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Texas is freedom land

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Texas is freedom land

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Palestinian casualties have always far exceeded Israeli ones

It’s not for lack of trying, though.

Hamas appears to be limited more by Israeli tech and funding advantages than by its own morality. Israel…it’s less clear. I would argue they are operating further from their maximum capability than Hamas. Whether that’s due to conscience or to realpolitik, I’d still call it “restraint.”

Or to put it another way: if Hamas wanted to cause more casualties among Israeli civilians, what would it do differently? Because I get the impression it’s taking all the opportunities it can. The scarcity of such opportunities, and the horrific penalties it pays in return, doesn’t excuse much.

What was the law that made this a temporary exception? Your link only shows the removal.

Anyway, you missed a couple options.

  • Support for protestors concealing their identity while behaving correctly. I.e. honest-to-god peaceful speech as protected under the 1st amendment.
  • Support for the actual, as-written exemption. No loophole, simply the belief that “physical health and safety” protections are still worth privileging.
  • Distrust that right-leaning leaders will assume intent to conceal identity even when there are other plausible reasons.
  • Objection to the pure chilling effect, regardless of any actual abuse.

Now, I agree with your prediction. At least the strict form, where you mean people committing crimes other than mask-wearing. I do not expect the law to be used against sympathetic chemo patients. I think it would quite likely be applied to the mythical peaceful (but still masked) protest. As in—near 100% that, if a protest were shut down with arrests, some of the perps would only be charged under this statute. It’s just too easy to insist that they were aiming for intimidation and thus must have been concealing identity. Ask @gattsuru if it’s a good idea, generally speaking, to rely on police discretion.

Of course, I don’t really expect such arrests, because I expect the law to have its intended chilling effect.

Again, I’m not asking you to agree with objectors. You probably have a very different level of trust in the police, and you certainly have a different evaluation of health risks. I’m simply imagining the alternate universe where this has the complete opposite valence. Where it’s seen as legal chicanery comparable to NY handgun law, or a state power grab along the lines of wiretapping. Where the same users who cry foul about liberal bias ask why this time, the ambiguity is okay.

Generally agreed. We certainly have the ability. I assume there is some sort of treaty with each (functional) country. It’s devilishly hard to search, though.

Good story, by the way.

I like it.

Specifically, I like it a lot better than the pseudo-stratification that we’re getting by relying on high deductible health plans.

That…isn’t that how it already works? It’s definitely true for speeding and vehicular manslaughter sentencing. I don’t really want to spend my afternoon looking for overpass suicides, but I would not expect the truck to be blamed in that scenario, either.

And people say the U.S. is too car-centric!

This would be a terrible policy. People already burn their cars for insurance fraud. This adds an obvious incentive to cause personal injuries while you’re at it.

Maybe there’s a problem with repatriation? I don’t actually know if countries have to accept criminals if they’re originally citizens.

Wait, really?

Maybe I’m just making assumptions from my time in the schools here.

Please tone down the outgroup-booing. This is waging the culture war, not discussing it.


Hell, we saw it with Queen Elizabeth, who’s got a much better reputation in the U.S. than either of those.

I’ve got a theory that one of the signs of a…good? healthy? site is people willing to say the boring thing. Small talk. Socially acceptable responses. Stuff that real humans would say to other real humans’ faces. Those make it more like a community and less like performance art.

Sometimes we do a good job of it. I like that.

What do those numbers look like for white-collar work?

Cause I don’t think the pool of immigrants picking fruit in the Central Valley (or cleaning toilets in Google HQ) are really driving prices, no. In a supply-choked market, the wealthier buyer is more important.

Our high property taxes are also correlated with—if not the cause of—our unusually good schools.

There’s a few confounders. It’s not a coincidence that conservation gained prominence as the American frontier closed. And it was part and parcel of the Progressive reforms which gained ground in that era. Frankly, I think that spirit beats the alternatives.

Yeah, being a rich foreign tourist is a very different position than being a permanent resident.

Wait. How?

I’m willing to believe that they’re so much more dense, but I want to understand the mechanism. Is it heavily mid-rise? Is it the reduced car infrastructure? Has their density trended up or down in the postwar era?

Good law is a moving target, too. At least in our world of imperfect information.

And current AI does not care about logical consistency. It may usually say something consistent, because the humans who generated its training data usually tried to make their statements flow from one to the next. Unless they were being sarcastic or subversive.

Nor is there a guarantee that they were correct in their own logic. For example, they could have been starting from the assumption that things they don’t like are logically incoherent! Then, even if the AI decided to replicate their beliefs perfectly, it too would be swinging at strawmen.

That’s not a recipe for good law.

Damn. I hope he pulls through. So far his chances are looking decent.

As for the social media response…I wouldn’t put too much credence in it. There’s no incentive for someone to be reasonable or measured. Or for such a reasonable person to share their sympathies.

How does SG’s healthcare work?

If there’s ever a country I’d expect to have the dreaded “death panels”, it’d be this one, I guess.

That’s actually close to a phrasing we’ve considered. Our dear departed @ymeskhout was interested in some sort of formal challenge system—see a ridiculous, unsupported claim? Demand a defense. He was particularly frustrated with (what he saw as) isolated demands for rigor.

Anyway. There’s no time limit. The faster a controversial claim is defended, the better.

You can do that just fine without getting modded.

Antagonism isn’t just the word you choose. It is about attacking the people with whom you’re speaking.

Backseat modding does.

It’s SecureSignals. The JQ has always been his single thing that matters.

Damn. I’ve seen a couple memes with this painting, and now I know why.

@mcjunker and @AshLael come to mind. Others who made the jump to /r/theschism.