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Women use virgin as an insult. Women are disgusted by male virgins. They don’t necessarily like male promiscuity per se, but they like the validation from other women that their man is desirable and high value.

No man insults a woman by calling her a virgin. A man might be interested in sex with a promiscuous woman. But all else being equal he would prefer to commit to/marry a virgin/less promiscuous woman. You don’t want to marry a whore

They believe in what they are doing for moral reasons but back down when pressured enough. Happens all the time. My wife’s public university offered course credit to protest Kavanaugh but backtracked when it got media attention. That clearly wasn’t a publicity stunt.

This idea that nobody actually believes in this and it’s all a plan to drum up controversy annoys me. It’s reminiscent of “it’s just a few kids on college campuses.” Or suggestions that cancellations are just cover for severing ties with people for business reasons. Why is it so hard to accept that there are lots of true believers out there?

Al Franken was not a strategic move but true believers going crazy. A&E canceling all their most popular shows in 2020 was not a tactical business decision it was a moral panic. There are lots of believers out there in legit positions of authority.

Companies don’t do that in my experience. You want controversy? Just get the CEO to say nigger or something. Controversy is the easiest thing to generate in the world and companies mostly seem terrified of it. Also I have never worked at a company where they said “Let’s do something that will piss off all our customers to generate controversy”

Also, this isn't motivated primarily by ethnic tribalism, it's motivated by wanting to save the downtrodden from harm, hence the 13yo example.

Come on. And what was the ethnicity of that 13 year old carjacker? When we are discussing 13 year old carjackers in the US, we all know exactly what ethnicity we are talking about. Also, white people aren’t allowed to be considered downtrodden. Too much charity here

It’s the kids who were in high school asking for more homework, tattling on other kids, and sneering at anybody who liked sports. If that was you, then yeah you’re a theater kid

Uhh, I think theater kids are defined by their participation in theater. I don’t have any of these other associations. In fact generally theater kids were not the best students

As for the assertion that libertarian is far right, that kind of proves his point. Libertarians aren’t exactly known for close adherence to tradition, but rather drug experimentation and breaking social norms.

Does anyone else suspect that Scott grossly exaggerates his belief in Atlantis? I find it difficult to believe he was ever serious about it. And it seems to be a very useful story for him that he gets endless value out of

Conversely, what effect does the absence of adequately many representations of self have on our own self-image & identity? Without a reflection in the black mirror with which to see ourselves or be seen by others, do digital vampires even exist in a world where the Web has supplanted the real?

Sorry to be annoying, but could you just make your point plainly without pretentious metaphors? What do you mean by digital vampires? What is the black mirror? Do you just mean people without a social media presence? If that’s what you mean then why not say it? If that’s not what you mean, then perhaps my confusion is a predictable outcome of this writing style. Does this post say more than just a link to /r/instagramreality? It’s hard to tell if you don’t say it clearly

do you also agree that having a different racial makeup of these honors classes relative to baseline is a problem?

Why is this a problem? Is the disparate makeup of the school basketball team a problem? Have we measured the representation of people with attached earlobes? Are stupid people adequately represented in honors classes? “Stupid” seems like a much more salient category than race if we are seeking diversity of thought, perspective or life experience.

Even if it is a problem, is it a higher concern than the quality of the honors classes? Perhaps increasing equity cannot be done without degrading class quality to near non-honors levels, is that worth it?

Why shouldn’t they? You have to accept that on an individual level which is the level that really matters. I care if Terence Tao beats me on the job application, but I have to accept that just the same

Ok, so if I accept your word definitions what can I do with it? What is the point? This is a bit like saying: Every memory can be classified as either happy, sad, both happy and sad or neither happy nor sad. Okay, so?

Any definition of status that excludes one of the wealthiest men in the world is pointlessly idiosyncratic. He may not be classy or tasteful or virtuous, but he’s undeniably high status for the purpose of the discussion. For the purpose of this discussion status only means that many people wish they could be like him (which they do)

He is an anti-racist (not the Kendi type), anti-white identitarian conservative, basically the meme of a “based black man” civic nationalist

You are certainly persistent

That's why the comparison to the George Floyd protests was reasonably successful

Was this actually successful? Democrats I know seem to have no problem treating one as saintly and the other as the worst thing since Hitler

I really don’t understand this comment. If the meeting takes 1 hour it takes one hour of your time if it starts now or if it starts 10 minutes late. In fact, for all the other attendees it may now take 1hr10m of their time.

