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Dual N Back - What are your Experiences?

I couldn't run the version he used but this site is straight forward.

For the first few days, I struggled. Even 1 was somewhat surprisingly difficult (any mistakes at all). Quickly repeating orders in my mind (starting from top center, going clockwise 1-8) let me go to 5 with the occassional mistake, primarily in cases with repetition. After 2-3 weeks, I can't do much better than half correct at 3 relying on intuition/not subvocalizing previous orders.

Nevertheless, this seems like the most interesting challenge I've applied myself to in a long time. When in flow, it is among the most pleasurable states, akin to soaring among Platonic shapes.

To some extent, I feel more alive/alert/concentrated in general. But I've also started a regimen of basic nootropics besides random bias/placebo.

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I did DNB for a while during university. I didn't notice any difference in my cognition, except a slightly better ability to remember strings of numbers (library book numbers, in my case).

I gave up after reading Gwern's meta-analysis where he attributes the majority of the effects found to the use of passive vs active control groups.