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Weird meta-thought: if Hylinka had gone for a paraphrase of the Dr. Samuel Johnson quote about a woman preaching being like a dog walking on its hind legs (not done well, but you are impressed that it is done at all), would that have passed muster by seeming high-effort? Same sentiment, better language.

shouldn't it have been enough of a problem that he fought against the Russians during WWII?

A lot of people fought against Russians in that time period, and Canada has a large Ukrainian population with unfond memories of the Russia of that era.

The reporting there is fascinating. I appreciate how long it takes for them to actually name the hand gesture in question. Uncharitably, because they know their readers would take it less seriously if they used the phrase "OK sign".

Again, though, we're back to the question of why it is that "not surrendering when you're invaded" is "Western warmongering".

There was something something pressure and corruption and scandals and such, or possible two such incidents that I'm conflating (Burisma, Hunter Biden, corrupt prosecutors, military aid being blocked?), such that the left was generally "Ukraine establishment good" and the right was generally "Ukraine establishment corrupt". That and the fact that once Biden was Pro- arming them, the Right had to swing against him, and then the Left had to get in line.

I think the Sierra Club was anti nuclear (among other reasons) because it would allow for increased third-world population.

Thats what I'd been hearing - impeachment articles (whether or not it goes through) would be a trade for not shutting down the government.

You and Teddy Roosevelt, in his famous "Man in the Arena" speech (although that might have been the part where he was quoting ol' Honest Abe).

Is that from one of Tufte's books?

The significance is that for many on the right (think of those who listened to Rush on occasion, but weren't necessarily Maga types), they'd prefer the constitution being changed for four more years of Bill Clinton over Hillary being elected. Far from being an asset, she was almost uniquely disliked.

It might not show up that strongly in the statistics, but are you familiar with the aftereffects of heavy usage of depleted uranium in residential areas?

Yes, actually, and my understanding is that there's not much to be concerned about.

As I understand it, the only nuclear sub to sink a ship is HMS Conquerer vs ARA General Belgrado. Although I've seen it with the caveat that it's "only nuclear sub to sink a surface ship with a torpedo", so maybe a missile took one out (not counting SinkEx, of course).

In terms of nuclear propulsion vs armament, this graphic may be helpful. The US, UK, and France have only nuclear powered subs - everyone else also has conventional. Of note on that list, India and Brazil's nuclear subs aren't indigenous - they were bought (leased?) from Russia and France, respectively. Also note that Israel gets a "to be confirmed" in the armament category due to their policy of strategic ambiguity. Also also note that at one point some attack subs had nuclear tipped torpedoes. And nuclear tipped sub-launched anti-submarine rockets, some of which, as you might expect, had an anticipated kill ratio of "both".

TL;DR "nuclear" almost always refers to the propulsion of a sub, not the armament. "Boomer" is the slang term for a nuclear armed sub, but sadly USS OKLAHOMA is an attack sub.

Yeah. If West Taiwan takes over Taiwan, it makes the US Navy's job of containing/tracking Chinese subs and othet ships significantly more difficult. At least, thats my understanding based on (limited) info of the sea depths.

I tried RDR2, enjoyed the game play, but realized i hated an awful lot of the characters (not in terms of bad writing, but as people). Tempted every now and again to fire it up and go bird watching, but I really wish there was some in-game way to learn about where a breed of horse/critter hangs out.

Probably a while - softening age of consent laws is still seen as a reason to tar Libertarians, who in certain circles are only one step removed from Fascists.

Fascinating. Are there similar resources for other languages that you're aware of?

I think if the game (a) removed the "nat 1/20 is an auto-fail/success on skill checks" and possibly gave you the option to "take 10" 3e style on a bog-standard check (or take 20 outside of conversation at the cost of a short rest), that'd go a long way to solving the problem.

What videogames would you say have excellent writing, then?

When you fought Nere, did you have the aid of the duergar that wanted him dead? I found that to be a huge help - especially in that it seemed the duergar I was still fighting preferred to try to kill my new "allies" instead of my party.

I'm sure there's some fucking official lore about how everybody in FR is pansexual and sexually super liberal (because the author just said so!) and so none of this is strange in-universe

My understanding of Ed Greenwood's notes (which are, by contract, canon even if unpublished) is that you're not even remotely wrong.

Money and muscle, that’s what I want; to be able to do any damned thing I want and get away with it. Money won’t do that altogether, because if a man is a weakling, all the money in the world won’t enable him to soak an enemy himself; on the other hand, unless he has money he may not be able to get away with it.

  • Robert E. Howard

If i recall, that was the night after protesters had shown up with a guillotine for their demonstration. So depending on how seriously you want to take that or other generic "Trump must go" rhetoric... note: I don't think tbey were serious, personally, but I also don't think either that or Jan 6 rose to the level of "insurrection ". But if people are going to use the symbolic gallows that the Jan 6 protestors had as evidence, it only seems fair to take into account the symbolic guillotine.

I'm reminded of my favorite counter-factual: suppose that the BLM-adjacent riot at the White House that one night in summer (which resulted in dozens of injuries to the Secret Service) had succeeded in breaking down the doors. Would that have been an insurrection? I feel like the current battle lines would, for the most part, swap entirely.

I mean, you have my condolences, but that was really an own goal by your husband. I'm honestly not sure how he expected that to go.

I'm assuming the body types were for animation purposes, but I personally was very happy with the hair options. It's nice to actually have a few basic ponytails to pick from.