The is the state of Nixon and Reagan, "right to work" laws, and prop 13. There's millions of people of every political stripe.

California is one of the most leftist states in the union. It is the example of a leftist state, with a triple branch control for the left party.

If you don't mind the indulgence: Was Stalin a fascist or a communist?

California is red tribe? Migrant workers aren't picking field corn in the midwest, they are only needed for certain crops.

If i might be a bit crass, paraphrasing the same objection over and over doesn't win an argument.

The reason why cannabis legalization worked is that there are only 10.1k DEA employees and they entirely rely on state and local government to be their enforcers, so states could withdraw that support and they'd not be able to fill the void.

The FBI only has 35k employees, not just special agents, and is in a similar situation with a wider breadth of requirements.

It is why nullification has always worked in the US.

Bird flu remains mostly a threat for chicken flocks, birds are very different from mammals and don't have as good a history of mutation to affect humans like pigs do.

There is also a variant of Ebola in swine that is hypothesized to have an airborne transmission, which is fun.

It is still mostly about food prices tho.

... Who are you arguing with?

Visa and MasterCard see pornography as high risk because they get a lot of chargebacks, so they charge adult services producers a much higher rate for payment processing.

Movement to the high risk list has certainly been used politically in the past, but this is pretty standard.

Material wealth can be positive sum because we can add to it in discrete components.

Social status is innately relative, and as a function of that is innately zero sum. The lower classes have more absolute wealth than they did in 1800, but they don't have more status.

Meanwhile the US has to fight a bunch of wars in the middle east and compete with China.

And Russia doesn't have the same issue? They are in the Syrian conflict and countless brushfire conflicts in africa on the GDP of Italy.

Add ocean fertilization

Ocean fertilization relies on capture in the shells of diatoms as carbonate, which is much more of a stretch than presented.

I mean the rebuttal I expect to see is to ask if those represent progress or a rebound to further-left than it was before.

Is being allowed to discuss freer-but-not-freely on some subreddits and X/twitter a win? Certainly it isn't the wild west I remember.

Your other examples are a change in vibes in some places, which I think is important but is far from an actual realization of a win.

I am not quite blackpilled, but I've not seen many wins for the Rand Paul clan of the red tribe and I don't see a path to get there.

Where would you go to find the sales number?

My baseline assumption is that whatever you choose to call this weird woke, centralized, authoritarian, elite/bureaucratic corporatist conglomerate, they want control. All of it. Over things that you would think have nothing to do with them. They want your wood ovens, your gas stoves, your gamer PCs, they really don't view anything as beyond their purview to "regulate" and make your life infinitely worse by slow degrees.

Something people have a hard time getting is that power only exists out of the ephemeral when it is expressed, particularly soft power but this also applies to hard power.

If you've ever lived under an authoritarian, you've experienced the arbitrary expression of power that happens just to prove that they can order you to mop the rain and you'd do it.

I'd never call it a conspiracy that people exercise power for the sake of exercising power, either to ensure it is still present or just to get their jollies.