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Life imitates art. The less whites are represented in art and culture, even something as incidental as ads, the more ire gets directed at them for being mistakenly "over represented" in the real world. It filters into college admissions, hiring, governance, more art, etc, etc. It just creates an overall zeitgeist that white people aren't supposed to be here. It's demoralization, plain and simple.

Don't give money to people who hate you.

I wish I had your optimism. All I see in the future if homeschooling ends up like gun control is the state doing whatever the fuck they want, and then 5 to 10 years later of bad lower court judgements later, the Supreme Court finally tells states to knock it off. If you are lucky. And the state will just spuriously write another shitty narrowly tailored law effectively doing the exact same thing they were told not to do, and the cycle repeats with zero actual respite for the people suffering under a fascist state violating their rights.

Applied to homeschoolers, instead of the state taking your guns, they take your kids. And then 5 to 10 years of lawfare later you missed out on the most formative years of their life, and the state has taught them to hate you.

And maybe they won't come at homeschooling directly. Maybe they'll just have an informal policy of sending social workers of fishing expeditions to your house. Or, wouldn't you know it, "anonymous" allegations are just constantly made against homeschoolers. Oh well. I'm sure some billionaire will put an NGO on that. Or maybe your own tax dollars.

They'll show up and start saying a bunch of scary shit that may or may not even be true about having the cops take your kids immediately if you don't let them in to snoop around. Maybe they'll insist on having the kids alone for a private conversation, whether they have the right to not, and then next thing you know they've declared your child has a protected identity and they aren't safe with you.

My understanding is social workers, as agents of the state, are bound by the same constitutional restrictions as police officers. But I doubt many people know that. I doubt people know you can refuse to allow them to enter, refuse to speak to them, etc.

I've seen so much weaponization of the government against the people the last 3 years, I wouldn't consider anything off limits for them.

If I were to change anything, I would decrease administration staff and increase the number of teachers, until classroom sizes were around 1:10. After kindergarten, students would be arranged in classes based off standardized test scores, where similarly scoring children are sent to the same classrooms.

Good luck with that. Increasingly if the lowest performing members of a politically relevant melanated group can't perform, nobody is allowed to.

I'm actually waiting for the government to start cracking down on homeschoolers. If too many people opt out of curriculums like this by withdrawing their kid, they'll just stop allowing it. I'm already seeing weird, nonsensical hit pieces, like John Oliver's terrifying segment basically trying to smear all white homeschoolers as Nazis or white supremacist. And the articles about "disproportionate impact" or "equity" practically write themselves. A lot of the true believers already belief the existence of the family is the biggest barrier to equity. You can't have whites fleeing the sinking ship that is public education and retreating even further into family!

For highschool, I would start more drastically reworking it. First, I would basically replace English with history in the mandatory curriculum for everyone who is literate. Learning about Shakespeare and studying themes in classic novels, while not completely useless, is less useful than learning about real historical events. You gain the same “critical thinking” skills analysing what motivated the people in WWI to conflict as you do analysing what motivated the people in Hamlet to conflict, plus it actually happened, giving it substantially more value. The same english classes will be kept as optional electives, like how history is optional in higher grades now. Science will only be mandatory in grade 9, and computer science will be mandatory in grade 10.

I think I have the biggest beef with this. You want to study history without direct exposure to culture. This is a fools errand, and will only allow "experts" to further lie about the past, and demonize your ancestors and your cultural birthright. Exposure to primary sources is the strongest antidote to this.

You know it's funny, I love reading about history, and I love reading generally. I loathed history and English/literature class.

History was always boiled down to memorization of dates, a fact or two about a dozen historical figures, and also memorization of way more geography than was relevant. I had a singular history teacher in 12 years of public school who taught history as a story. I fucking loved that year of history. I don't know what the rest of them were doing. I took AP History, the only AP class I didn't pass the AP test for, and once again it was taught as memorization of trivia. The teacher would meander through irrelevant nonsense. Then she'd give a test on which nothing discussed in class was on it. I'd just read 3 straight chapters from the textbook and hope for the best. Usually got a B.

