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Tomboys: transgender or transcendental?

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Tomboys: transgender or transcendental?

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The Democrats have unequally become what we traditionally call the Right, and the Republicans have become the edgy, gritty Leftists

Yeah, funny how things turn out sometimes. Whoever the Left is more directionally correct than the Right is by definition, it's just that neither Blue nor Red understands that (though for different reasons). inb4 "obvious Hylnka alt".

Is it possible that Trump truly believes that Vance is the future of the party?

Honestly, probably. The problem with the brain drain out of less populated areas is ultimately that you need pro-social people to lead them rather than running away to a better life serving states that have been emboldened in their hatred of their [former] culture precisely because of that success.

I'd rather vote for someone who actually cares about the entire country rather than just the Blue parts (they have enough policy levers to pull regardless), and someone who signals that they at least understand that dynamic (and appear to give a damn) is probably more of winner than most people would give them credit for (because that was the '16 election in a nutshell- and while the emerging-as-Left lost in 2020, people tend to prefer right-wing governments in the Apocalypse).

Parking may get more difficult for some but to me that’s a fair trade.

More than fair, considering that's what the environmentalists wanted in the first place.

The 90 grain projectiles are memes, though, as they're too long to fit in the most common magazine; 77 grain OTMs are usable but not particularly common. (Interestingly, it's possible to find .223 with 40-grain projectiles as well.) 55 and 62 are the two most common, and ~1.5x a small weight is still a small weight.

Again, this is the simplest version. (Is a Miata with a 500 HP LS1 still a Miata to someone who doesn't understand what a drivetrain swap is?)

No, .22 and 5.56 use what is, functionally, the same projectile; the simplest explanation for 5.56 is just a .22 with anger issues.

Sure, the projectile for 5.56 needs to be pointier and covered in copper so it doesn't disintegrate due to spinning at ~300,000 RPM, but it's not meaningfully different in terms of weight (from "slightly heavier" at 55-62 grains to "exactly the same" at 40) and identical in terms of diameter.

this was a pretty far shot.

This isn't a far shot for the cartridge (5.56 is effective out to 800ish yards, but 450 is about the practical maximum if you're not fiddling with the sights) and it'll still defeat soft armor at those distances provided you're using the appropriate ammunition. It won't defeat the cutting edge of body armor, though (the newest-gen UHMWPE stuff).

Does the manual show the places where the secrets-to-everyone are? (Edit: no, it doesn't.) My main problem with the game is the "burn the random bush that looks like every other random bush"-type things, which is something that other titles would fix with affordances like cracked walls, etc. Which is something I get is a technical limitation of the system, but then again, trying to make a game that depends on a system that can't display it properly is not exactly good design.

I guess I come more from the AVGN school of software design that demonstrates that if it's not reasonably discoverable without reading the documentation it's probably a net-negative for your game design if it's there, since it's now depending on something you thought was obvious in its balance, but nobody can access it, so you're stuck trying to work around it and your game is less fun as a consequence.

.300 Win Mag isn't really all that much more powerful than .30-06 is. It's actually kind of too bad that it exists because .300 WSM is arguably a better cartridge (and doesn't need that belt, so it feeds from magazines better), but it's much less popular specifically because the shortness is never taken advantage of and "but you could get 100 more FPS from the full-sized version".

It also does beat you up just that little bit more. I think that if I ever buy a rifle in that cartridge it's going to be a heavier semi-auto rifle with a brake; basically an HCAR but with all the meme removed (in an even more powerful cartridge).

a deep loathing of .22LR plinkers.

The Ruger 10/22 is not that great a rifle (partially because it hasn't changed in 60+ years) and I'm amazed people sink the kinds of money they do into them. Actually, it's also amazing to me that .22LR has lasted so long; I think that if there ever was a cartridge to replace, it's either that or shotgun cartridges (because all repeating shotguns are ultimately hacks to manage a cartridge design that just doesn't work well at all in repeaters).

