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"Boyfriend back in their hometown" is a nonsensical category anyway. He's not your boyfriend, because in a practical sense you aren't together. If you actually had a boyfriend, you wouldn't be attending parties without him.

"men I don't already know aren't allowed to speak to me"

It's just the usual shit. Women in general want fried ice (this is supposedly an old Arab proverb, although I have my doubts about that as they likely had no concept of ice.) They want to jettison the patriarchy because it's oppressive and whatnot while at the same time preserving aspects of it that benefit women. It doesn't work.

To be fair, the level of vandalism that characteried the end of the festival was extreme and out of the ordinary. Also, MTV was huge back then, so the event received enormous publicity from the beginning.

It's the usual stuff. Your parents assumed that it will, like, just happen.

Are these women incapable of picking (understandably less attractive) simp/soyboy/nerdy men (perjorative terms used to denote an archetype succinctly) who would be flattered by any female attention and very likely take it slowly with sex?

These women are very unlikely to put themselves in social situations where such a man takes the initiative, and they themselves obviously won't take the initiative with any man.

Unfortunately, the scarce historical record that is available about him suggests that he was simply a Jesuit novice from Abyssinia. Not exactly kickass category, I'd say.

the perceived nadir of the state of music back then

I suppose this means "completely commercialized pop music marketed to angry white guys".

Corporations are greedy and bad. The concert organizers didn't think through a lot of basic logistics and pretty much just sold tickets for attendance and not much else.

They also chose a venue (a defunct air force base) completely unsuited for such an event in the July heat (concrete surfaces everywhere and no shade anywhere, pretty much no foliage at all). Security was also wholly undermanned and undertrained.

I can see that you already received multiple responses, so I'm a bit surprised that nobody mentioned the legacy of the Nu metal genre as a factor. The view that it was all basically a directionless, destructive and embarassing outburst of American suburban middle-class White male rage an toxicity was probably a view shared by hardliner feminists from the beginning, but it wasn't adopted into mainstream culture roughly until 2021.

There's zero evidence that Yasuke was either a samurai or an assassin.

The normal sedan can accommodate two car seats at the back, but not three (I remember reading a surprisingly informative post about this whole issue on the old subreddit). Also, two double-bed rooms are no longer sufficient during a family vacation with three children instead of two. So I'd argue the big change is from two to three in terms of effect on the whole family.

I imagine that yes, the answer would be different.

It's actually worse than all that.

Due to demographic implosion, families and friends' circles are smaller, so your friends and their friends have fewer or no sisters, nieces, cousins and other friends to introduce to you even if they want to help you out. Also, boys who have no sisters and no female cousins will tend to develop dumbass ideas about girls because they don't see how they actually behave normally as humans. It also happens with the sexes reversed, I assume.

Widespread use of social media abetted the decline of nightclubs in general, which the COVID lockdowns also heavily contributed to.

Strict enforcement of the 21-year drinking age means that young people over 21 and those under 21 have basically no access to social venues where they can interact.

Atomized societies normalize heightened social mobility for young singles, which means you'll pretty much lose your entire social circle if you have to move to another town after graduation to get some job.

I was effectively shunned from an entire community and industry for the crime of politely asking a girl if she wanted to get coffee sometime and I'm still mad about it - anyone saying "just ask her bro, the worst she can say is no" is full of shit.

To be fair, it's not full of shit as long as there's no overlap between your social circle and hers.

And yet quite a few of them suggested that if a random guy started talking to them in an elevator, they would be weirded out.

Well, duh. If you ask them about a RANDOM GUY, of course they'll react like that, because they don't see 'random' guys as attractive.

You're both right. At the end, this is what all this eventually boils down to.

I'd argue your father, brothers and uncles are actually supposed to provide you with a safety net if you get into a bad situation with your fiancé/husband by giving him a severe beating.

Solution isn’t simple. Countries have tried economic incentives and mostly failed or slowed the decline.

