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The below may be dated (my understand of this doesn’t really include the latest week)

  1. Wade isn’t a criminal law expert nor is he a staff attorney. The city is paying him as an “expert” to help with this case.

  2. Fani therefore is using the Trump case to funnel a lot of state money to her new boyfriend who in turn has taken Fani on lavish vacations. Fani has claimed without evidence she reimbursed Wade for these expenses.

Putting those together Fani is arguably using the Trump case to funnel state money to her new beau and herself.

Isn’t that person Kanye?

Edit Should’ve kept reading…others mentioned it and actually added context

Of course. I think the idea is a 30 year old would be less likely to drink and drive (who knows if true)

This in a way reminds me of Bastiat’s claim against statists. He said something to the effect if we object to the public funding of education the statist believes we object to education.

It seems to me there is a very big difference between a public institution endorsing controversial things for kids and calls to deplatform (eg remove from Twitter or prevent someone from speaking at a university).

I can be for the freedom to engage in consensual sex for money. I can at the same time believe that institutions can try to discourage prostitution. Similarly I can be against kids having sex and making that illegal without there being a contradiction.

The American reality is different than the European reality in that many places in the US you are easily mixing drinking with driving. Places like NYC are more relaxed since a 20 year old isn’t driving anywhere.

You are required to do X. X costs a lot of money. The government will provide free X and will generally make it the easy default.

What percentage of people choose not government X?

Perpetual youthfulness is highly valued in the US. Actual youth are a reminder of how us olds fall short. Envy is therefore a simple answer.

Ehh I haven’t murdered, raped, assaulted, or materially injured someone. Hell, I haven’t even done boring things like steal with mens rea (I almost certainly have accidentally taken things that aren’t mine).

Am I perfect? No. I’ve done some bad things. But I’m quite sure that this is not a “there but for the Grace of God goes me” situation.

With all of that said, what do you think is the proper role of the state?

CS Lewis wrote a great article about penalties. This was his general take. The only morally appropriate theory of punishment is just desserts. Any deterrence (or incapacitation) is a nice cherry on top.

Yeah — something like that or certain political leaders too dangerous to leave alive (eg I would’ve executed Hitler in short order)

Enter VBM and activists getting illegals to sign things they don’t understand because the activist is…otherwise helpful

  1. Places are moving to allow illegals.

  2. You can’t ask for pretty much any info. It would be relatively easy for illegals to vote.

  3. Illegals kids will vote.

Yes, if you are Biden you take the L here to avoid a massive L. You already imported a massive voting bloc. No need to run it up prior to 2024

I’ve long maintained there is no J6 if the people’s house was open to the people. Sure, they get loud in the rafters. But that’s basically it.

  1. What concerns me about the death penalty is the finality of it all. What if you made a mistake and new evidence comes to light?

  2. Given that, I’m not a big fan of rushing execution.

No the democrats are not the government. Biden is the executive. He is arguably (weasel word) failing his oath of office.

Inaction is almost certainly not justiciable but there is a real political argument that Biden’s policy is ultra vires and therefore not an action by the government.

And honestly it doesn’t matter — the imported voter base already happened.

But then why was Biden even fighting in the first place? Don’t litigate currently. If Abbot was just trying to set up what you believe is a political stunt to make it clear Biden is pro illegal immigration, then didn’t Biden fall right into it?

Why do you want machine politics to have more influence?

Yes, gerrymandering impacts races. But so do machine politics (and fraud). By making elections district level you limit the impact of machine politics and fraud. In addition, you change the nature of the presidential elections. Texas is now ripe for democrats to campaign in. Ditto California.

But this does it in a way that doesn’t create real incentive to cheat and still maintains some geographic overbalance for small states.

Or because they understood it would lead to a host of things people don’t really want even if at a basic level they say “equality before the law.”

Why not mandatory requirement for the most senior jurist. Otherwise you end up in a situation where a first term president gets to remove his worst impediment on the bench and replace him or her with a toady. That removes independence of the court. But if you make it most senior the odds of removing the biggest impediment is 1/9.

More importantly it kills the ability to trade. You want X; I want Y. I prefer X to not Y and you prefer Y to not X.

So we agree to X and Y. But now the governor can strike X and keep Y. Outside of comity, why would you support X to override the veto?

Given that I can’t count on you to override the veto, I’m never going to give you Y in the first place.

I like the EC but prefer the Maine approach (ie overall winner gets the two votes; rest is district by district)

You’d probably need an effective date say ten years in the future to get support of current older politicians. Perhaps pair with a better pension for any politician that ages out under the amendment