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Hunter Biden is certainly not being prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The government had an open-and-shut tax evasion case against him and deliberately allowed the statute of limitations to expire. The government is making a minimal show of prosecuting the other chargers.

I think just agreeing to enhanced election security measures for future elections would have assuaged Trump's ego.

If you want to keep up the weights, buy a foldable bench. I have one by Flybird I picked up for $50 on Craigslist. Fits easily in a closet when not being used.

This is a decent program: https://old.reddit.com/r/Fitness/comments/2e79y4/dumbbell_ppl_proposed_alternative_to_dumbbell/

However, a few months off is not a big deal. Your strength and muscle will bounce back quickly. Maybe a good time to explore some other forms of exercise.

What's your living situation like? Buying a house ate up most of my money and also improved my life. It also opens a lot of opportunities to spend money on upgrades that you can't do in a rental.

Nice furniture is another option. My Aeron desk chair is a lot more comfortable than my cheap old one from Amazon. I love sitting in my Ekornes Stressless chair and reading. I sleep a lot better on an expensive king size mattress.

"Midwit" is exceedingly generous for the people piling on this specific Musk criticism. It takes about 2 minutes of internet research to check how much Wikimedia Foundation spending actually goes towards providing Wikipedia.

Would you apply that logic to Afghanistan refusing to extradite Osama bin Laden?

I don't think this is a desirable standard.

Imagine if a psychologist in the 1960s was disciplined for describing another psychologist who performed lobotomies as a "criminal."

Other takeaways are that contra claims that homeless populations are traveling to California for warm weather or social services, 90% of interviewed participants said they were from California (and 75% from the same county they were homeless in), and backed it up with various details about their hometowns and whatnot.

This does not appear to be true. Those numbers are not about where the respondents were "from" but instead where they were last housed, which could even have been preceded by other homeless stints. Elsewhere the report states 34% were born outside of California. I doubt 34% of the homeless in WV were born in other states.

On top of that, these numbers don't start with the problematic homeless population most people are interested in. If I am reading this right, 21% of them have cars.

The prior charges were politically motivated, but these charges are an attempt to openly criminalize dissent itself and hence an existential threat to our democracy.

At least one case was publicized: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10222207/Virginia-cop-fired-anonymously-donating-25-Kyle-Rittenhouse-fund-demands-job-back.html

The donation actually was supposed to be anonymous but the donor list was exposed by hackers and The Guardian ran an article about the donors.

People lost their jobs for donating to Kyle Rittenhouse's legal defense fund, so donating to the defense of actual white supremacists who are borderline neo-Nazis seems like a very risky proposition. Can't imagine a "right wing" NGO wanting to be associated with them either.

It takes a neutral civil rights intermediary like the ACLU of yore to handle stuff like this.

You should prepare answers to common interview questions.

I don't see how Tucker Carlson could have been fired over the Dominion Lawsuit because he wasn't the one pushing the allegedly defamatory allegations. They were mostly on Lou Dobbs and Maria Bartiromo's shows, and Bartiromo still has a job.

Spending more money on running shoes gets you more comfort and support, not durability. It may actually get you less durability because that support will generally wear out a lot faster than the soles. Still worth it to me but ymmv.

I would start with just finasteride, the sooner the better. It prevents the conversion of testosterone to DHT in your blood. The hairs on your head miniturize and eventually die in response to high levels of DHT. Once the follicles are too far gone, you can't bring them back. There are potential side effects, but they are almost always reversible if you stop taking it.

The reason to avoid other treatments like Minoxidil at first is to see if the finasteride is working. You may not need anything else if you respond well enough. On the other hand, if your hair continues to get worse on just finasteride it might take stronger anti-DHT medication such as dutasteride.

People who only use Minoxidil usually see a temporary improvement in hair thickness, but because it doesn't address the root cause of thinning they keep losing hair. Think of it as a multiplier for the number of living follicles left on your head.

Edit: Getting finasteride is very easy these days through online pharmacies, although you can probably get it cheaper if you go to an actual doctor. But you might have bad luck getting a doctor to prescribe it. Many don't think baldness is a serious problem so they think any chance of side effects is a reason to not prescribe.

The almost universal graduate textbook for microeconomic theory is Mas-Collel, Whinston, and Green. It is very comprehensive. Despite being a graduate textbook, you don't need any prior economic training to understand it. However, it is dry and abstract and not strong in developing motivation or economic intuition. Hal Varian's Intermediate Microeconomics is a good undergrad textbook that does those things better but is much less rigorous and does more handholding on the math. (Don't confuse this with Varian's more advanced "Microeconomic Analysis.") I would start with a quick read of Varian's Intermediate Micro and move on to MWG if you want more.

What sort of jobs are you looking at?

I would not want to be a police officer tried for misconduct before jury of that 21%.

Most BBQ joints offer collared greens as a side, which fits your criteria.

This becomes untrue if democracy is sufficiently local.

Most people, even YIMBYs, support the right of a community to impose some restrictions on activities with large externalities. Only the most extremist libertarians think anyone has the right to build a fish cannery or paper mill in a residential area.

supporting Serbia against NATO (as best Russia could at that point)

If the U.S. was not acting as a hegemon against Russia, NATO would not have been helping Albania annex part of Serbia in the first place. (Ironically, in pretty much the same way Russia is now trying to annex parts of Ukraine but with less historical justification.)

this is the regular reminder that the leaded US embassy phone call from Euromaidan was a discussion of who and how to approach for inclusion to a stable government after Yanukovych's offer

This is even worse than your eliding over the violence that forced Yanukovich to flee. It's obvious to anyone who reads the transcript that the U.S. was telling their Ukrainian puppets who to install after the coup.

The violence documented in the links I provided precedes the shooting and provides important context for why the "protesters" would be suppressed with live ammo.

We are citizens protesting. You are insurrectionists. They are rioting.

It's not up for debate whether the Maidan protesters were more armed and violent than the Capitol protesters. No one at the Capitol was throwing Molotov cocktails at police or throwing firebombs into the Capitol building.

That's an interesting claim, especially considering Yanukovich fled before he could be stripped of power by the legislature for supporting the live-firing on protestors, which is as antithetical to a coup as the meaningful definition of a coup can take it.

What happened in Ukraine is as if the January 6 protestors were much more numerous, armed, and violent; if the Capitol police decided to side with them instead of shooting Ashley Babbit; and if they successfully terrorized Congress into installing Trump while Biden fled.

When the democratically elected president is chased out of office by a violent mob of his political enemies, that is the central example of a coup.