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The Most Beautiful game: How Supreme Commander Stole My Heart

An intensive deep dive into what remain the Pinnacle of the real time strategy genre, and why I believe it might just be the greatest spectator game every created and most strategically interesting game that currently has an active community.

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Haha, brings back memories of the game's predecessor, Total Annihilation, which was my jam throughout middle school, and which contained what is still my favorite piece of video game music. (by Jeremy Soule, who went on to score Skyrim. Whole OST is a banger.)

Soule’s music really does feel alive in a way other music doesn’t. Another artist I recommend to his fans, an artist with simpler orchestration but a similar ear for the joy of a good melody, is Makkon. Although he was a brony musician of some reputation, he came to my attention through the Elder Scrolls fancomic Prequel, a prequel to the events of Oblivion.

I found the comic when I was in a dark, desperate place, and the music to one of Prequel’s minigames was Makkon’s One Cold Morning. The minigame’s framing narrative and the music together gave me back some of the confidence and hope my abusers had stolen from me.