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Kai su, teknon?

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I'm a transhumanist doctor. In a better world, I wouldn't need to add that as a qualifier to plain old "doctor". It would be taken as granted for someone in the profession of saving lives.

At any rate, I intend to live forever or die trying. See you at Heat Death!


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Kai su, teknon?

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I'm a transhumanist doctor. In a better world, I wouldn't need to add that as a qualifier to plain old "doctor". It would be taken as granted for someone in the profession of saving lives.

At any rate, I intend to live forever or die trying. See you at Heat Death!


User ID: 454

I've already irrevocably sprinkled hundreds of tidbits of personally identifiable information on the internet, forgive me for not putting something that could literally be used for picking me out of a crowd there too haha.

But if you can get it in 3 guesses without cheating by being exceedingly vague, I'll reward your efforts by DMing you the answer ;)

Nope. Though I suppose that is a justified stereotype, given that I was/am seriously considering getting a tat that has one in it. Though I've ended up leaning a different way again, I'm not one to get a tattoo done unless it speaks to me, and I'm confident I want it for life (being dark skinned makes laser tattoo removal a no-go).

For what it's worth, I don't know any doctors with Caduceus tats, though to be fair we ought to be using the Staff of Asclepius instead. Then again, that war for the public consciousness was lost a while back.

Face tattoos signify a rather fundamental disengagement with the norms of greater society such that I can't imagine becoming great buddies with anyone who has one. This is true to a lesser degree of full sleeves, etc. This is true in or out of Japan.

I know two perfectly respectable doctors with full sleeve tats, one working in the ER and the other as a surgeon. I'd say maybe 30% of the doctors I know (+- 5 years older or younger than me) have some tattoos on them (at least visible to me) including yours truly, though mine isn't really on display until the shirt comes off.

Then again, I've lacking the inclination to ink up all of my skin, and as an eventual psychiatrist, I'm expected to be the model of sobriety and decorum, though no doubt going for a more outré aesthetic probably appeals greatly to some of the regulars.

Mainly access to image generation with DALLE, more conversations every 3 hours without being thrown back to GPT-3.5, and access to custom GPTs, which aren't really that useful to be honest.

You're not missing out on much, and it's a sign that OAI is sweating a little that they're handing out free access to their best public models at all, even before the Apple integration.

Firstly, their influence is grossly overblown, as outlined by multiple commenters here. A few thousand neo-Nazis aren't a particularly big threat, Ukrainian civic governance seems strong enough that in the event of a peace (of whatever kind, barring Russian occupation), the state machinery is at minimal risk of being overthrown and the country thrown into internecine fighting where such paltry numbers would make a difference. There are plenty of hardened combat units in Ukraine who have only fervent nationalism in common with Azov.

Secondly, there's always the pragmatic option once employed by Hamad to deal with the Al-Qassam brigades. What do you do with a group of fanatical (and exceedingly so, even by Hamas standards) Jihadists who went into every mission accepting death with equanimity if it spread their ethos?

You marry them off, going to refugee camps and selling impoverished women on the honorable prospect of marrying a glorious almost-martyr. Give them a pension and sinecure too, and they won't need to resort to violence as the only way they know to make a living, or as their first choice of livelihood.

Circa 2008:

Hamas, the militant Islamist group that controls Gaza, has been observing a truce with Israel since June, allowing its underground fighters to resurface but leaving them without much to do. At the same time, hundreds of the group’s women have been recently widowed, their husbands having been killed either in confrontations with Israel or in the fighting last year between Hamas and its secular rival, Fatah.

Taking advantage of the pause in violence, the Hamas leaders have turned to matchmaking, bringing together single fighters and widows, and providing dowries and wedding parties for the many here who cannot afford such trappings of matrimony.

“Marriage is the same as jihad,” or holy war, said Muhammad Yousef, one recently married member of the Qassam Brigades, the Hamas underground. “With marriage, you are producing another generation that believes in resistance.”

About 300 Qassam members, mostly in their 20s, signed up with their new wives for the most recent celebration, held at a sports stadium in the Tuffah district, east of Gaza City. Local mosques spread the word about the event and offered to help find spouses for single men whose families had not yet managed to arrange them a match.

As an added inducement, couples were promised a cash grant in lieu of a dowry, which few families could afford.

Turns out that a lot of angry young men with extremist tendencies rapidly cool down when confronted with a wife and kids they love and are responsible for. You're not going to dissuade them from their ideological tendencies quite so easily, but that's effectively de-fanging them.

In other words, deal with people with nothing to lose by giving them something to lose.

If/when this war cools down, well, there's plenty of Ukrainian women abroad, and at home, and it won't take all that much to either 'encourage' them to marry a dashing young fighter, while also giving them cash/jobs, and effective indemnity from political retribution when they cease to be allies of convenience. Provide the latter two and there's almost certainly going to be women wanting in regardless.

I wrote a fucking book because I'm tired of plot holes and shoddy world building, it grates like diamond dust beneath my eyelids.

ChatGPT now serves GPT-4O for all users, paid or free, and while the paid tier has access to additional goodies, I'm pretty sure you're not missing out on anything substantial, including for programming purposes, by using the free tier. It's not like the old days, when there was a massive delta in usefulness between GPT 3.5 and 4, with the latter being doled out to paying users.

AI is going to make it harder for people without wealth to build wealth because it devalues their labor.

does low fertility select for a higher percentage of multiple births/twins?

If their fertility is low enough to warrant IVF, then yes, absolutely, the incidence of multiple pregnancy for those undergoing it approaches 30%. Which is great, it's an expensive procedure, so who ought to complain at the chance to get twice the bang/baby for the buck?

