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But the truth has been the same all along - George didn't plan anything. He was blindsided by all of it at every stage, constantly reacting to the last round of criticism without ever understanding it - and aside from A New Hope, the Star Wars movies have always and only succeeded in spite of George's best intentions.

Isn't it an old "joke" that the less George had to do with any particular Star Wars movie, the better it ended up being? (pre-Disney acquisition)

3b. The plane was shot down as a gift to Putin, a gift that Putin has no problem with.

Why do people who do a lot of exercise just never seem to be obese?

Plenty are!

Several years ago I lost quite a bit of weight by tracking my calories. I made no changes to my exercise routine which had been stable for the previous six months or so and just made sure to keep average consumed calories around 2200 kcal (maintenance level for a person my age and height). I ended up having an average 1000 kcal daily deficit for months while losing around 25 kg overall, meaning I'd been exercising ~1000 kcal worth daily for many months prior to that while having obese BMI and without any weight loss.

Exercise alone really doesn't work for weight loss for most people because they just end up increasing the number of calories eaten without even realising it.

How long are / were the distances to closest stores and such?

I'll just have someone drive a pneumatic drill into my ears to simulate the experience.

Reminds me of one time a friend was visiting and we managed to recreate Hans Zimmer's Bladerunner 2049 by fooling around with a synthesizer and couple of effects units. Which really says a lot more about modern soundtracks and their reliance on distorted booms and horns than about anything else.

any judgement like this depends on your own, idiosyncratic aesthetic preferences

This is a false premise not supported by any evidence. There are loads of commonalities that humans find aesthetically pleasant. Things like nature, symmetry, balance etc. Sure, you might be a massive outlier but then who cares? Outliers are irrelevant when it comes to what should be provided in the public realm.

Politicians' FB pages are used more or less exclusively for preaching to the choir - that is, people who would vote for them anyway. Almost nothing on them enters the wider discourse in any meaningful way. Meanwhile most journalists and far too many politicians are constantly importing stupid ideas from US Twitter or reporting what this or that person posted on Twitter (to the extent that US domestic politics are given more space in papers than the rest of EU combined).

Facebook is equally bad or worse

Facebook has effectively zero effect on the political discourse in Finland now that Covid is just another flu (it had a very small effect as a breeding ground for fringe groups but their actual effect was minimal). As for what effect Facebook has on that side of the pond, I simply don't care.

Not in vogue, you say? (That's the 2020 winner)

Thus my observation that all the examples I've seen of how ChatGPT is supposedly oh so helpful in programming are really examples of what'd be better called scripting.

Good luck getting ChatGPT to write you the required initialization code for ffmpeg mp4 encoder with sensible quality and speed settings since the defaults are utterly braindead (the required code is ~100 lines of largely undocumented structs and function calls).


You set up the development environment, repositories and libraries once and don't have to deal with any of that until a non-trivial change / upgrade comes up in a year or two.

More or less every example I've seen of ChatGPT's touted benefits to programming has had little to do with programming and has ended up being just fairly simple scripting.

Like why would we need debugging skills if ChatGPT can solve that problem?

Because there are lots of problems where ChatGPT is not helpful or gives outright incorrect information that a layman won't even recognize as incorrect.

I dearly hope you're right. Twitter has been the worst thing that's happened to the political discourse in Finland by a large margin. I've said for years that politicians and journalists should have been forbidden from writing, reading or discussing anything on Twitter or seen there with the threat of a heavy fine or jail sentence.

I've seen maybe one or two persons wearing a mask in the workplace, like in reception, but it could be the case where they had some medical reasons.

I've seen people do that for two reasons: pollen allergy (a friend claims this helps him quite a bit) or if they have a cold but need to visit the office / doctor's / some other similar place.

Is there any good Christian music (rock, folk, country) out there?

Uh, more or less everything U2 made up to Achtung Baby?

A better question is, why do random Eastern European towns let an NGO (aka a lobbying group) do anything whatsoever to public property?

I always get a laugh when people try to redefine the countries best representing the "blonde hair and blue eyes"-stereotype as "not actually white".

"The pigmentation of both hair and eyes is lightest around the Baltic Sea, and darkness increases regularly and almost concentrically around this region."

Thank you for validating my choice to stick to listening purely to established 80s artists.

OTOH Season 4 did have that song...

You still need a cable all the way to the surface, whether that's a single long one or multiple shorter ones (much more likely to break). There's a reason deep sea dives have traditionally had the support ship right above the sub.

the sub vanished from communications 2 hours into the dive

The only way the sub could have any communications while in actual dive would be with a long cable (at which point the almost exact location would have been known all the time). Radio doesn't penetrate deep in water without extreme measures (antennas tens of kilometers long with megawatts of transmission power - obviously limited to ground to sub transmissions only).

Proper real time communication with the mothership

This would require a cable connection which gets tricky for 4000 meter deep dives. Radio communication rather famously doesn't work underwater. You can only get ground to sub data transmission at a few bits per second and even that requires tens of kilometer long antennas with megawatts of transmission power.

Linking it to some fashionable phenomena does not look very useful

Except for the very important point about how Putin clearly started the war on a completely false premise he had been fed due to everyone being afraid to report anything other than "things are great". IOW, a perfect example of what Hlynka wrote about.

TBH, that has always applied to a significant portion of posts here, on /r/themotte and way back on /r/slatestarcodex.