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Culture War Roundup for the week of March 11, 2024

This weekly roundup thread is intended for all culture war posts. 'Culture war' is vaguely defined, but it basically means controversial issues that fall along set tribal lines. Arguments over culture war issues generate a lot of heat and little light, and few deeply entrenched people ever change their minds. This thread is for voicing opinions and analyzing the state of the discussion while trying to optimize for light over heat.

Optimistically, we think that engaging with people you disagree with is worth your time, and so is being nice! Pessimistically, there are many dynamics that can lead discussions on Culture War topics to become unproductive. There's a human tendency to divide along tribal lines, praising your ingroup and vilifying your outgroup - and if you think you find it easy to criticize your ingroup, then it may be that your outgroup is not who you think it is. Extremists with opposing positions can feed off each other, highlighting each other's worst points to justify their own angry rhetoric, which becomes in turn a new example of bad behavior for the other side to highlight.

We would like to avoid these negative dynamics. Accordingly, we ask that you do not use this thread for waging the Culture War. Examples of waging the Culture War:

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  • Attempting to 'build consensus' or enforce ideological conformity.

  • Making sweeping generalizations to vilify a group you dislike.

  • Recruiting for a cause.

  • Posting links that could be summarized as 'Boo outgroup!' Basically, if your content is 'Can you believe what Those People did this week?' then you should either refrain from posting, or do some very patient work to contextualize and/or steel-man the relevant viewpoint.

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Eh. Antisemitism is spreading faster than knowledge of polygenic scores, haplogroups, or high East Asian IQ, but it's more accurate IMO to say that base-level anti-nonwhite sentiment / white nationalism is spreading faster than sophisticated 'HBD'. Openly antisemitic tweets sometimes get tens of thousands of likes. But looking at this account, which very frequently gets 20k likes and sometimes more, the focus is mostly on black people and immigrants. I wouldn't really call that antisemitism having more potency than HBD, just different variants of things spreading among smarter people and more normal people. "Black people do crime a lot and are kinda dumb" is definitely the closest thing to HBD that'll get 50k likes. Musk often interacts with the iamyesyouareno account. (glancing at his likes, musk also just liked a BAP tweet, lol, as usual the tweet's vaguely something one might agree with but literally completely wrong)

Antisemitism seems to have less potency among even what passes for 'elites' on far-right twitter recently - they'll signal towards it in an edgy way but not really endorse it - reasons I've seen from people like that are: because most smart people are very socially integrated with jews at this point, because so many influential people in the scene are part or wholly jewish, because 'wignat antisemitism', when looked at objectively, seems kinda cringe and stupid, especially if you're someone who was all in on it as a teenager, and because it doesn't seem to have a path to power anyway. And among "elites" who are clearly influenced by the far-right sphere of ideas but are nevertheless more serious and less anonymous, antisemitism has very little purchase compared to HBD.

The Jewish RW e-celebs (BAP, russiancosmist, FbF, etc.) also tend to go in the hardest on the hardcore hatred of blacks and browns, presumably to take a little heat off of themselves since they know a huge portion of their audience is Jew-hating wignats.

I don't follow any of them closely enough to know, but the only times I remember those martin, 2cb, etc claiming to be jewish it seemed obviously ironic / a way to 'own' the wignats, so idk

Well BAP at least is (23&Me results and everything), Martin tends to get really defensive around the Jews/Israel but yeah RW twitter is generally just a huge welter of "you're jewish" accusations and counteraccusations so I'm not 100%. My favorite is the absolute refusal of a large number of users to accept that self-declared mass immigration advocate and Klaus Schwab enjoyer Richard Hanania could possibly be a gentile.

Hanania’s a gentile but he’s also Palestinian so most wignats would consider him nonwhite or an edge-case at best. I think Martin is Jewish since he talks about it all the time. 2CB or fbf could be trolling, I doubt it though since they all seem to be at least loosely zionist and very much anti-Hamas in a way most gentile wignats aren’t.

Martin isn't Jewish if your standard of evidence is posting images of 23andme results not sourced from Google images (he's NW European, mostly English iirc). He's also talked about his Christian background on spaces.

Like most posters in BAP's clique, he's critical of "third-worldist" anti-Zionism and lowbrow antisemitism in general.

FBF is trolling (he’s Croatian) but 2CB is a maybe…

On the other hand as my friend said the other day “Oh a guy at a far right event at [Redacted RW event space in Manhattan] - of course he’s Jewish”!