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I don’t think I said it was a scientific investigation? The video is simply a visual representation of what I’m talking about and gained enormous popularity a couple of weeks ago.

There was a video that went around a few weeks ago (https://youtube.com/watch?v=RAlI0pbMQiM) where people were asked to rank each other's intelligence from most to least. The (presumably) straight cis het white male who worked in a low intelligence field (former military) and lived in Indiana or somesuch was ranked very low by the rest of the group, but when tested ranked 2nd.

My suspicion that LGBTQIA2S+ community members appear to have such high intelligence because they're not being constantly discouraged from achievement like straight cis het white males are.

You are basically seeing the effects of: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stereotype_threat?useskin=vector

LGBTQIA2S+ people are told that they are smart and unique and creative and wonderful and destined to do great things in the world, and as a result of that they do.

Everybody else (I'm using straight cis het white fucking males as a bit of a catchall here, since nearly everybody else can fit themselves into LGBTQIA2S+ somewhere except them) is told that they are stupid, uncreative, evil colonizers who can't dance, can't make music, stole everything they ever created, cant't go to the moon, etc. I am a straight cis het white male. Who are the role models I am supposed to be allowed to have?

I’m trying to remember my school, but I believe it was like: bus picks is up at 7:30. 8:10-8:20 or so was the bell, then leave at 2:45 and home by 3:30 (or so).

I don’t think my point hinges on it being exactly 8 hours, though.

The point is that the state requires you to send your kids to them for a substantial amount of time, and this implies that responsibilities which could or have historically fallen on families now fall on the state.

Yes you can homeschool, but most people aren’t able to actually pull it off.

To push back on that: we force kids to leave their families for like 8 hours a day to go to school. We kindof do need them to teach everything that is good, because the government is forcing their parents not to. To say that they're going to take our children away for most of their childhood, and then also restrict them from physical activity, is well past just borderline evil.

An improvement to these things (which seem heavy handed) would be to include this history when you take these sorts of drastic actions.

Because from the outside it seriously just looks like power tripping/petty.

A 7 day ban for this is incredibly excessive. This user is clearly a good contributor, despite drunkpoasting one thing on a holiday. Banning people like this also deprives other users of good discussions. One day would be both appropriate and also funny, and not punish everyone else.

Unless this person has some history of this and bans: this is a ridiculous response.

Charitably: the pope is trying to engage with sinners and help them return to the light.

Christ didn’t hang out with prostitutes because he thought being a prostitute was a good thing.

What association does Geert Wilders have to Ireland?

I feel the same way but for the opposite reason. Non technical people who don’t understand the infrastructure requirements of actually running these things are talking about them as if they’re ghosts, or spirits.

It’s not “AGI that escapes the lab and infects all the computers”, it’s: your credit card company starts using OpenAI/Microsoft products to make determinations about debt collection and there are unforeseen edge cases.

You’re not going to have an AGI that somehow worms it’s way into a nuclear computer for several reasons:

  1. We already have actual humans trying to do the same thing.

  2. You’d notice the semi truck loads or H200s being unloaded into your building, as well as the data center being built to house them.

I feel like there is a cycle here:

  1. Programmers make a thing which is capable of repeating that it is sentient.

  2. Programmers want to inflate their sense of importance, and their position of importance within society. They spin elaborate science fiction stories about a “escaping” super intelligent AI.

  3. They refuse to elaborate.

  4. Alexi Friedman refuses to ask them to elaborate

  5. The marketing people, seeing the attention the programmers are getting, want in.

  6. They hear the stories from 2, and repeat them for the same reasons, not realizing that they were being marketed to by the programmers.

  7. The programmers and marketers now end up in a sort of martingale situation where they just keep double down on each others claims.

  8. The board of OpenAI decides to Take Action to prevent the marketing thing from happening.

Guys, I’m sorry if we deceived you. The AI is not going to “escape”. That doesn’t even make sense. Literally if there is a problem just stop paying the azure bill and Microsoft will shut it off.

This seems unlikely. I was recently banned for suggesting that LLMs could be used to fulfill the length requirements.

Unfortunately I think it’s inevitable, especially if the mods keep the length requirements in place.

BLR seems to solve many problems. I am genuinely lost as to why there is such an aversion to it here.

How is this not literally the exact format this post followed? They posted a link, the context, (the quoted section), and then they speculated, and then also offered their viewpoint or “take” after it.

It was concise, but that is the sign of competent writing.

I don’t know

Then what are you asking for? If you don’t think that Hamas would even agree to it (and there is plenty of evidence that they wouldn’t), then what does this even mean?

This started a huge discussion though? I really disagree with this policy (as I have said many times). This person posted a useful, relevant, on topic link and it has generated a lot of discussion.

This is not a problem, and certainly is not an example of the problem you’re trying to solve with the length requirements.

What is the pink site?

I think I crossed out the parts you didn’t like. Is that what you meant?

They is currently an 8 month old baby in the UK with a mitochondrial disease which is almost definitely terminal. The babies name is Indi: https://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/italy-grants-citizenship-terminally-ill-british-baby-after-104666139

A UK judge has ordered that that the baby be killed. Her parents have protested this, saying that they don’t think the government should kill their baby.

The Catholics have said: give us the baby and we will put the baby in our pediatric Vatican hospital, and the Italian government has said they would cover the medical bills. The Italian government has also said that the family can have Italian citizenship.

The UK has said no, you can’t leave, you need to keep the baby here so we can kill it.

I know this sounds hyperbolic, but…I don’t think it is. Read the article. Absolutely deranged behavior.

I understand that in socialized medicine countries there is some calculation about how much life support will cost, and famously in Canada sometimes this means the government just tries to get you to kill yourself, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. The Catholics are being pretty Catholic about this and just trying to save the baby. The UK government won’t let them and insists that they should just kill her.


Would Hamas agree to this ceasefire? For how long?

Attacking your enemy, then crying for a ceasefire when they retaliate seems a bit ridiculous. Maybe Hamas should have considered a ceasefire on October 6th.

The “cease fire” people are the same people who were calling for a “no fly zone” over Ukraine.

I believe Israel has been seeking a ceasefire for about 20 years now. In fact, I’d say that their entire response here is because Palestine continues violating the various cease fires being implemented.

Hire staff.

Cleaners, and landscapers.

It really depends on what level of wealth your at beyond that. Honestly the best thing you could do would be to live frugally for a while, invest heavily, then retire.

Not that anybody online seems to be aware of.

Are you aware of bluey? Maybe you don’t have kids? Bluey is an outrageously popular 2D animation show for kids that looks like it could have been made in 1995. It’s made in a software called celaction2d.

I can’t really overstate how popular it is. It’s made in Australia. It’s so popular that I suspect it will start having more copycats from more modern first world countries. (Just kidding Australians).

It’s also extremely wholesome. I can’t think of a single but of degeneracy in the entire show.

Thanks, Nara!

Equivalent for the purposes of my point, which is that “conversion therapy” is morally near to pride, LGBT holidays, trans therapy, etc.

I think you’re missing my point, or maybe your being cheeky and I don’t realize it.

A straight person unconverted to gay, and a gay person unconverted to straight are equivalents.

It seems like the assumption is that you can only ever find out that you’re gay, as if that is an evolution. I’m saying it goes both ways. Consider a 20-something who experiments with homosexuality in college and then realizes that they don’t like it later in life.

This is the same as a gay person experimenting with heterosexuality and “coming out” later in life.

We seem to be socially okay with helping straight people convert to homosexuality, but not okay with the opposite.