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Apart from the direct culture-war implications, it is interesting to me how much the Google engineers obviously don't want to ship anything. This feels like a "blink twice if you need help" moment, like they got the call from corporate that they need to take whatever they have and ship, so they slapped the laziest content filter possible.

I think that about the third time I watched a "certified fresh" Marvel movie and walked out of the theater feeling like it was a mediocre waste of time I fully updated on critic reviews being compromised. To be clear, it's not just Disney movies that this applies to, but they do seem to be the biggest benefactors.

Solve for the equilibrium. When McDonald's has to pay staff $20/hour, the solution is to only be open for the lunch/dinner rush.

It feels almost like taking the bait to connect the horrid state of our "unhoused and unleashed" countrymen to the absurd number of transwomen, but... maybe? Kaczynski noted that the root causes of leftism are "feelings of inferiority" and "oversocialization". I cannot imagine how deeply these two concepts must run in a culture where there is a man demanding to be treated as a woman behind every counter. In hindsight, of course you're not going to get society-wide critical reevaluations of human nature in such an environment. Too many familiar toes to step on.

I mean, maybe? The King is never played by the actor playing the King, but by all the other actors around him. Lots of people say that drugs are bad, but look at how online communities treat drug content compared to how they treat content that they think is actually bad. /r/drugs still exists. /r/coontown and associates were nuked 10 years ago. Lots of social information here.

The culture in public schools seems to have changed a lot in the 1-2 decades since I've been there, but surely they still tell kids, "drugs are bad, mkay"? I have a similar reaction to this as I do when people talk about the "suicide epidemic". There is a very simple solution, don't kill yourself.

Everyone wants a third Obama term. The Hapsburgs were onto something. Get around term limits with this one weird trick.

It would be odd for the Supreme Court to review a state-court common law fraud decision. They could do it, but I suspect they're going to get tired of hearing Trump cases every month. I think there would have to be something specific that is particularly egregious, not just vague suspicions of political targeting (which are likely true IMO).

The literal word is "shepherd", but there are some locations where it is clearly referring to some sort of church leader.

Willy Wonka Has Done It Again

Introducing Sora, our text-to-video model. Sora can create videos of up to 60 seconds featuring highly detailed scenes, complex camera motion, and multiple characters with vibrant emotions.

Well, we all knew this was coming. We had AI that could describe the progress of a scene. We had AI that could generate photorealistic images. Of course creating a sequence of images that form a logically coherent scene would be possible. Perhaps most surprising thing is how not surprising it is, and yet, it still feels like magic.

Looking back to my television after watching so many Sora videos is uncanny. Somehow, my brain has already updated subconsciously to, "these figures onscreen might be fake." Will I eventually have the same impression for those I meet in real life? Those complaining about "misinformation" in relation to the 2024 election aren't necessarily wrong, but they are failing at the task of extending these logical conclusions beyond their own personal preoccupations. How can one be concerned about Joe Biden deepfakes in a world where the Experience Machine is being built in plain sight?

My impression of the "orthodox" Calvinist interpretation is that the words "elder", "bishop", and "pastor" in the New Testament all mean the exact same thing.

Court opinions (and arguments) are an underrated source of entertainment. One side is by definition always wrong, and you can hire a fancypants lawyer to argue almost anything. Hilarity ensues.

I know the Supreme Court has lots of available resources. Do you know any other courts that have easily available (searchable) opinions?

The false proposition is "journalists don't target hitpieces against people they don't like".

I guess I'm not big on the plagiarism train because I already assumed Gay's academic credentials were hogwash. From [Wikipedia:]

"Claudine Gay (born 1970)[2][3] is an American political scientist and academic administrator who was the 30th president of Harvard University, and is the Wilbur A. Cowett Professor of Government and of African and African-American Studies at Harvard.[4] Gay's research addresses American political behavior, including voter turnout and politics of race and identity.[5]"

This isn't quite the same as saying someone is "The L. Ron Hubbard Professor of homeopathy and psychoanalysis", but it's pretty darn close. I don't care if a homeopathy journal has a plagiarism scandal. That doesn't affect my opinion of it's accuracy.

It feels like vintage Scott to me. He is loudly and explicitly calling bullshit on a clearly false proposition. I didn't read him as making a huge value judgement here. To be a good Bayesian, you have to reason properly about the process that produces the evidence. People who don't operate on the presumption that the media "targets" people are going to be systematically wrong.

Like I said, a plant having its stalk cut also suffers physical damage, but I don't think anyone (as yet) would claim that you are inflicting 'pain' on your rose bushes when you prune them.

This is less obvious from first-principles than you think, and like all such interesting questions, there is a LessWrong sequence post on it.

The mainstream media tends to avoid signal-boosting intelligent dissident voices. They want controlled opposition and/or clownish opposition. Much easier to write about Alex Jones or @420MAGAPepe1488 on X.

A full understanding of the opinions requires seeing the exhibits and briefs that inform them.

If there was a handgun shortage, and police were going on patrol unarmed as a result, I would consider that quite ironic.

Basically all non-torture execution methods are probably less painful than the median "natural" death. The idea that a few minutes of writhing is considered unacceptable is laughable. I've got some bad news for y'all. You, yes you, and your parents, and everyone you love, are going to writhe in pain for a lot more than a few minutes at some point before you die. Even if Canada-style MAID becomes the standard everywhere, imagine how much pain you would have to be in before you decided to end it once and for all.

I don't see why it would be any worse than the clean-up staff in a hospital has to deal with.

The companies that make those drugs have policies against selling the drugs for use in executions. The perfect execution method exists, but "medical" """""ethics""""" "committees" prevent it from being actualized.

I guess my question here is, if congress passed a law saying that, "The United States shall have open borders. The free entry of persons into the United States shall be presumed to be lawful unless proven otherwise," would that law be unconstitutional under Article 4 section 4? It would be a bit strange for the federal government to not have that power at all, but that would mean that the free movement of large numbers of people across the border isn't inherently an invasion.

Prevent them from making arrests for how long? Forever? Are they going to sleep under personal bodyguards for the rest of Biden's administration? I'm sure the federal government has some lever over the banking system to freeze payments to "insurrectionists". Who is Wells Fargo going to listen to, Texas, or the FDIC?

I don't see where the offramps are other than Abbot backing down.

At some point federal agents could arrest state national guardsmen. If they're afraid of forceful resistance, just send the arrest warrants to the guardsmen's home addresses. They can be physically handcuffed after the "crisis" is over. I doubt many people are willing to risk their freedom to defend Abbot's showmanship.

Why would you want gerrymandering to have more influence?