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Underemployed Slav. Likes playing Factorio.


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Using Minutemen ICBM for Urban renewal is very bold but rather too expensive.

Can't get rid of the dollar..until you can.

For your information,Iphones are kind of rare elsewhere. ..and..green text? Wut?

Iphone is just incredibly bad value. I

I was never too fond of the genre, though I did enjoy the mystery/thriller Agent Pendergast series a bit too much despite it being slightly Reddit.

But it had a character clearly inspired by the despicable Communist Gould turn into a sewer mutant cult leader. You love to see that.

Bit of a guilty pleasure.

Yes, but once you've done the former, the latter is much easier to do. There are serious amounts of immigrants who behave in unacceptable way, for example the notorious criminal families in Germany.

Or people who are fond of marching in Germany with Turkish flags, and so on.

The genetic mix that went into the creation of Mexico was likely something like 30-70% in favor of natives, no ?

Haven't, really.

Some links:

https://cdrsalamander.substack.com/ (retired officer, chronicled the entire dismal saga of US navy forgetting how to build and operate warships

Steve Hsu, a physicist, posts about ASBMs a lot.



Basically, it's believe Chinese procurement is much more effective, they're rapidly catching up in technology too. So they're going to have more weapons, more ships, and there's also a reasonable suspicion that US which has had a large navy for a long time suffers from institutional inertia that makes it impossible to adapt fast enough. Meanwhile Chinese are building their navy to counter the US one.

So when China attempts to take Taiwan, US will either give up Taiwan and massively lose prestige and likely influence, or fight a war and lose it.

I live in London, and the drop in crime since the 1990s

Drop? It stayed flat, despite presumably vast improvements in trauma surgery.

With better medicine, if homicide isn't dropping, it suggest violence is increasing.

has been falling consistently since 1995

If that's the case, why is the burglary rate that incredibly high, in contrast to places like Germany or Poland ?

The Latin American countries were considerably more successful in assimilating the slavery-descended populations to the general population.

And yet, the Mexican supreme court looks like this.

Is assimilation merely white supremacy?

It's a political non-starter for

Supposedly, mass deportations are broadly popular (~50% would approve of) in the US and Western Europe.


Crime is still lower than it was in the 1970s-1990s pretty much everywhere in the 1st world

Not true. It's comparably low in the post-Soviet provinces, but quite a bit higher in places with a lot of immigrants. So the entirety of Western Europe, Scandinavia.

Don't be so parochial.

So my question very simply is: given that immigrants aren't going to stop coming any time soon, what should they be doing that will make them acceptable in your eyes?

No welfare whatsoever, period. No support for lawyers, nothing. No family reunification either. Having an insurance bond to cover damages if the migrant breaks the law. (charities and leftists could pitch in here)

Citizenship possible after a decade of unproblematic residency or a net tax contribution of a certain size.

So my question very simply is: given that immigrants aren't going to stop coming any time soon,

Your question is also wrong. US is likely to lose WW3 pretty soon (~5 years ), after that its power and its cult of the brown person are going to wane.

Also Europe is going to be thoroughly broke and full of pissed off people ready to entertain any idea just to have law & order they remember from their childhood back.

I'd not rule out mass deportations, though I'm ruling out outright death camps and such.
Also possible: Chinese style labor camps for problem populations like north African men who fail an intelligence test or appear insufficiently sorry.

He wasn't mentally retarded or incompetent.

I'm pretty sure the coffee was a factor too. JBP has said he cured several of his patients from anxiety purely by convincing them to stop drinking that much coffee.

In the spirit of trying more things re: my problem with wandering attention and all that, I got my hands on something labelled "Concerta 18 mg".

Doesn't seem to do much for the problem with attention, however it does make me feel slightly more energetic as I've just drunk a liter of energy drink, but way 'smoother'. Also somewhat nervous and as If I had a constant weight pressing on my chest from outside. The nervousness ramps up, reaches a peak cca 6 hours after taking it and then passes.

Still not sure what to do with my tendency to delay doing things I don't like doing -bills that aren't on auto pay, cleaning that's not agreed upon, home improvement I need to do.

I keep putting it off and only do it right before the deadline, or even slightly after it.

Kherson obviously wasn't defensible because it was a bridgehead. If you aren't in a situation to exploit it, and Russia wasn't because they thought it'd be just a quick regime change op, giving it up is the obvious move.

So Russia gives up, Ukraine then spends 1.5 years trying to cross the Dniepr in the opposite direction and getting their small bridgehead constantly shelled and boats sunk.

Perun is partisan. He's fairly decent and but he is, nevertheless, partisan, perhaps to the same degree as say, RWA Podcast is. Might be worth revisiting their respective predictions.

For example, here's Perun in 2022 talking about the perspective of Russian economy.

You can give it a listen to check how it has aged.

ISW is very bad. It's Douglas MacGregor tier. They're just bad.

Orlan has a flight endurance of 9-10 hours.

Chinese drone swarms are fire-and-forget with ranges of 30km as they are tube launched winged UAV

is there any videos or drawings of these?

Around 40-120k per unit, including munitions

Are they really making helicopters + some anti-air missiles <120k ? What's the specs on the missile ?

About 4 seconds on target to kill, and pretty short range.