English was hit or miss. I had teachers that mostly forced us to read emotive, introspective nonsense that was boy kryptonite, and write essays parroting back their correct opinions about it. I had teachers that allowed us to read whatever we wanted, and I'd delve into Dune, HG Wells or Ray Bradberry. I actually enjoyed Shakespeare, 1984, Heart of Darkness and Brave New World which were all required reading. I even enjoyed The Iliad and The Odyssey, though it was difficult for me in middle school. I loathed the 6 months I had to spend on "diverse" authors and racism polemics. I loathed that it increasingly crept into the summer reading, growing from an option out of two dozen books I could read, to a subcategory I had to pick a book from. The autobiographical ones were the worst, because all I saw were terrible anti-social choices to do drugs, commit petty crime, and ignore their education. And then the discussion would all revolve around "systemic racism". I'd just check out completely, it made so little sense.

I don't know how typical this is. My grade school education primarily occurred in the 90's in the US. I no longer trust the education system to be capable of reform. School choice is probably the only possible means of moving towards anything better. At least then people could try different things and see what works, versus this top down enforcement of pedagogy and curriculum that is a Gordian Knot of corrupt politics.

RE: Athletic heart, my wife is a cardio bunny and often has a very low resting heart rate. Every time she's connected to a machine, the machine goes off until they just turn the damned thing off. It happens. When I was in better shape around the time I got my 2nd degree black belt, the same thing happened to me.

I was super tempted by the Cigar Malt when I was shopping. I often have my whiskey with a cigar! But, the bump from an $80 bottle to a $120 bottle was just too rich for my taste. I'm just stingy like that.

I'm a simple man. I strayed into my first relatively nicer whiskey for my 40th birthday. A bottle of Dalmore 12 Year. I kind of fucking love it. I'm used to enjoying the taste of whiskey for a moment or two and then knocking it back before the burn/aftertaste kicks in. The longer I keep Dalmore in my mouth, the better it taste though. I guess you really do get what you pay for.

I also don't think there's any distinction between "whites should fight for their interests" and "we should strive for a colourblind meritocracy", and it's revealing that Winegard makes no attempt to define "white interests" beyond dismantling DEI, affirmative action, reducing immigration, all of which can and are being advocated for without needing to resort to white nationalism.

"Advocated for" and failing miserably. And the door for that advocacy even being allowed gets shut harder and harder as time goes on. You lose your job, lose your right to free expression on the public square of the internet, you get stripped of your credentials, or denied the credentialing process, even face criminal prosecution now. Not for the speech directly, but it puts a target on your back, and the DOJ or Soros DA's will find something to get you on. Even statements as simple as "It's ok to be white" cause the enforcers of anti-white demoralization to freak out and over react. I don't care if it was a joke from 4chan designed to provoke them. It still provokes them! Just because some asshole knew they'd act retarded, doesn't take away that they are, in fact, acting retarded.

Average white Americans have no interest preserving Western Civilization or spend anytime thinking Shakespeare, Beethoven, Kant, Eliot, Locke, Hume, Russell, et cetera. Average white Americans (like everyone else) are intermarrying at high rates, befriending and starting businesses with non-white people, and just generally getting along.

Yes, average white Americans, suffering generations of demoralization propaganda, have been warded away from their cultural birthright. This is exactly why there needs to be more white identarian awareness. They should be encouraged to revel in the past achievements of their culture. They should be encouraged to understand the themes and meaning behind them, and preserve them for future generations.

Even assuming we lump Jews into whites, 'white identity' still cuts out like 1/5 of my friend group and people I like online. Sure, those are mostly Asians and Indians as opposed to hispanics/blacks.

Where in the article does it say you can't be friends with them?

To the significant extent that that's true, it's entirely of their own desire and creation. Embracing white identity here is a blunt proxy for rejecting wokeness, liberalism, whatever you call it. I think Philo would admit he'd have no reason to embrace white identity if white/asian/jewish/indian elites had no interest in uplifting blacks or mass hispanic immigration or w/e. But ... why not just ... directly advocate for that? And if you can't do the that, you can't do the much tougher task of embracing white identity anyway.

