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Underemployed Slav. Likes playing Factorio.


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How did 'disposable personal income' change when adjusted for inflation, and for some measure that's less 'cooked' than inflation?

And logistically, even if they cost just $500 each, do they have sheer shipping ability to keep replenishing them as quickly as they get destroyed?

You buy them off Alibaba. Or assemble them from components bought there. Russia, Ukraine are going through hundreds weekly, easily. Maybe thousands.

Yeah- Like Jake Sullivan you mean?

EDIT: maybe perhaps be more specific. Which person is competent and at what ? Because the record of past 30 years is somewhat dismal.


He's a troll.

And everyone but haters now keeps denying US started out explicitly as an anglo and later northern white nationalist project.

And the anglo values contributed a lot to what made it great. And also to its unsustainability..

You are assuming feds are competent.

They aren't.

All herbivores exist to be eaten.

Their literal function in nature.

By hard liquor I mean 37% stuff, not 50% insane drinks.

I'm 7/8 Slav, 1/8th German, so maybe...

Cheap lager. Which is fairly decent in Czech Republic. Maybe every third day. 3-4 if working outside doing physical labor in summer.

Cheap vodka, rum more often. I'd buy pure alcohol if there was some on sale for such use, tbh. I sometimes drink expensive rum, probably would more if I wasn't earning $5 an hour.

But hey, I'm not a person of drunkeness. Never been drunk in my life. I get a feeling of pressure inside my forehead after say 200 ml of hard liquor or equivalent, and never feltl like drinking anything more to find out.

You eat dead animals.

They're past caring then.

Competent are competitors, the dysfunctional are clients ?

Yeah, I remember it. Mild annoyance.

t. The weird part only begins at the point where they also arrogate to themselves the right to prohibit transferring the baby to a different hospital - but this is part of a general tendency towards legal paternalism in medicine.

It seems to me most of these stories concern the UK. I don't recall such a story - prohibit privately funded transfer of a hopeless baby - from any other country.

Wait, what.

Horrible fluid system ? ..what ?

Apart from being a cpu hog, the fluid system is beautiful. Nothing as satisfying as getting an eight stage cycle of fluid refining with lots of flaring off to the side, all in the service of making rocket fuel or turning cellulose into napalm in service of turning the enemy crispy.

A minority, I think. The forum might lean towards disagreeable, but people who bear with huge chunks of texts and the rules are usually not that dumb. Students, those who failed, maybe a few people who're just lazy or never cared.

I've been cleaning inside of my ears with broken off wooden skewers and wads of cotton wool since.. well moving away from home where it was q-tips.

Trust me, even gently poking at the eardrum with something soft is excruciating, I can't imagine perforating it.

Killing hostages is the rational response, if you're known for dropping one tom bombs into hideouts of hostage takers, no one's going to bother taking hostages anymore.

Israel seems to be in a weird half-hearted position on this. Given their position, anything but total Japan-like death eater approach seems counterproductive.

Where a white supremacist murdered someone and injured 30 others.

That case was rather politicised, and it looks a lot more like manslaughter than homicide.

What about the initial plunge into the crowd? Video evidence shows the car was struck before hitting anyone—meaning Fields could have panicked and hit the gas.

Most importantly, he did not accelerate after hitting the crowd, he braked and paused. He threw the car into reverse only when his window was smashed.

Fields’ car also shows signs of having sustained damage before encountering the crowd—meaning a confused and frightened Fields was driving around a town he didn’t know, perhaps chased by Antifa, and then hit the gas when his car was struck. Already, there are reports saying that just this occurred [Eyewitnesses: James Fields’ Car Was ‘Attacked,’ Police Set Up Rally-Goers To Be Assaulted, by Patrick Howley, Big League Politics, August 14, 2017]

Everyone knows one murder is almost as bad as mass murder. Especially when you're attacking government foot soldiers. Why'd anyone bent on homicide stop and back out instead of accelerating?

Drones with cameras go for about $500 these days.

You don't raelly need the roombas though, just knowing what's out there is usually good enough.

Israel is supposedly throwing smoke charges inside, sealing them, and then bombing all places where the smoke starts coming out. They don't seem to care at all about going down there, killing people inside is sufficient for them.

They also admit to not caring a shit about civilian deaths.

All points to them assigning a low value to their own lives, high value to winning. So people who are out there teary eyed over dead kids are just being idiots.

I can't imagine ..how one could 'contradict' one's "betters". About what ? Like, you risk getting fired if you tell your boss he's doing things wrong, but who else is a 'better' ?

-Think about it and figure out that 'free will' is actually a spook and people are really just mostly defective automatons stumbling through the maze of reality.

-This helps with 2nd point: Not being angry too often helps.

Why are people avoiding you? Are you constantly angry or constantly critical or constantly very in their face about something ?

Then there's also that thing where 'inflation' -CPI typically reported doesn't include food, energy, housing because they're "volatile".

So when people are told - hey, what are you panicking about, inflation is low, and then they remember what food cost last year...

He led in penalty minutes last year.


There are only couple of ways to deal with tunnels with acceptable casualties.

You have drones now. Dealing with tunnels when finding out what's beyond the bend doens't involve coming into physical danger is much ,much easier.

When Palestinians are doing prisoner exchanges, they want tens to hundreds of their own for one prisoner.

This suggests that they consider the value of their own people to be rather low. So, more like 1400 Israelis, 80 Palestinians.