I wanna see that chew up MLRS spam aimed at its location.

Especially once you start using more durable rockets. Chewing up through few cm of steel on a rotating rocket seems pretty tough! And there's a dozen coming in, and you've got what, 15 seconds to do it ?

Orlan-10 is more of a long-range long endurance spotter, it has an ICE engine. Lancets are getting targeting data from small electric recon drones with 2-3 hour endurance. We know Orlans can be acquired by stingers- there's even footage of it getting shot down from drone's POV. Electric drones are probably way less conspicuous in IR.

, but the fucking drone swarms spat out of flatbed trucks is a goddamn nightmare worse than skynet.

If you spot the flatbed trucks before they release the drones, you can hit them with PGMs or cluster MLRS strikes. Electric drone range is quite limited..

At this point, anyone who isn't developing autonomous defense drone swarms isn't gonna make it. With AI and terrain following, getting rid of lots of drones is going to be very hard next to impossible. Filling the air with flak fragments gets you only so far. It's strictly line of sight.

Guess what's line of sight: 2 mach ATGMs like the Russians have. So anything exposed is toast. There's also the obvious counterplays, such as drones marking the spot the flak is firing from, sending info back to MLRS and then you have 500 cluster bomblets on that location within a 30 seconds, ideally. Or, you know, a tank firing a HE round from 10 km away.

focus on grenade launchers at the squad level,

I mean, grenade launchers integrated with drone spotting are stuff of nightmares. Unless you're running like a lunatic or under hard cover, you're gonna get blown up. What's wrong there?

Modern warfare makes me wish for a nuclear winter. People getting blown up from 50 km away because a drone spots them, or getting hunted down by FPVs.. bad. It's bleak and only ever going to get more bleak.

I talked in other threads about air supremacy and I stand by that, but even a hundred F35s can't take out a thousand AV500, let alone 10k jury rigged Mavic 2 EAs.

I dunno, but doesn't F-35 have radar guided missiles that can take out the AV500 from outside its range. I presume it can carry some short range IR missiles, right? Are these helis designed to be really cheap ? Can you truly build a cheap helicotper ?

You mean the weekend marriages Shia men use to hire prostitutes are for married men only ?

Russians believed defenses were going to crumble because enough people are bribed. They targetted anti-air installations etc but iirc weren't even hitting command posts and definitely not blowing up soldiers in barracks. It was no 'Shock & Awe'.

That changed after it became clear it'll go on. They blew up almost the entire 'International Legion' base, with the exception of one building where both missiles were intercepted and/or failed. It wasn't executed perfectly, the missiles didn't arrive within a brief window so most people got out..

I would like to think it wouldn’t have happened.

Nah. It'd have happened, the difference is they'd not have underestimated it. Russia is a state born in warfare. They're not blessed by protective seas like Americans or Britain. And after WW2, you can hardly blame them wanting to keep neutral states on their border.

Sure, these days you can always just nuke the invaders after they cross the border, and it's not even a big deal contamination wise. But the idea is not instinctively attractive to most people.

So is this failure because of corrupt or incompetent procurement? Or were we just not expecting it to come to this?

Recent funny factoid I learned. The weapon Lancet was inspired with, Israeli Hero-120 was sold to Hungary for $350k per suicide drone. Russian Lancets were on export for $35k. Actual price to build them is almost certainly <$10k even in low series production.

Switchblade 600, an equivalent weapon, costs $120k. These are all electric drones without thermal sights with comparable ranges.

Is this efficiency? Consider anti-missiles and anti-air. US warships defend themselves with some fancy IR seeker missile costing $900k . Russian equivalent has very similar flight characteristics, no seeker, probably cost $10k a pop. It's just a two stage missile with a proximity fuze and command guidance / detonation. Especially at sea, autonomous missile makes little sense. Target can't dip behind terrain.

It's an indication someone is thinking before speaking. Unless you give someone an actual question that requires thinking through, it's very unusual to be like that and it instantly makes me suspicious.

The guy did it constantly.

Though I've a bigger forehead and darker hair.

I'm not. Once went on a hot/not site and got a rating of precisely 5/10 from girls. I certainly don't look like any of these stereotypically 'handsome' guys of present day like e.g. George here, or Lomez (the recently outed 'far-right' Jew ).

Looked up my face on image search, a very close match is this guy:


Same is thought to be true in Arab countries. They like large butts at least.

Interestingly, and this is something I'd research if I ever got better executive function, fatness might have been seen as sexually attractive in the eastern med area between at least 1000 to 1900. There's complaints of imams dated to cca 1200 that 'rich Egyptian women eat bread after dinner to get fatter, and some are so fat they pray sitting down, not kneeling'.

Two Czechs went on a car ride in 1932 to Kandahar, through Turkey. It's an interesting book- interior of Turkey was basically middle ages still, they went in a sports, not all-terrain car. However, they mention approvingly, as an aside, that fatness was just coming out of vogue in coastal Turkish cities. ???

Also heard from a friendly jewish extremists that he talks to bedouins in his area and they seem to like the 'mattress' body type - large & soft and less likely to wander around.

No, it's because he eats too much.

Getting used to eating huge portions isn't the same as 'having your metabolism broken'.