So I've heard a sort of interesting argument regarding these incentives in general. What they are mostly designed to do anywhere they are enacted is convince couples in stable marriages with one child to have a second one. That's it. It's because it's the one incentive the majority of citizens are still willing to support, because just handing out wads of cash to women for birthing babies isn't politically acceptable anywhere. So of course they won't end up doing much, because the people they're meant to help are not the majority to begin with.

I guess in the end it all boils down to the simple advice that "you should have your first child while you're still young". You can imagine how popular that is among women anywhere.

You said it was a simple solution to just pay women to have kids.

I imagine there's actually no society anywhere that'd even want to do this. And for good reasons.

It wouldn't happen if the guaranteed subsidy to mothers was calculated according to their actual income before conception.

Indeed. You can't have one half of a child. If you have a child, it's at least one. (I'm so smart, right?) It's a relatively small change in the life of the mother only if she has 3 or more children already, assuming there are zero health complications, which is not realistic in many cases sadly.

Relative differences in TFR between different social groups matter a lot even in circumstances of demographic implosion. If, say, the Turkish minority in Germany has a TFR of 1.8 while that of legacy Germans (or whatever we call them) is 1.2, then, all else being equal, the number of the former will be decreasing at a pace 33% slower than that of the latter. (I guess I did the math right.) If, however, all else is not equal, which is probably the case indeed, and the Turkish minority is relatively younger on average, with a lower average age at motherhood, the difference may be 50%, 60% or more.

This is why irreversible demographic trends exist in modern Western societies. The bullet has been fired a long time ago and cannot be stopped, it's just that most people haven't realized it yet. (Yeah, I just stole that phrase from another commenter, sorry.)

It's like when Greta Thunberg appeared in the media.


B [Average normie NPC griller]: "But dude, wait, it says in this article here that some handler wrote the speech for her, it was all pre-planned, rehearsed beforehand..."


he strongly supported Ukraine in the current war and he participated in anti-government protests that were organized basically since Fico took power

There is supposedly even video evidence of this, courtesy of a local TV channel. I can't comment on this because I don't speak Slovak.

I sort of remember when the Berlin incident was discussed here. It seems that it was not going to be culture war fodder at all without the climate protestors added to the mix. I can imagine the local rightist opposition, to the meagre extent it even exists, would have still tried to turn it into a scandal, but which leftist is going to question the victim status of an almost murdered trucker who wanted to assist a female cyclist (so presumably a leftist voter/sympathizer) after accidentally running her over, warm feelings toward both the homeless and refugees notwithstanding?

To the extent that the flames of the culture war were being fanned in this case, I reckon 95% of it was due to the climate protestors doubling down in characteristic fashion, and explaining, with their usual mix of complete cynicism and complete idealism, that of course public protests entail negative consequences stemming from the disruption of traffic, dumbass!

Let's not get carried away.

  1. It was by no means extraordinary anywhere. It may seem extraordinary to many youngsters, I suppose, because they compare a world of fancy touchscreens of all sorts, social media, the laptop class lifestyle etc. to a world of stagnant socialism without any of those, and conclude that there must have been a huge improvement in the average quality of life, when in fact there was no such thing, and it's all just self-delusion driven mostly by Russophobia. I can very much assure you, for example, that there is no, and has never at any point been, consensus on this supposed extraordinary increase in Hungary.

  2. To the extent that there was tangible increase in prosperity in Poland, most of it is obviously explained by the severity of austerity measures introduced in the final years of socialism. It's a matter of relative difference, and people's emotional revulsion at a regime which permitted the evil Russkies to station their orcs on sacred Polish soil and whatnot.

  3. I find it somewhat odd that you added Belarus to this list. As far as I know, it was, in fact, the one post-Soviet country that largely survived the '90s without economic collapse, social disintegration and widespread anomie, at least compared to the other unfortunate post-USSR republics.

But anyway, let's not pretend that this is not even surprising. Slovakia has been an independent polity for a combined period of roughly 35 years (1939-45, 1993-). Was there even one political assassination such as the current one during those years? As far as I can tell, no.