The original Zelda doesn't really hold up, IMO.

It honestly blows my mind that the game was released in that state.

I guess not all the games can be hits, and Nintendo cancelling that shitty romhack they thought was worthy of the title Super Mario Bros. 2 in favor of the reskinned Doki Doki Panic was ultimately the right move and a stronger suggestion that they didn't quite have the game design format 100% perfected, but it still blows my mind the game is functionally unbeatable without the relevant copy of Nintendo Power entering the picture somewhere.

Or to put it another way, it was "common-sense country control".

(It was certainly as successful in the long term as everything else common sense demands we control.)

Also, boo on 30-06 not being fired anymore.

.30-06 is obsoleted by .308 on the low end (and in most tactical/fighting rifles) and .300 Winchester Magnum on the high end (and in hunting rifles).

Modern gunmakers, when designing hunting rifles, build their receivers for the physically largest cartridge they'll offer first. .300 Win Mag is that cartridge, so if you buy that rifle in .30-06 you're taking a rifle that's already sized for a more powerful cartridge and, well, nerfing it. And when hunting, people generally welcome the extra power, since you only really want to take (and frequently, only get) one shot.

As for .308, there's no .30-06 Pmag, and why would a manufacturer reinvent the wheel when a different company has already designed it for them? And if you're designing a hunting rifle with its own custom magazine, the above point applies.

Don't worry, though. If it makes you feel any better, in the next 20 years all .30 caliber cartridges will be obsoleted by a hybrid-case high-pressure .308-sized round that delivers .300 Win Mag performance, and I don't believe any mass-market cartridge is going to bother going higher because .300 Win Mag is already at the upper limit of human recoil tolerance.

Simplified version: 5.56 is .223, 5.56 uses the same bullet as .22 but throws it a lot faster. Speed makes aiming way easier, and just like in car accidents, speed kills.

And why not the common 5.56 round?

We don't know yet. Shooters of this type tend to be shockingly incompetent (generally because there are other things wrong with them)- and making aiming harder in a life-or-death situation and using a round that isn't sufficiently powerful is incompetence.

Or rather, they used to be.

What're the thoughts of the gun nerds?

My thoughts are "for fuck's sake, ammunition and reloading components are about to be sold out and/or scalped again, so if you want a gun or gun-related item it's probably best to buy what you want today before they raise their prices even further beyond the normal election year rush".

But January 6 also happened

And this latest stunt may have just cost the Blues that trump card, with interest.

So the media is censoring assassination attempts now.

No matter whose fault this is, it's going to be bad for the left. Yeah, they can claim "it was right-wing" even if it is, but you can't get more right-wing than Trump specifically because of a concerted effort by said media.

The problem if it's not a right-wing actor that did this, doubly so if it's a Dem brownshirt, is that leftists are only really permitted [insured] property damage and the occasional murder as the contained scope of their violence. That is incompatible with also being the faction of murderdeathkill (and being able to call it murderdeathkill).

In any case, one more turn on the escalation spiral. Guess I should buy some primers; I'm sure they're about to sell out again.

To be otherwise is to be fiscally irresponsible, I’d argue.

20% inflation over 2 years while saving no lives and being forced at gunpoint to inject myself with something that doesn’t help, as well as being a prisoner in my own home?

Never Again.

That's the tack that society has been taking since at least the 80s or so.

It used to be. Then a certain kind of angry, selfish person started problematizing masculinity and proclaimed that "nerdy/masculine woman" (masculinity as action) and "effeminate man" (masculinity as identity) were all bad.

That started around 2010 or so and has done nothing but get worse. It seems that the trans stuff is just responding to that worldview.

but requires a lot of coordination, patience and understanding between a bunch of quasi-romantically entangled people

It also requires that you know yourself. Which requires being capable of knowing yourself.