If the meeting is just wasteful and could be accomplished in 10 fewer minutes that is a separate problem.

But sticking to a schedule minimizes wasted time for everyone involved and thereby maximizes family time. This comment is the Motte going full-retard anti-PMC/bullshit jobs hot take

Maybe this is a result of working in a heavily gender-imbalanced field but I have never once seen a romantic relationship between coworkers. An asexual workplace would be great. In fact I would guess this is the norm actually. I doubt many kindergarden teachers or oil field workers even have many people of the right sex to pick from.

  1. Why be fearful? What exactly is the fear?

  2. If you are fearful, how does invading Ukraine help? It only makes NATO stronger. Is Russia more secure now?

These are always boring semantic debates. If I set out to beat you until you love me, and after an hour of beating I give up because you still hate me, leaving you a bloody unconscious mess on the ground while I’ve scraped my knuckles who has lost? Who won? I failed to achieve my goal, it’s true. But I was hardly scratched while you are near death. Even harder to say I lost and you won. Perhaps my goal and plan to achieve it was foolish and impossible, but at the same time I demonstrated my ability to beat the shit out of you without even breaking a sweat. Win and lose in situations like this are just silly labels like we are keeping score.

Saying that Alexandros didn’t recognize his own arguments as presented by Scott is a bit like saying “The glove didn’t fit when we asked OJ to try it on”

Not sure this is true. Take for example reproduction. In the past, selecting for “enjoys sex” was good enough to ensure reproduction. Obviously that won’t cut it now due to contraception, and we’re in the process of moving to selecting for “wants children.” Perhaps it won’t be possible to select for that but we’ll see

It could be that in the past a genetic predisposition towards “conformity” lead to social conservatism, but now “conformist genes” lead you to be progressive. If “conformist genes” are now leading to plummeting birth rates they ought to become less common, and whatever genes lead to conservatism now will be selected for.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that perhaps a genetic predisposition to X leads to progressivism in some social circumstances and conservatism in others. And perhaps the genetic basis for conservatism in 2023 is not the same as it would have been in 1850

I’ve listened to enough crime podcasts to say this is a common response. If I had to guess, these people just completely lose it and become unwilling to lose their last family member, so they cling to some delusional narrative that let’s them keep their last family

Every murderer is justified in their own mind. A school shooter believes he is exacting justified revenge on a world that is hateful to him. If we make the standard, “In his disillusioned view of the world it was logical” it would be hard to find anyone to blame! Presumably Hitler believed he was acting logically given the circumstances as well!!

Point being, people doing this are sufficiently abnormal that trying to predict their future behavior and saying “She would never do this again” seems really really unwise.. There is no way you can convince me that Bayes doesn’t say she has a far higher risk of murdering again than an average woman. She has done a couple lifetimes worth of damage already, what is the benefit of keeping her free? Just lock her up, throw away the key and we never have to worry about her again

So the near-complete eradication of childhood mortality is outweighed because…bosom contact is slightly more inconvenient? The vast increases in housework efficiency by microwaves, refrigerators, vacuums, laundry machines and dishwashers thereby giving you more time for your children is outweighed by…circadian rhythms? The complete elimination of starvation as a realistic threat/stress is outweighed by…?

Any slightly objective assessment would find the scales tipped dramatically towards the past having far more dramatic stressors, hardships and timesinks than the present. I don’t see how you can realistically just handwave away six children in a row dying of scarlet fever as less stressful than the present

There is a reason why we have insanity defenses and the like, sometimes people are not responsible for their own actions

How could they not be responsible? Did someone forcibly take control of her body? Why should I care whether a mental illness was at work? A mental illness is part of you, it is inseparable from you. If her mental illness did it, she did it, there is no difference. If someone murders me and they were mentally ill, does it make me any less dead than if they were mentally healthy?

In some sense any murderer is self-evidently mentally unwell. Murder isn’t a normal response to anything (outside of things like self defense shich isn’t considered murder). So why does it matter if their particular form of mental abnormality has or doesn’t have a specific label? They are a danger to their fellow citizens all the same.