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I have a hard time viewing these people as crazy strangers, since they've apparently been citizens in good standing, and anyone else I talk about this with gives me the "You just don't understand the threats that women face every day, hypervigilance, something-something patriarchy" speech, so I don't talk about it.

I'm also confused as to the cringing thing; wouldn't that piss off a threatening man and invite further harassment? In my case, it just crushed me emotionally. I'm apparently so unpleasant as to need warding-off, but not scary enough to avoid provoking. So scary that women sprint away, not scary enough that they don't try to get me to pay for their food or bilk me for attention.

The structure and content sounds terrible, but the actress you're talking about seems...fine? It's Piglet from Derry Girls. The quality of guys chasing her is probably fantastical/farcical, but you're really catastrophising a chubby woman existing on TV.

Yesterday an adult woman was so distressed by my presence walking my dog at a park that she cringed and hid her face from me as we walked past each other. I had not looked at her or acknowledged her in any way. This is in a large major city park near-but-not-in a rough neighborhood where there are much scarier things than a bald bearded white guy in a Hawaiian shirt walking a dog at 1 pm. How the fuck does she get through her day?

The week before, I was leaving a bar on a Wednesday night, a woman was walking some distance ahead of me, and turned of her own accord down the same street I was parked on. 11 pm, safe sleepy neighborhood. I pulled out my key fob to flash the lights of my car. When I reached my car, she sprinted to the other side of the street and gave me a resentful, terrified look. Apparently, I am not allowed to walk to my parked car.

I keep being advised (by women) to meet women at "festivals" and parks and how cute my dog is and how I must get so many girls thanks to him (I don't). It seems irresponsible of them to encourage harassment.

I know I shouldn't take incidents like this so seriously, it just stirs up a lot of old pain.

But notice how ACAB and stuff specifically didn't actually gain much traction beyond Fox News which loved to use it as a very easy boo-outgroup target

I still see it in women's online dating profiles.

Making fun of men for holding fish in their online dating profile is a common joke in women's online dating profiles.

I got banned off of Hinge and I have no idea why. I had barely had any engagement for weeks, Im not in the habit of sending angry or creepy messages. I think I said "Nice shoulders" once. Appeal rejected with no further details.

I suspect the culprit was "My Most Controversial Opinion Is: political slogans are not a personality" which I suppose qualifies as [Bullying] if you have ACAB BLM Free Palestine Something Something Capitalism in your profile, as so many do. Men who fish for a hobby are also being bullied on Hinge, apparently. It was the last change I made, after getting tired of seeing all the empty acronyms.

Now I can stop torturing myself at least.

It shouldn't be that hard for them to figure out, since they use "Ihaveaboyfriend" as their default dude-repellant.

I remember being frustrated early on in college that every woman who was friendly to me turned out to still have their high school boyfriend back in their hometown, which made me roll my eyes at either the lame lie or at the impracticality. I never got any consent training from the school itself, and it turned out not to be needed, because I gained a bunch of weight and my hair started thinning unfairly early, and I got lonely and depressed. Didn't help that my main social outlet was the gamer's club.

Then near the end of college it got strange; every woman's favorite topic of conversation became rape at frat parties, despite our college not having frats or sororities or any sort of Greek life. They started talking about Consent like it was the first time they'd ever heard of the concept and it needed to be constantly explained to everyone else like they were five. I once walked in the same direction as a group of women after class, because that's where my car was parked, and got accused of stalking them to their dorm.

After college I lost weight, grew better facial hair, and shaved my head. But I wound up interacting with a slightly rougher crowd. And I saw women repeatedly choose to stay with men who physically assaulted them, repeatedly, while being surrounded by supportive friends and potential suitors. And the rape rape rape, abuse abuse abuse, rhetoric had gotten worse; all women live in fear of all men, who might abuse her, but her abusive boyfriend isn't like that, she can change him, he's been so much better lately. Also, the seeds of the gamergate schism were sprouting; the new buzzwords that geek girls threw around at all the men they shared their hobbies with were Toxic Mansplaining Gatekeeper. It was also the height of the "men I don't already know aren't allowed to speak to me" rhetoric, which started with On the Bus or At The Supermarket, but eventually became In Class, At Concerts, and At Bars and Clubs.

Through all this, all my male friends (and I) ever wanted was casual dating; doing cute couples stuff together, fucking, and being at social events together, but not planning a wedding. Hookups were something the particularly-hot guys got to do between relationships (or to end relationships).

At this point, I don't think Wokeism is a revolution against the established order, certainly not to young people and definitely not college students. Wokeism IS the established Order. They're conforming to the social context around them.

I hate the civilization/society/social context that I live in, then. Or the events I encounter in my life.

When someone says "my child/SO is my world" they dont mean they exist in their gravity well and breathe their air.

And just about every person who's bullied me or tried to hurt me socially, emotionally, or physically since 2019 has spouted leftist/sjw lingo. My hostility is therefore absolute.