Which is why "poly as identity" really rubs me the wrong way- because if you're not skeptical every time "it's just the way I am, and all of my relations need to just deal with it" as a go-to/the only rationalization for what you're doing, odds are you probably don't understand how love works and are thus doing it wrong.

And at that point, even if you're among the very privileged few that can actually do this successfully, are you going to be Proud of it (and thus cause other people who actually can't do it to get themselves into trouble), or are you going to shut the fuck up about it for the sake of everyone else and maybe not even devote that much time to pursuing it specifically because it's not practical (read: "being oppressed by reality")?

If you're not capable of asking yourself that question, or you're capable of asking that question but can't answer it honestly, indulging $sexual_deviance is probably not right for you. And saying that out loud to people doesn't help as a consequence, so it's not fixable.

I would generally imagine that most with autogynephilia would desist with acting out their autogynephilia in public in disappointment.

Yes, but there's a subset of them who aren't dissuaded by "it'd look terrible and it pisses people off when you aren't being subtle about it".

Which is probably why there's a missing middle of AGPs that want to do it but are more conscious of how they look while doing it (you know, like an actual woman would). But then again, if they were all wearing dress appropriate for the environment and not insisting on going into women's bathrooms while obviously male it would be a non-issue.

From an AGP standpoint, there's nothing qualitatively different between "just the underwear and one of those utility-type skirts that are basically just shorts without the pant legs" and "the showiest red dress you can find"- they're both female clothes, so they should both scratch that itch. It's the fact that they take it beyond parody/have terrible fashion sense/aren't satisfied with the clothes alone that's 99% of the issue.

And it’s door-walk-wait-bus-walk-wait-train-walk-door that makes the commute 2-3 hours simply because that’s how transit works.

Ultimately, this is why cars make sense, even though you don’t get the 20 minutes of forced walking (going to the gym is more efficient time-wise).

That you are, in fact, quietly working towards that happening, even if it's only very abstractly.

Which is why all interactions become colored with that aggression. Of course, small/tiny/micro interactions happen all the time so naturally that makes all of those interactions micro aggressions.

the men who at least are open about how much they'd enjoy being the (literal) whip hand strike me as more honest

But conversely, that's why they have to have the right to shoot me if I try that, and I'm also not allowed to ban any disagreement but violence so I have to allow him to speak, I can't kick in his door without a good reason even if I'm in charge, I have to follow a process if I want to convict him of a crime, etc. so that it doesn't come to him just saying "fuck it" and shooting me pre-emptively.

He doesn't have to tolerate me, he just has to work with me, and those rules if followed allow that peace even though their pursuit of happiness involves enslaving me and vice versa.

She was his employee.

There's a solid argument to be made that "my boss made me do it" is embezzlement, because it's personal gain for one of the employees on the company dime that should be buying the best person for the company, not the best ass for individual managers to benefit from (and judged for something far outside meritocratic performance, too).

Actually, I think that's the best lens under which to judge sex pests in the workplace outside of pound-me-too since it doesn't come off as pure selfishness by women-as-population (as this is an instance of a woman trying to create a crime out of thin air ex post facto) that way.

I'm not convinced that same concept applies to this kind of sole proprietorship (under which she was employed).

'She consented' wasn't a defense.

And today, should "she consented" happens to be an effective defense in a similar case (as pointed out downthread, this is basically the Jian Ghomeshi case all over again), the laws will be changed so that it can't be considered a defense (as they were after his exoneration).

Seems like nothing changed after all.

12K car

That exists already; it’s called the Mitsubishi Mirage.

They don’t sell very well, to the point that Mitsubishi was giving up on them.

If Mitsubishi can’t move units, what hope do the even shittier Chinese cars have? Other than “ban all non-EVs”, that is, at which point there’ll be no choice and it’ll be more workable to just be careless. Which was the entire point all along, of course.

Of course, abandoning the “ban all cars that aren’t pure EV” plan will handily accomplish this without the need for tariffs simply because pure EVs are inferior to everything else.