Well, it hasn't worked yet, and it's chances of working sense white identity politics decreases with every million illegals that cross the border. See the popular definition of insanity as trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Like SS, you’re demanding Jews en masse be more reactionary than most gentile Americans of their class.

I don't think so. I think at a bare minimum I'm asking the Jews actively asking for my political support to stop marginalizing me politically.

The context is a massive rise in hostility towards Jews on campus. It's being performed using the exact same apparatus that Jews were accomplices in against my people. They are asking for my help, while still not even admitting the use of that apparatus against me is wrong.


Are these fashionable luxury beliefs held by a wide brown coalition and "good whites"? Sure. And when the "good whites" come begging for help, or whichever group gets targeted next, I'll say the same to them. Well, rhetorically. I don't think it matters one bit what I say, or how I feel, beyond venting my spleen on an internet forum.

But all that is still hypothetical. In this context, at this time, the hypocrisy of academic Jews, or Jews pulling their donations from colleges, and acting all surprised and horrified that anything like this could possibly be happening, despite it happening to my people for going on 10 years, is rich. It's really fucking rich. Especially when they aren't even willing to dismantle the apparatus that targeted me first, and then them. They merely want it to go back to focusing on me.

Then you must have only read 1/3rd of my post.

I've never liked the term "white genocide." The word genocide itself is just a word that gets to be claimed by the victor, as the definition is broad enough to be applied to nearly every conflict...

Genocide might be overplaying their hand... for now. But anti-white pogroms are a hill I will, and have, died on.

Still, it's impossible to overlook the work of the Jewish academic class in the role of pushing anti-white blood libel in their privilege discourse. And I say blood libel, because the sorts of anti-white rhetoric that gets pushed, often by Jewish intellectuals, would land anyone on the ADL's hate list if the same were said about jews. This despite the things they claim about whites often being objectively and measurably more true of jews than of whites. Like the disproportionate educational outcomes, wealth outcomes, and over representation in positions of power.

It's impossible to overlook the Jewish entertainer class that does the rounds accusing all immigration restrictionist of being Nazis, since they get to monopolize integrating Nazi imagery into their routines much the same way Blacks get to monopolize the n-word in theirs.

It's impossible to overlook how the Jewish political class, most notably the ADL, attacks anyone who doesn't want to flood this country with immigrants who hate America. I mean christ, there were very brown rallies in every major city in the US and Europe calling for the death of all Jews, and they tweeted about fucking white supremacist. They never miss a chance to blood libel my people.

I can't possibly be made to care anymore. Jews are being attacked on college campuses? So? That's been the status quo for my people for going on 15 years now. Where was their great concern for white conservatives every time there were paroxysms of violence at a cancelled speaking event? Shit, where was their great concern over even recent violent riots over, only because it's top of mind, someone like Riley Gaines speaking on a campus?

None of them have recanted even slightly that white people aren't getting what they deserve. They just don't believe it should be visited on them.

Aside from his "ethnonationalism for me but not for thee", I think he was also a basic bitch chamber of commerce style "we need immigration to stimulate the economy" Republican until the particular street he lived on in CA got inhospitable. Then he finally realized the evils of unchecked illegal immigration that people who don't live on the combined income of a lawyer and a doctors have to endure.

Thats my plain read of it, yes. Not unlike "cultural marxism" however, plenty of people will insist the plain reading is wrong, and the true meaning involves literally every evil that lurks under the bed of a neoliberal at night.

With those numbers, you’re exceedingly unlikely to know anytime with kids going through those procedures.

Yeah, and yet I do. You know, this actually reminds me of the discussion downthread, about some author misrepresenting/misunderstanding stats to try to show that a greater proportion of whites are illiterate than blacks in CA.

When you posted the site with those stats before, I wanted to push back then, but got distracted. But your own source pointed out it was likely undercounting, because it was only capturing a very narrow statistical category of trans youth. Namely, youth with a formal diagnosis and formal prescription for gender dysphoria.

Meanwhile, using older stats, there are at ~150,000 transgender youth from age 13-17 in the united states. So something here isn't adding up by several orders of magnitude.