Option 2 for me. I want my kids to have kids, and grandkids, and so on till the stars go cold.

Then again, I expect the future to be so different from "business as usual" that I don't particularly care about this hypothetical, prosaically, I intend my spouse and I to be entirely self sufficient regardless of our kids (my parents and grandparents managed that, not that I can ever claim anyone treated anyone awfully, it's nice to come from a good family). That means that other than the emotional damage from raising kids with best intentions who don't reciprocate (how the hell did it end up that way?), I can bear it.

And in the latter case? Fuck them, time for round 2, let's see if these lot turn out alright, especially when I fully expect things like gene editing and the like to be an option. And I can at least pray the grandchildren come out better, you don't have to get along with your kids to get along with grandkids after all.

The main reason I value my genes is that they're the only robustly reliable method I have right now for creating offspring that I can expect to have a great deal of overlap with me (and someone I considered amazing enough to let chip in), be it mental or physical. Why would I particularly care if I've ended up as a post-biological entity or at least genes are as malleable as makeup? It's not like similarity is the only thing that matters, I'd happily raise a clone of myself, but I'd only consider that option when it was possible to tweak or solve the issues that plague SMH Mk. 1, but obviously I'd love my kids even if they weren't a literal clone of me too.

The problem is, I'm not fond in the least of running, especially in the tropical heat, and believe me I've given it a very good go in the past.

For me, in shape means having a significantly more defined upper body, with particular emphasis on the shoulders, biceps and forearms, though the last seem to be hard to build from calisthenics alone, not that I'd say it's impossible. My legs are fine, running about in the hospital is good for that much at least.

Where on earth did you get that figure, presuming you mean they're physically incapable of doing so?

Looks right up my alley, I'll give him a look, thanks!

Thank you. I'm hopeful I can start of a tad bit ahead of the "I've fallen, and can't get up" stage, but one arm pull-ups are a mile away haha.

Aight. I'm moderately serious about getting back into shape before I get shipped out, but also unwilling to fork out the exorbitant rates any of the nearby gyms are asking for a short subscription.

So far, I've been doing push-ups regularly, but I'm on the lookout for other exercises I can do with just my sizeable body weight and random furniture. Also at my disposal, a set of 10 kilo dumbells that have somehow lost the restraining nuts, so they'll have to be taped into place. Anyone got suggestions above and beyond what YT or reddit might throw at me?

I must respectfully disagree, given that he's my own brother and I do know him.

We used to hit the gym together back in the day, and I was far more serious about it to boot. If he was addicted to lifting for the sake of lifting, I'd have known by now, but no, mf genuinely only does it to make other people seethe with jealousy. Sure, he probably does get some satisfaction out of starting to build muscle, but it's not the driving motive given how much he bitches after leg day.

Ah, to live in an endless state of kenjataimu, I can only dream.

I've only barely resumed a fitness routine (push-ups, given that I can't be bothered to take a gym membership for the months or so till I leave the country) after several years off, so I can't comment for myself.

But my younger brother? He's absolutely insane, he's hitting the gym like it owes him money, and when I ask him why the fuck he bothers since he doesn't give a shit about female (or male) attention, his justification is that "I'm doing this to mog women".

So yeah, his entire impetus for being fit is just to flex in front of women who are into him while ignoring them entirely. I'm in awe, I think he's the only sane person on the planet, and approaching levels of based I can't comprehend.

If they're Buddhist, they're usually not that beholden to prohibitions on beef, but otherwise, they fall in with the other Hindus from down south in India who do partake in it. Those are Tamil Hindus, and even some of the Brahmins eat it.

In terms of what's usually consumed? Yes. But they do eat plain old beef, from cows.

Maybe I'm sleep deprived on duty because I took you seriously for a moment and was going to go on a diatribe about that lol.

But surprisingly enough, there are Hindus who consume beef. More commonly in Southern India.

There's an old joke in India that the country would be much better off if all control of governance was handed over to the very small group of Zoroastrians that constitute the Parsis.

They're known to be competent and not have any particular beef with others, and they could be as corrupt as they like without making a dent, given how few of them there are.

Unfortunately, there's even fewer now, to the point where there's hilarious advertising by both governments and their interest groups alike for the few eligible bachelors and bachelorettes left to attend a few sponsored dating events and just fucking hook up already.

So I suppose there's merit in looking at entrenched and bickering ethnic or religious groups, going fuck that and hoping someone else does better.

Ah, do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life (and other lies).

Well, I suppose it's about time I get paid for deep dives into psychiatry. I do need to pad out the CV, and not just pseudonymously.

We're aware, sadly it's the kind of issue that requires backend fiddling by Zorba with the code base.

[REDACTED] : "They have no human capital." and subsequent description is boo outgroup [REDACTED]: boo-outgroup [REDACTED]: boo-outgroup [REDACTED]: boo-outgroup [REDACTED]: antagonistic [REDACTED]: boo-outgroup [REDACTED]: boo-outgroup [REDACTED]: boo-outgroup

My. It's rare to see a comment get quite that many reports, and have the consensus of the volunteer jannies be that it's frankly fucking terrible.

You could very well have conveyed the exact same message with much less inflammatory wording. In the words of @Amadan, while we don't police content, we very much police tone.

And yours is utterly dripping with sheer contempt, and is absolutely not what we're looking for here, or even conducive to a healthy argument.

You've been warned once for antagonism before, and I would wager it hasn't worked. I hope a day's ban will make you choose your phrasing more carefully in the future. You're welcome to share your opinion on Trump and his voters, simply not while nakedly sneering.