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When they teach kids that pulling out doesn't work, it's 99 percent a lie. They just don't trust people to not fuck up

Pulling out?

Does anyone know of any smart, young(ish) Christian thinkers with interesting perspectives? Been listening the This Cultural Moment, about being Christian in a post-Christian world. It's excellent, but I'm having trouble finding more.

How do the few motte Christians manage their faith? It's something I really struggle with. I had a religious experience where everything clicked, but my brain is not good at this sort of faith and I inevitably end up in doubt again. I hate it.

It would be difficult to relate to, but I think I'd like to pick the brain of someone that did this sort of thing regularly.

It won't make you less interesting, and it's cool to subject yourself to things like this. That having been said, I'm not sure you want to create a narrative where something like this is just going to change everything you don't like about yourself. It can, however, be the start of that, if that's what you want.

Edit: All that said, I think we'd be better off if more people did crazy stuff like this. Go for it, have fun, learn something about yourself, and try not to die like the dumb kid who poisoned himself in Alaska

"Obviously I'm smarter than this guy, therefore there's zero danger when I play his game, on his turf"

Children are more likely to stay in the religion if their father practices than if the mother practices. It isn't obvious to me why

Buy a Putin themed calendar, like Japanese businessmen

You have to do your due diligence, but I've met people who got started like that. What you said is more or less true of buying any business

If you have money, become an entrepreneur. Buy a laundromat, or buy housing and rent it. Get multiple, independent streams of income. Landlording or laundromat (or whatever) stuff doesn't have to be full time; you can work while getting your footing.

Is our society actually less religious? Or has religious energy been shunted toward more destructive political religions?

I think that conservation of religiosity is a thing, and I'd rather have people believe in something with a track record of success than.. what we have now.

"other than that, how was the play?"

I go to AA. For a lot of people there, I get the sense that religion is a LARP. But it's one they cling to desperately, and they are strongly supported by others in the group. I've seen people flat out become something entirely different. A guy who would lie, steal, cheat on his wife, and then suddenly, BAM, different person. I think that the AA structure is more effective than the church structure, you are compelled to interact and share deeply personal things, I think that's probably only the tip of the iceberg.

But for this reason I think it can work

I somewhat agree with this, something important is lost if you don't take it (at least aspects) literally. But, I go to AA. For many, religion in AA is a larp, but one that they adhere to, er, religiously. Not just in terms of alcohol, or admitting yourself powerless and in need of God, but in every aspect of their lives. And the transformation this enables can be remarkable to witness, and goes far beyond not having a sip of alcohol.

I took my wife to a rationalist meetup and she made me promise not to do that to her again

I did, but I was in the third richest public school district in the country, locally recognized as a stealth private school.

By the time I graduated, I could see that bad times were ahead, even there.

Tyler Childers is pretty good.

These kinds of articles have been common for years. Two types of authors: woke sympathetics who recognize some of the insanity but want to tone down the opposition, and anti-wokes who confuse what they want to happen with what will happen.

I believe we are still in the early stages of our woke cultural revolution. I think that rising inequality (imagine what AI, automation, and climate change will be able to do in terms of disruption) will create more rage, and the rage will be shunted into wokism, because it has been able to effectively market itself as in opposition to inequality. Unfortunately, wokism provides cover for, and is a tool of the drivers of modern inequality.

I was right with you until you framed nukes off the coast of the US as a nothing burger. The fact that we did it too doesn't change that.

The rest is pretty spot on though

I'm thinking of some of those long time WWE stars who have been so deep in kayfabe that they end up kind of seeming like their characters

Damn, I think you're right. I've searched and searched and found nothing that has the kind of setup they do. I was having nightmares about it, because I'm a pretty socially anxious person, but I don't know that I have a choice. It's this or the trades, and starting a trade at 36 is rough.

So, I'm trying to do another coding camp. I've completed one, but it was very basic and I didn't really learn much.

I was thinking of epicodus, but before I start, I have to write a pro DEI affirmation, we will have weekly guided small group discussions on DEI concepts, several weekly large group discussions, and homework on DEI topics throughout the course. I can't just nod my head, I have to actively participate and affirm this stuff on an ongoing basis. At the end of each day, we even have to rate our pair programming partner on whether they made us feel "unsafe".

I understand that I will have to bite my tongue wherever I work, but this seems oppressive to me, and I don't know if I'm socially adept enough to make it in an environment like this.

Does anyone here know anything about Epicodus?

I live in PDX, and if anyone can suggest a rigorous boot camp, preferably with a focus on pair programming, that would be great. And if there isn't one in PDX, are there any I could take online? Are there strategies I could use to get through Epicodus or will I just be banging my head against the wall?

At this point I'm half considering the trades, but if I want to immigrate to another country, and I might, then working in tech will be an advantage in a way that plumbing might not.

I could believe that the special treatment that women receive is patronizing and demeaning if feminists didn't demand it

They stopped recording this? I haven't heard that. Do you have a source? That's awful, I hope it isn't true/there's still a way to know moving forward

I think they're much less opposed to it than white progs, frankly.

Saw a recent poll, 82 percent of black dem voters consider crime to be a high priority to them. For white Dems, the number is 31 percent. They live in wildly different spheres, totally disconnected in terms of exposure to the ass end of these high minded but out of touch policies.