I joked with my wife in the first episode "How long until the cult leader just starts fucking all the women?"

Surprisingly, it hadn't gotten that far yet. Although the final episode talks about him buying several hundred acres in the middle of nowhere, and wanting his cult members to move out there. He wants his "harmonious couples" to start having "golden children" that are already ascended. However, since most of them are sterilized women pretending to be men, he will be picking who the biological fathers will be.

Pretty sure you only need one guess how that's going to end up.

Well, there is always the verboten topic of the "meme sex". Probably going to get modded again for even uttering the words.

Big five personality traits agreeableness and neuroticism are a helluva drug. And, specific to this cult, more or less every single former member they interviewed said they found the cult by googling "twin flame", a woo woo spiritual concept they'd heard about before, after having an intense personal connection with someone. Twin Flame Universe is apparently the most search engine optimized result for that query, and off to the cult they go. The struggle sessions prey on their neuroticism and the intense social conditioning preys on their agreeableness.

So, I watched Escaping Twin Flames this week. It's basically a documentary about a cult, with a fun twist at the end. The short version is it's a cult/mlm that promises true love to everyone paying in. The leader of the cult claimed he could channel who the soul mate, or "twin flame" to use cult speak, of the members was. Twin flames were often just random ass people in the cult members life. No matter what members were encouraged to stalk, harass and profess their love to their "twin flame". That approach wasn't going so great however. There was a manifest lack of success in the group, with vanishingly few members successfully entering a relationship with their "twin flame". Sensing things weren't going so great, the leader changed the rules so that everyone's twin flame was actually already in the cult. Only problem was, 80% of the members of the cult were women, and there weren't enough men to go around. But the cult leader had a fantastic idea. If you just convince half the women that they are actually "divine masculine", and get them to transition, everyone can pair off as "divine masculine" and "divine feminine". It's genius!

Why can't two ladies just be in a relationship? I donno, shut up. Cult leader says so.

So anyways, the final episode is about the cult forcing members to get "gender affirming care". Cross sex hormones, top surgery, you know the deal. And this is enforced through all the classic cult conditioning you've seen if you've ever watched a documentary about cults. The cult recruits from lonely, vulnerable, often young and impressionable people. You are encouraged to cut off everyone outside of the cult. All dissenters are exiled from the cult, creating a status quo where you must do whatever the cult leader says or lose your entire social support network. A lot of people even derived their income from the cult, making the control even more complete. Lots of struggle sessions breaking down the identities of cult members. Like I said, if you've seen a cult documentary before, none of this will be new to you.

What made this special to me is the many, frequent caveats the documentary included that you are not, under any circumstances, to apply any of the horrific trans brainwashing depicted in this documentary to anything else. This is unidirectional knowledge. You are only allowed to consider it in the context of this specific cult being bad. Now here is random trans expert we've hired to reinforce the point that these trans people have been abused into being trans, and not any other trans people you may have had in your life. Ignore your lying eyes. Especially insulting is that all the moms they interview about how their children were stolen away by the cult still use the new preferred pronouns and names of their abused and brainwashed children. Had me yelling at the screen "Have the fucking strength of your convictions you coward!"

Frankly, the nominal stories a lot of parents tell about their children deciding they are transgender doesn't differ that much from the cult experience. Their child is totally normal, not a hint of gender dysphoria, until a person the kid looks up to or wants to impress, often someone the parents can specifically identify, starts pushing it on their kid. Kid does it to fit in with their friend group, maybe a completely different friend group than they had before, maybe a friend group that only exists online. Then kid is encouraged to completely cut off anyone not 100% on board with their new identity. Most horrifying of all is how often the state involves itself in this, with schools serving as a vector to suggest to children, and glamorize, queer identities, facilitate their secret transitions, and CPS stepping in to take custody from parents who don't "affirm".

But going even deeper, where the fuck is the medical establishment? When the Heaven's Gate cult had members castrated themselves, I sincerely doubt they just waltzed into a Planned Parenthood and had it done no questions asked. How are the diagnostic criteria so wide open that a cult leader can have his members electively mutilate themselves at walk in clinics, no problem?

