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Even if that would mean a Russian victory?

Your use of scare quotes struck me as snarky, and you very much did not understand or failed to address the argument being made, which was entirely about a pattern of behavior and the disproportionate representation. The hostility was, I think, a perception that you rather deliberately missed the point.

Charity is in order, but I think it's fair to say that George's comment is very easy to read as sarcastic and strawmannish, even if that was unintentional.

Right, but you wouldn't know this from mass media, which misrepresents this reality to a fairly extreme degree.

The white woman/black man "pairing" as you put it is not, as far as I am aware, a particularly new concept

That this is the most common or ideal pairing is definitely a new concept.

There's nothing inherently contradictory at all about what you describe, because you are calling it a queue when it is really a pipeline, and process pipeline's length is not directly related to its capacity. For example, you could have a process pipeline that contains certain things that just inherently require time, such as review by multiple people who process daily batches.

Seems I haven't found any real satisfying middle ground between the super heavy beers (stouts) and the crisp light beers (ales, pilsners, shandies).

How about a nice dunkel lager? It's got the roasted flavors and maltiness of a stout but the crispness and clean aftertaste of a light lager.

And "being vulnerable" can, and often does, involve nothing more.

Somebody better tell Werner Herzog!

My first guess was that it meant skepticism of fiat currency.

I wouldn't know. I can basically never remember my dreams unless I'm startled awake or feverish.

There is a part where he is checking out his new apartment after getting booted by Huxley, where a random lady wrong-number video calls him while topless.

LetsEncrypt only issues domain validation certs. They do not issue code signing certs, and they are not interchangeable.

Just a virulent bronchitis, I think. I and everyone I know got it, and the cough persists for weeks if not months.

Where do you think "not providing free Narcan" would fall on that scale?

Are you talking about the Spidertron?

Also on Wheel

You say that like it's a good thing, but it isn't.

I agree, I think a lot of people are serious denial about the degree to which these opinions have broken social media containment and bled out into the real world. I'd guess mostly because of TikTok, but that's just speculation.

I expect pedophilia and bestiality not to get normalized because kids and animals don't actually want to have sex with you, there's an actual victim there. I expect that the future will normalize a lot of things I find weird or upsetting but which don't actually harm anyone on net, which is how I see the trans movement.

Here's a mechanism: AI-generated (or hand-drawn) CP doesn't actually have any victims. No actual person is harmed on net, except by very legally tenuous chain-of-causation. By your logic, banning this is unreasonable. However there are fairly obvious paths by which the legitimization of CP which doesn't harm anyone leads to increased tolerance of CP generally, and increasing exposure and tolerance (in the lack-of-disgust sense) to the idea of child sex as a concept.

Normies get their news and opinions from sources that are downstream of it, a lot of time. George Floyd and the response to it has to be a central example, I would think. Tik-tok lefties may be a minority of the population, but if they start evangelizing to normies in real life, and get mass media backup for their evangelizing, that's more than enough to create false beliefs in an outright majority.

This sounds like a failure of academic research. In a case like this where you know the results could be hugely valuable, i.e., profitable, there is no shortage of venture capitalists who would be interested in properly funding the research at least to the point where its value could be proven out.

But a lot of similarly brainless beat-em-up action movies have been released with women leads over the years, often with better objective craft and quality overall, and male audiences have generally rejected all of them.

Like what?

There are a lot of misses, but I'd guess that most of them are due to a dynamic where the producers start out with the goal of making an action movie that women will be interested in watching. They then start my casting a lead woman and usually other supporting women, but also change it in other ways such as making these women hypercompetent, degrading the other male characters, or focusing on themes and topics that would be of particular interest to women specifically. It's not really a surprise when men turn out to be less interested in these movies that are after all not for them.

This already exists in the form of, e.g., Unitarian Universalism. It has not been hugely popular. I think there are a couple of reasons for this that similar proposals generally run into as well.

First, its teachings aren't different enough from intuitive "be nice" ethics to have any point. People who even think about the idea of ethical living generally do not need such basic levels of guidance, which makes the enterprise little more than a social club. But demanding more is too exclusionary or too "irrational", and therefore left to the other churches. I think that being exclusionary in at least some ways is critical to fostering a bond and creating a sense of actual belonging.

Related to this, the entire idea of religiosity without contradicting material existence is oxymoronic and counterproductive. The thing that people with a religious void feel they are missing is mystery, an insistence that there are some things that are beyond our comprehension, that are above and beyond us, forever. The peace that religion offers is from knowing that you don't have to think about it or justify it, you know and believe it without thinking. You cannot replicate the things that religion offers without offering undoubtable truth, but this is something that materialists cannot really bring themselves to do.

Another problem is that organizations without an unshakable grounding in text or canon will be highly vulnerable to entryism and taken over by activists. We saw this precise thing play out already in the Atheism movement, which tore itself apart when activists started trying to add political planks to the Atheism belief framework. Wishy-washy "be excellent to each other" churches will quickly succumb to the exact same issues simply because activists are more motivated than people who are there to sing hymns and pat each other on the back about how moral and ethical they are.

It's a trust issue. People are familiar with the conduct of lawyers with an axe to grind, and simply know better than to voluntarily place themselves in front of that buzzsaw.