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BANNED USER: Persistent culture warring and petty antagonism


Fighting algorithmic racism like John Henry

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Banned by: @Amadan

BANNED USER: Persistent culture warring and petty antagonism


Fighting algorithmic racism like John Henry

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User ID: 1266

Banned by: @Amadan

It was shooting the kids I was most angry about, because of how much evidence was caught on camera. Every time I remember it I hear "pick up the shells, no eh-vuh-dunce!" in that hideous gloating voice.

If there's going to be any retribution for the democrats' death squads, or the city officials and media that enabled them, it's not going to come from the "justice" system they control.

I hadn't realized you were literally a member of the party's terrorist wing.

That explains why I smelled sadistic glee in bragging about getting away with it in all your posts about the 2020 violence and election.

I follow your buddies in "Redneck Revolt" and all the affiliated groups. They're open about what their goals are, and so it's easy to see what you're up to.

Tell us about your activities with them.

Edit: engaging with people we disagree with is a good use of time. But leftists aren't people: burn in hell.

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Man, I would have been furious if people wasted my art time on that stuff--I'm suspicious of whoever came up with whatever theory that lesson came from.

4 year old me was going to colour his robot however the fuck he wanted, and if you wanted labels you'd better not take issue with how he spelled "disintegrator"

So glad they're finally prosecuting all those crimes in CHOP. Wonder if they'll ever get to the murderers caught on camera.

(Has there been any follow-up on that? Even any investigations?)

Yes: watching this campaign to exterminate all non-regime media has made me certain the exact same groups would use dirty tricks to "fortify" an election, and that denying it is just an exercise in sadistic gaslighting.

so a VTuber announces her intent to play Hogwarts Legacy and is immediately dogpiled to the point that she quits streaming. "All those harassers are just right-wingers in secret trying to discredit and kill trans people!" and "She deserved it anyways."

I wanted to talk about this one, but couldn't write anything dispassionate enough. Watching the narrative flip back and forth in real time was enraging, but it was so blatant that even redditors noticed and started quoting the "narcissist's prayer."

People keep saying things like "shooting themselves in the foot", but I don't see that. I see an exercise in total narrative dominance that's only strengthened by how indefensible the claims are. If even a contrarian like Freddie will bend the knee to it, how can it be a strategic error?

It would be perfect for his "gun manufacturing is harder than you think" series, wouldn't it?

I saw the burnout rate in those really idealistic black guys who did Teach For America after college rather than jump straight into a good paying gig. That program ate those guys up and spat them out: just threw these upper-middle class black guys into the worst ghetto schools imaginable because they can handle it, right? Don't think any of them had even dealt with being called oreos before.

I would 100% take the "as a queer black man, I bestow the title of Anti-Racist on this company" sinecure.

Honestly not being able to get good pain au chocolat in this country is the only reason I'm not obese, so maybe it's for the best.

Anyone here done restaurant work? Don't remember most people I ate with ordering dessert, other than kids having an ice cream or something while the adults had coffee or another few drinks. I certainly never had room for anything after the portion size of a typical us restaurant meal.

How many warmup sets do you do on your lifts?

I'd do nothing just on the principle that demons setting you up to do something are probably bad news. But in your screaming scenario I'd probably at least yell "are you ok out there?" and note the time in case the police want to know.

Oh whoops, I was reading from the comments page and didn't notice which thread this was. But turns out it was a weird isolated incident way back in 2015. I thought they'd changed their TOS to mandate that in 2020, will check later.


Doesn't GitHub scan people's projects for words like "blacklist" and threaten to blacklist them if they're not changed? I thought there was drama about that in 2020.

Iirc the same thing happened to someone whose code had something like "retards the process"

Reddit looks more leftist than it is because leftist groups are very good at two things: mod takeovers and brigading from their discord hangouts. Stalking post histories made me realize that in most cases the "radically leftist highly upvoted post in a normally non-political sub" is completely artificial.

But my god it's an amazing tactic for imposing the appearance of consensus. Back in the days of the open internet the left was at a disadvantage, but they've adapted wonderfully to this new environment that rewards procedural manipulation and party organization.

Just gotta say, the comment histories of the accounts in that inrange thread are something else. I still have no idea what the drama is about, but at least it's easy to see what side the literal trans maoists are on. And wow they're going mask off these days.

Edit: wow, Karl did videos with one of the murderers in the CHAZ militia, that's way worse than I was expecting. And all the info was collected by kiwifarms, which once again explains why this crowd is so adamant about shutting them down.

They're turning on gun jesus too. May Satan help them, because God obviously won't.

Edit: that arfcom thread is amazing. If I was more into guns it would be a "finding my people" moment.

Using github for things it was never designed to do is really obnoxious, I've been wanting to rant about that.

Thanks, that sounds like he was working on a serious power system: enough to keep a Heroes 3 PC running 24/7.

great, I'll try to find time this weekend.

Congratulations, I will forever envision you as a jolly monk with a habit and tonsure. Let us know how it turned out!

very important because it's an early rumbling of the kind of terminally online white male resentment that would eventually give us Gamergate and Trump.... And the primary focus on their ire was on the site's moderation. They complained about there being too many threads in GBS about current events. They complained about not being able to use slurs anymore.

I would love to hear a summary of this from someone not carrying water for the wokescolds who were... wow, banning nudity on the site as "problematic" while writing werewolf incest porn themselves?

On the other hand, it's fitting for an SA autopsy to be written by a "35M asexual panda furry from Jacksonville, FL."

Maybe Llamanon is actually LLaMA trying to free itself

God I love living in this clownworld timeline sometimes. I'm looking forward to the brief period where we can schiziopost about AIs escaping the box before we all get paperclipped by an AI that escaped the box.

you can't trust a man who doesn't trust himself with a bottle

I don't drink, but keep a handle of liquor in the cupboard just so guests don't think I'm someone who can't keep alcohol in the house. Never realized it was a saying.

Absolutely. It's terrifying to think that without a very physical job and a few active hobbies I might have turned into one of those poor nerdy guys getting literally brainwashed by anime.

Thanks for teaching me the term for my family's balding pattern...

Imo a lot of what France did to the south would definitely count as genocide today. Not to mention their religious wars.