Because every time I tried meeting anyone, I ran into the full Covid gauntlet of Bubbles and Taking It Seriously, stuff that women mysteriously stopped caring about once it stood in the way of fucking him.

And because he had become a hollow skinsuit of upward-mobility who spoke entirely in progressive talking points, to the point where it reminded me of the guy from Nightcrawler. And had a pathetic fucking meltdown where he tried to hold his girlfriend hostage by locking his door with her keys in his room, plus all the emotional abuse before. And he tried to steal the lease out from under his roommates. And he'd poison people against his roomates by calling us racist. And he collaborated with the landlords (to steal the lease), and simped for them massively despite them calling him racial slurs behind his back, which we informed him about in our bid to convince him that they were bad people whom he should not make deals with, especially with him valuing his Blackness so much. So he was a Queer (straight but wants to fuck leftist chicks who hate straight men) Black (ish,) Feminist (who abused women) Communist (who sold out his prole roommates). Eventually he had some sort of psychotic break and attacked me with a fire axe, I maced him and got a restraining order to get him removed from the place. And to this day I have former mutual friends who won't talk to me, because he's Black and Leftist and I'm a straight white male who called the cops on a Person of Color. And wherever he is now, he's undoubtedly balls-deep in some chick he met at a pro-palestine protest, while I still can't get anyone to fucking turn up for fucking coffee after getting my heart mutilated in 2019. Because people are so fucking retarded that they misinterpret me as some kind of monster, while he's the Jesus of their new religion.

That is why I hate the world.

I don't think they realized he was simping. He was just presenting them with everything it was trendy for them to want. Yes, lots. During COVID. While privately being a complete piece of shit. It made me hate the world.

Yes, he just didn't constantly bring up his Blackness.

How do you know it's grandma? Her identity is concealed.

I think that most men who engage in progressive activist politics ultimately do it to simp to women. Or just to fit in with their social circle which includes activist women, to be less uncharitable.

I base this on a guy who reconfigured his entire personality to be a gay black communist in 2017, because that was maximally appealing to college-educated white women. Even changed his Tinder bio to "Queer."

Edit: I should be less-totalizing. Yes, there's genuine sentiment among men, but it's still motivated thinking enforced by the context that leftist women create.

Agree, I think this is less to do with misplaced maternal feelings and more to do with fads and trends and following them.

The skillet of getting a woman to fucking turn up for an OLDate has little to do with the skillet of speaking to them in person. Your instinct will be to say something charming and genuine, which will fail, while someone else with canned lines will breeze through. This is a task I'd want to throw an LLM at; not speaking to women, just the narrow task of getting them to turn the fuck up.

Even the women themselves change massively in their "voice" once they actually have met you and like you.

Actual physical hugging with no dating apps involved. This is a woman who I met at a show, she turned up to one date, we had a great time, then every single date since then she bailed on until I got the message and stopped asking. Then I bump into her again and she runs over and hugs me. I asked her out again, she said yes, then bailed. Three months later, I run into her yet again, get that same reaction, ask her out again, she says yes, she bails, I stop going places where I might run into her.

And the online courtship scene doesn't function.

Both, otherwise I wouldn't be being hugged.

I got my heart broken back in 2019 and it never healed right. I just want to go on dates with people and feel like I'm being given a chance to present myself before being rejected.

I still can't get a woman to turn up for a date. This happens with women I meet in real life, who flirt back, and hug me unprompted.

Not long ago someone tried to aggressively hook me, but rodeos, fool me twenty times, et cetera.

Wellness Wednesday aint gonna do much for that.

I should have been more specific: The above ALWAYS happens. It doesn't happen sometimes, it happens inevitably with every Hinge match.

I matched with a woman on Hinge on Friday. Talked to her for two days, then on sunday asked her out to a free live music thing at a bar for monday; cocktails at a cocktail bar, 10 minute walk to the venue. She said maybe, then the day of said she was tired. I asked her out to lunch instead since I didn't have another free evening this week. She confirmed this morning for today at 1:00. By the time I replied, she'd already unmatched with me.

Met a woman at the park yesterday. She came up to me, we had a long conversation, she spent most of it laughing and smiling. She reacted with glee when I said I also smoked weed. I asked her for her phone number, we could share a joint at lunch sometime. She said yes, shouted "Text me! :)" as I walked away.

No reply to that text message sent later that day with my #. No reply to the text I sent today asking about tomorrow. There will be no further texts.

I hate my life so much. I haven't had a date actually happen in six months.

ATVing in wisconsin north woods. Turned a corner and there was what looked like a large black dog in the trail. It was sitting oddly, like a human would. Then it got up and lumbered off. "Oh, that was a black bear. Cool."

That was about how much they hate Korean men; how are western men "different" to the degree that they don't deserve their dicks cut off? I don't read clickbait articles targeted at Korean women.

Every single time I use Online Dating in the past five years, the dates never happen. We match, we talk, I ask her out, she says yes, she bails, I ask her out again, she says yes, she bails again, I get the hint and stop talking to her. This is AFTER I lose weight and move to a major metro area.