Most ironic of all, is there is a part of the documentary where they describe an incident where the cult leader had his top leadership watch a documentary about another cult. Then he instructed them to write essays about how he was definitely not a cult leader. This was the moment one of the interviewee's in the documentary realized she was in a cult and left. All the other cult members performed that feat of cognitive mutilation however. Meanwhile, on a meta level, the documentary is pulling the same fucking thing on us, the audience, with it's gaslighting about the explosion of trans youth. We just weren't assigned the further task of completing homework about how nothing we saw in the documentary about a trans cult applies to the other trans cult we see sitting right in front of us.

Are you purposely trying to bait me?

OP pointed out that virtually no one in San Francisco can get a conceal carry permit, and that it's rank hypocrisy for Feinstein to have gotten one. To further their point, asking bing how many CCP have been issued in San Francisco

San Francisco has issued only 11 concealed carry permits over the last decade. The San Francisco Sheriff’s Department is known for granting virtually no concealed carry permits, and received only two applications in 2017 and none in 2018. No permits were granted either year, and there are no active permits.

And you proceed to completely ignore the point about hypocrisy or special treatment and instead harp on how Feinstein really deserved a CCP. I keep making the point that she's no more deserving, morally, than many of victims and future victims of violent crime in San Francisco.

And you return that I'm advocating that no one should be issued a concealed weapon permit.

Sir, I say in all serious. Are you distracted and not paying full attention to the arguments you are engaging in? Are you getting a blowjob under the table right now? Is this the other window you keep open while you chain smoke and game in a cyber cafe? What is your fucking deal?

I'm saying a random person has just as much moral right to defend themselves from the threats they are likely to face as a "special" person from the "special" threats they are likely to face. A special person might risk assassination, a non-special person risks getting randomly (or pseudo-randomly) being violently and potentially lethally victimized in other ways. You have a moral right to defend yourself from all of them. Targeted assassination isn't the one special category you have a moral right to defend yourself from.

Completely and totally irrelevant to my point. You just further buy into the notion that special people face special threats and deserve special treatment, which I reject in it's totality.

This seems like a really good example too


Just textbook feminist slogan, barely a punchline involved.

It's tough, because, for me, it had more to do with the character arcs he gave his characters. The comic started off with Slick and Monique both being losers. Slick went around with all the fake swagger of a guy who just took a PUA seminar, and Monique was an attention whoring social climber. A lot of the humor revolved around the fact that both these characters thought more of themselves than they were, and were often both the butt of jokes. It was a good pairing of characters with obvious flaws ripe for humor circa the 2000's. A dynamic forms where Slick is a misogynistic loser friend zoned by Monique, while Monique is a slut trying, and failing, to sleep her way to higher social status. It's a dysfunctional relationship where you can honestly say they deserve each other.

The feminist stuff creeped in slowly, and then quickly. Slick stopped being character at all, and became some sort of totem for the manifold evils of men. Monique on the other hand transformed into this good at heart, if mislead by society, icon for all the saintly aspects of womanhood. It got extremely sex negative, with even a longtime budding romance between two incredibly sweet side, relatively emotionally mature characters nixed at the last moment all sex is rape, and only platonic friendships are good and pure. This while "The Sisterhood" more or less displaced all the rest of the cast to dispense on the nose feminist talking points and try to awaken the entire rest of the cast to the patriarchal matrix.

That's about when I stopped reading. This further turn towards anti-woke, anti-trans, MAGA supporter definitely comes as a surprise to me. Skimming some, it's interesting to see his previous sex-negative views transmogrified into anti-coomer, anti-degeneracy comics. I can't say I disapprove, although I wonder if he ever softened on characterizing seemingly all sexual relationships between men and women, even emotionally healthy monogamous partnerships, as evil and wrong.

Po-tae-to, Po-tah-to.

Normal people have to deal with threats too. I don't see why the threat Feinstein faced, and her moral right to defend herself, is contingent on the type of threat. All I see is an important person having the sorts of threats they face being classified as "special", while the threats normal people deal with aren't.

No kidding? So there was a light at the end of the tunnel after all.