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by rephrasing his arguments in such a simplified way it pretty much ceases to describe what he actually believes or claims to believe.

This grants him too much charity. To put it another way, there's a motte and bailey. The "simplified rephrasing" is the motte. Like when he arged that medicine doesn't work, where the motte was thgat, well, nmedicine didn't work, and the bailey was a bunch of much less serious criticisms of medicine that are much easier to defend than "medicine doesn't work".

Watch some anime.

The female Ghostbusters was within the last decade.

he's one of those elite compartmentalizing textualists who consider only the issues before them, and who are not swayed by irrelevant appeals to unlitigated issues and public policy concerns.

Just like rationalists. The biggest problem with rationalist reasoning is the refusal to sanity-check ther results of arguments. Rationalists will draw absurd conclusions like insect welfare or donating one's kidney to a stranger and say "sure, I guess that's right" rather than figuring out that something has gone wrong with their reasoning process if it produces such an absurd result. See also: terrorists who fail at epistemic learned helplessness.

Public policy concerns isn't quite the right way to describe it. That makes it sound like some sort of legislation by reinterpretation like the left does. If the people who created the law wouldn't have wanted the public policy implications of your interpretation of the law, that's a failure to sanity check, that's not public policy in the sense of "I am deliberately inerpreting the law to bring about this public policy".

That wasn't the only problem with the comic book version. The other problem with the comic book version is that the writers didn't agree on what was in the registration act. It could be anything from just registration to conscription, and it could or could not apply to borderline cases (like unpowered fighters). Needless to say, if you're going to have political stories, stuff like that will make a big difference, and that part was completely incoherent too.

Hardcore straight porn is ugh the worst, but exploring your mommy kink with roleplay and bizarre anal insertions for the viewing pleasure of strangers is both normal and an exotic frontier you should explore assuming you're not close-minded. No, there is no sense to be made from this.

"The woke don't like straight men" is not difficult to understand.

The purpose is not to engage with the arguments in the manifesto, but to understand the circumstances behind the shooting. If a shooter is motivated by politics, that's important to know, especially if the shooting is used by politicians and activists to promote something that the actual politics of the shooter might disprove.

What are you talking about? You seemed to have missed the part "of course, we don't think humans qualify as vermin".

You and Nazis both think you should exterminate vermin. You don't think humans are vermin and Nazis do. So the Nazis have a distorted version of the same values as you.

This isn't about moderation, but I still see the bug where replying to a comment at some level of nesting causes the reply to hang indefinitely without refreshing the comment, even though the comment has been saved.

I think the thing is that these people do mostly share some distorted version of my values in the way that the Nazis don't. The Nazis tried to exterminate a people that they thought were vermin while invading their neighbors in a war of aggression.

I think we should exterminate vermin, and you probably do too. So Nazis do share a distorted version of our values. Of course, we don't think humans qualify as vermin, and Nazis do think that, but that's what makes it distorted--it's still a version.

Kal-El is Hebrew for Voice of God

It's almost Hebrew for "voice of God". Which doesn't count.

(voice followed by god would be "kol el" and Hebrew grammar wouldn't let you phrase it that way to mean "voice of god" anyway.)

This scheme assumes no strategic voting. And strategic voting under this scheme is just "always vote down both value and agreement", so it's pretty easy.

Because some invocations of "not real X" are wrong doesn't mean that all are.

Remember Woke Institutions is Just Civil Rights Law. That's inherently non-capitalist.

Republicans are never willing to punish employers, despite these being the obvious targets for enforcement as they have names/addresses/Tax-ID where punishment can be executed.

If you try to punish employers you get pushback about how we are hurting all those "hardworking people who are just trying to support their families".

It is unclear how useful anything that was or could have been found out in the break-in was or would have been. This is almost certainly not entirely true or explanatory. And anyway, wiretapping is always portrayed as a simple in and out, but no one talks about the long-term effort required to sift through phone calls all day to find the useful content.

I assume it works the same as in companies; an executive orders something with no understanding of how difficult or inefficient it is. Either everyone is afraid of giving pushback or he just won't listen to any pushback, confident in his own ignorance, and so it gets done.

Beware that if you are arguing with someone, deciding that they have a mental health problem is a magnet for motivated reasoning.

Yes, which means that the station will also be a problem if there are existing homeowners who are left there withouyt building new apartments.

But RR's scenario is that the luxury apartments are built instead of "a mostly empty parking lot used by a small number of commuters into the city," In that case, luxury apartments would be more attractive to thieves than the alternative.

If there were apartments built by it, they would probably be "luxury apartments" with fairly high rents (as is typical for new construction). Why should that attract unsavory characters?

Luxury apartments with high rents tend to be more profitable to rob.

Politicians campaign under the system as it exists. If the popular vote elected politicians, Trump (and Hillary) would have campaigned differently, and Trump could very well have won the popular vote in 2016.

Who can Trump appeal it to who might overturn it?

Where were Nazis supposed to go after World War II?

"They're being brutal towards us instead of the Jews" isn't hopeful either.

The problem is that "Gazans don't like Hamas" doesn't mean "Gazans would be peaceful without Hamas".

On what grounds do the Gazans hate Hamas? If it's a twenty Stalins sort of thing where they hate Hamas because Hamas hasn't been able to kill enough Jews, that a kind of hate still doesn't leave much room for hope.

Something vaguely similar to what would convince them to crowd aboard a rickety wooden ship to cross the ocean to an untamed wilderness or buy a Conestoga Wagon and head 'west' braving various dangers and risks to stake a dubious claim on some land.

Heading west has lots of risks, but requires few resources (especially, few resources by the standards of people who don't use electricity or plumbing) If it took a million dollars or even $50000 to head West, nobody would have done it.

I challenged you directly if you think you should excuse blatantly immoral and destructive conduct under the idea that US hegemony is good.

No, you didn't. That's like asking someone if abortion is bad and then saying "I challenged you directly if you think murder is bad". You can't just assume that abortion is murder, even if you're going to argue it.