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Even as Facebook was hiring lots of folks, it was still painful to find enough people to grow teams to actually manage all the work that needed doing. I had positions go unfilled for up to nine months.

When you need to hire the 99th percentile it helps to grow the pool by throwing in a couple of billion Indian and Chinese engineers.

If she converts to Christianity she can claim to follow the example of all the reformed prostitutes turned saints.

I don’t think Islam has such a thing. When I asked ChatGPT for a parallel it gave me a male mystic who was never a prostitute.

SBF also affirmed that he would take the hypothetical bet that had something like a 51% chance of doubling world happiness and a 49% chance of destroying the earth.

He would sacrifice all of us on the altar of expected value.


At my job it's enough to point to the potential for things to go wrong to be able to guard against them.

There was a guy on 90 Day Fiancée who explicitly said to his very religious fiancée that he doesn’t believe in God, but that he does believe in aliens.

Apologies for the Facebook link, couldn’t find it elsewhere: https://facebook.com/90DayFiance/videos/children-to-aliens-90-day-fiance-season-8/414612926588272/

With this context, I think I'm actually wrong, and some of the media were right, but perhaps on accident.

Interesting to note that this section of the law, passed in 1953, appears to be designed to attack the KKK. The section is titled "Prohibited Secret Societies and Activities": https://www.ncleg.net/EnactedLegislation/Statutes/HTML/ByChapter/Chapter_14.html

That'll teach me not to refresh in a separate tab before hitting post!

Remember the "don't say gay" bill? If you were being very charitable, you could say that the so-called "don't say gay" bill in Florida did prohibit "saying gay" in certain contexts, so I suppose the reporting on it comported with Scott's ideas on bounded distrust, that the media rarely concts outright lies.

But the reporting on North Carolina's HB 237 looks to consist of outright lies. Background: the state already has a law on the books that prohibits concealing your identity when committing a crime, with a consequence that the class of misdemeanor or felony commited gets bumped up by one. During the pandemic they added an extemption to the law for thsoe wearing a mask for health reasons. HB 237 removes that exemption.

News media are reporting that North Carolina is banning mask wearing in public. Some examples of those spreading the idea that this is a general ban on public masking:

WaPo adds some more context, and describes the law as a prohibition on masking during a crime, but still lies in their headline by saying that the bill bans mask wearing at protests generally:

Or else someone sues and gets found to have no standing.

And had the bill passed they'd be telling immigrants to claim they were waterboarded, since it is a form of torture that leave no physical evidence on the victim, for which they'd qualify to remain in country.

I would like to see some kind of personal liability for legislators that are clearly flouting previous rulings. You shouldn't be able to use the state to deprive citizens of their rights with complete immunity.

Huh, I don't know where I'd heard it but it looks like I'm 100% wrong. Thanks for the correction.

To clarify a little more than supremacy, trial courts are triers of fact: did the accused do the thing the state says they did, and is that a violation of what the law says. They do not evaluate the validity of the laws.

If your belief is that the law itself is invalid then you have to make that case at the appellate courts.

Very few Protestants do confession. Fewer still treat it as an inviolable sacrament that demands excommunication for those that violate the confessional seal.

For a few years now my state has had a bill to do away with priest penitent privilege. They don’t have the votes yet, but they’re close.

I’ve always been taught that anti-Catholic sentiment in America went hand-in-hand with nativism. The Catholics were from strange lands with strange customs like Ireland, Italy, and Poland. It wasn’t Catholicism per se that drove anti Catholic feelings in the country, but it was a common thread among the foreigners arriving from countries that weren’t well represented at the founding.

I guess the Pope coming out against Freemasonry didn’t help relations between American elites and Catholicism, either.

There was a large wing of the abolitionist movement that aimed to repatriate freed slaves to Africa. It’s how we got Liberia in the 1820s.

They organized themselves as the American Colonization Society.

That fails to recognize the distinction between prohibition and punishment.

Suppose we prohibit sneezing in public and make the punishment that nearby police must immediately say to you “gezundheit!”

The punishment is unusual but not cruel, and the prohibition still not itself a punishment.

Lewis in heaven, looking down at mukbang, disappointed that his imagination was so limited.

If you’re consuming articles and not shows it might be hard to see the difference. Their articles tend to differ little from what you’d see coming from one of the wire services.

This makes me wonder if there are any projects that succeeded in letting contributors just choose not to work with certain other contributors. Big companies make this work just fine, sometimes there are personality conflicts and we resolve them by moving people around to work on other parts of the same product.

I knew one high level IC who got along with his manager so terribly that he ended up reporting to an entirely different manager than everyone else on his team.

Not everyone needs to be a reviewer for every pull request, or to participate in every group chat.

It's not the individual story, it's the statistical mismatch between stories generally and reality.

If there was a murder mystery series and it turned out the murderer was a Jew 75% of the time, and it wasn't set in Israel, it wouldn't be wrong to infer that the writers must have something against Jews.

If North Korea was cozying up to an alliance created for the sole purpose of keeping China in check then China just might feel the need to not let a border state join that alliance, costly as that may be.

I didn’t author the opinion, but I think the author’s point is that women who try to integrate men’s only spaces are going to do it for the sake of making them integrated, not because they’re merely looking to socialize.

There’s no shortage of socialization opportunities for women, so to decide you must be socializing at this specific single sex club demonstrates that making it coed is your goal.

In one instance everything about you is designed for production of exclusively small or exclusively large gametes except for one bit, and we’re aligning it with the others.

In the other case everything is designed for producing one kind of gametes and we’re bending everything the opposite direction. We are rejecting the design.