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To quote Tom Wolfe, my emotional stability has a center of gravity like a 102-inch High Point Vinyleather sofa.

"The ship lurched to the port side."

"The ship of state lurched to the right."

James Rhodes was Iron Man at times. Sam Wilson was Captain America at times. There have been various Captain Marvels.

My beef with revolutions in particular is that the war stuff is fucking BORING. The mechs the humans use are stupid designs with exposed cockpits, and there's only the one mech unit, and the machine forces consist of squids and a giant drill.

Yes, I remember thinking "They replaced special effects martial arts with this?"

Set up some location where you can put your awake, active child down, and safely not pay attention to your child for a while. Maybe that's one of those plastic fence things in the middle of the room. Maybe it's a dedicated room. (Move all grabbable items out of reach. That may even mean moving electrical outlets up to your eye height.) You have some time before this becomes important, but now's the time to plan.

Over 20 other studies have consistently failed to find any benefits of more than 1.6g/kg/d of protein. [. . .] This recommendation often includes a double 95% confidence level, meaning they took the highest mean intake at which benefits were still observed and then added two standard deviations to that level to make absolutely sure all possible benefits from additional protein intake are utilized.

The myth of 1 g/lb: Optimal protein intake for bodybuilders

Hlynka confusing extroversion with intelligence once again.

The extroverts are the people that you'll interact with when you go to east Africa, so there's some selection bias.

I'm not sure that the movie is supposed to be set in 1996: the jury selection in particular only really makes sense either before Batson or in an alternate universe where it never happened.

Per the novel's Wikipedia page, the events are set in 1984, two years before Batson.

...and I see that you sort of mention that with "plausible for 1984".

Having been both a student and teacher at MIT, my personal explanation for men going into science is the following:

1. young men strive to achieve high status among their peer group

2. men tend to lack perspective and are unable to step back and ask the question "is this peer group worth impressing?"

- https://philip.greenspun.com/careers/women-in-science


Don't just ask her in a way that suggests that you are excited. Be excited. Pick something that you want to do.

"Hey, I'm going to <EVENT> on <DATE>. If you'd like to come with me, I'd enjoy your company. Let me know by <OTHERDATE>."

Then do it and have fun. Even if she says no, even if she says yes and flakes.

"Are you asking me on a date?"

"If you're there with me, sure."

Really? I recall BCAA powder tasting like death.

(Let's not quibble about the fact that Urdu and Hindu are pretty much the same language with a different script, that's beneath us)

Not knowing either, my mental model is that the spoken languages map in the same way that American English and British English map. Different vocabulary for various things, but once you internalize the truck/lorry pairing (for example) you're okay. Is that the case?

I'll link to the Status 451 book review that everyone always links to:

What if fanatics made a serious and nearly successful attempt on the life of the President of the United States?

What if those fanatics got into the Capitol building and committed a mass shooting on Congress while it was in session?

What if those fanatics conducted bombing sprees, for years, in multiple American cities?

And what if people really did do every one of those things, and you’d never heard of them? That’s the story of Puerto Rican separatists.


I mix those little squeeze bottles of drink flavorings with mineral water for my ersatz sodas. I also drink it by itself.

Like how Kameron Hurley and Seanan McGuire and Ann Leckie are all decent writers but such insufferably hateful harpies that, like Scalzi, I can't stand to read them anymore.

Without going into too much detail, Seanan McGuire appeared on my radar recently. What informs your description?

I see a lot of stuff on the internet about being "healthy at any size" but it's always women under the age of 45 who seem to be the poster children for this stuff.

Phase one is beauty and fashion and dating instas.

Phase two is complaining about unfair beauty standards.

Phase three is assertions that chronic health problems have nothing to do with weight.

Phase four is turning into a shut-in due to immobility.

I think you underestimate ironic Nazi slogan larping.

That's like 90% of 4chan.

Sometimes it was just easier to do than put it back on three minutes later at your next stop.

One example that I recall was that the classical liberal "You don't like gay marriage? Don't get gay married!" has turned into punitive attacks on cake decorators.

Twitter's API has been throttling lately. Just keep hitting refresh periodically.

and also I guessed by the end of the first Mistborn trilogy that the author was a Mormon without knowing anything about him

What prompted that?

It’s informative, relevant to the news du jour, written well and gratuitously sourced.

It's context for the complaints that I see sometimes about egregiously bad solicitations from Trump organizations.

That is: adults were banned from taking vaccines until the FDA had satisfactorily hemmed and hawed over the trials

Entities were banned from testing people for COVID-19 while the CDC spent weeks coming up with and distributing their own, broken test mechanisms.

What should I do if I got Janitor Duty but the post was "Deleted by author"?

Oops, found the conversation below.