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I'm not even supposed to be here today

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I'm not even supposed to be here today

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"closer" maybe, but not close. It's still a very big "if" in my view.

I haven't seen that fracas, but Louis CK has a similar bit about a woman who was similarly disappointed that he backed down when she pushed him away. As he put it: "are you out of your fucking mind? You want me to rape you, just on the off chance you're into that kind of thing?".

People don't consider past sex work a black mark because they are worried about STDs, they consider it a black mark because they think it's icky to have sex with people for money. If you can change that then sure, the black mark goes away... but that's a real big "if".

It’s honestly bad manners not to sleep around if large parts of society.

What? That's insane and I find it very difficult to believe. To be clear I'm not trying to accuse you of lying, but your statement is so incongruous with my experience of the world that I can't reconcile the two.

The reason I decided I'm not going to get a Tesla was basically like this. They updated the UI in a software update so that the defrost function was no longer on the screen, but in a menu. I already thought that having a touchscreen instead of physical controls was a horrible idea, but I was barely willing to tolerate it if the UI didn't change. But since they are willing to just push out UI changes like that, I'm never going to buy a Tesla. It is flat out dangerous to have to stare at a screen (because they moved shit on you) while operating essential features of the car.

It sounds to me like you are doing your friends and family a serious disservice. If they ask you for your opinion, and you really do think it's a bad idea to get a tattoo, then imo you should tell them that.

@TracingWoodgrains I admire the courage it takes to put yourself out there. Godspeed brother. That said, you'll always be TracingWoodgrains (or at least Trace) in my heart, because I still admire your respect for the best bit of writing Orson Scott Card ever did. You, sir, are a man of culture.

I feel like I probably wouldn't enjoy it because I don't care for soccer, but man this post made me want to check out Football Manager.

Monthly payment all-in is $2200 and expected to go up due to property values increasing.

I'm guessing you mean from taxes? That's a factor for sure, but it's going to be so minuscule that it isn't even worth talking about. The assessed value of my home went up by like 75% in the past year, and it's going to mean an extra couple hundred dollars on our monthly payment. Compared to the value you will get from selling the house later on, that's nothing imo.

I think you hit the nail on the head. It really was a great time for video games, and while there are still good games coming out it's not the peak that it was then.

Second the Three Kingdoms recommendation for historical TW. @cjet79 mentioned he doesn't like the powerful lords and heroes in Warhammer, which 3K does have kinda... but you can play in "records mode" which is more realistic. And I think that 3K just plain nails the gameplay more than any other game, even Warhammer. The campaign layer is the best in the series, with the diplomacy/espionage/family relationship systems. And the battles feel great too. The terrain can be interacted with (like you can set forests on fire), the cavalry feels super satisfying to use, and the leader duels are super cool and thematic.

I think it's a shame that CA dropped 3K like a hot potato, because it's some of their best work by far.

Like @ratboygenius said, they all have their own appeal. 3 is where it all began and has a nice Italian Mafia thing going on, VC has the 80s cocaine setting, SA has the 90s inner city gang vibe, 4 is a more modern gritty take on NYC with a lot of bitter subtext about the failure modes of the American dream, and 5 has the three protagonists and great heist design. Pick which one of those sounds appealing and just go with it, they have some connections between games but it's really just for fanservice.

I didn't have any consoles growing up, my parents were very against them. I only had old PC games. My first console (eventually) was a PS2 my sophomore year of college.

It's weird to have one person do it, let alone more than one.

I played, it's very much in "wait" territory imo. It has potential. I like the way you assign families to jobs, and how you can turn people's homes into artisan workshops. I also like the addition of combat to the city builder format. But I also think it's very much half baked even by early access standards. The map takes way too long to traverse, the AI has no chill, some techs seem to not work at all, and so on.

I think that if the dev can keep at it, Manor Lords is going to be great someday. But it's pretty meh at the moment.

Dude it's common sense. It doesn't need to be explicitly spelled out in the rules, any more than the rules explicitly enumerate every single word you aren't allowed to use to describe fellow posters.

I'm focusing on this part because it's the part which matters. Reasonable people may disagree on whether the initial warning was right, and if FNE had chosen to politely argue that she wasn't in the wrong then all would be well. I think that the initial warning was a bit harsh, though I think "indefensible" is far too strong a claim. But the way you take up your cause with the mods matters a great deal, and nobody gets to just go "nah I'm not listening to you". That's not ok.

With all due respect, "I do what I want" is not a viable approach to building a quality space. FNE was given a warning, not a ban straight off (presumably because she is a good poster and it wasn't a serious infraction), and that's all that it needed to ever be. It was because she chose to escalate things that she got banned temporarily, and it was perfectly reasonable.

I think that the ban was perfectly reasonable. When a moderator says "hey cut that shit out", "no I won't" is not an acceptable response. It's fine to argue why you think the mod's decision is in error, but to flatly refuse to abide by the decision crosses a line.

She's left in the past and come back. Hopefully she comes back again, she is someone I really enjoy hearing from.

That said, I think Phlebas is just more entertaining

That's wild to me, because imo the only thing less entertaining than Consider Phlebas is the classified section of a newspaper. It's by a large margin the most painfully boring fiction book I've ever read. Meanwhile Player of Games actually was really quite entertaining.

Can't say I have. My experience with the bus begins and ends with taking it from one stop on the side of the street to another. I'm not saying they're necessarily unusual, just that I've never interacted with one.

I've never seen such a thing, but it seems to me like you're saying those are stops for separate bus routes, and the other crowd was at the wrong one? I feel like in that case one doesn't owe to people to go to the back of the line.

What's the distance here? To me, waiting at the next stop makes it sound like they're a block or two away. In that case I think that they're too far away to really have a good objection if you're at the front of the line. On the other hand if the bus pulled up a few feet away from the stop like @DradisPing suggested, then you don't get to jump to the front of the line because the people waiting were slightly off.

Shit man, I had 0 dates up until age 30. I somehow got married, much to my infinite surprise. Just goes to show that you never can really know the future for sure, I guess.