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One of the top google results for the author: "What happened to math prodigy Qiaochu Yuan, has he lost his mind?"

Sounds like he got into the Berkeley rationalist scene in grad school and it destroyed him. And now he lives in Bellevue watching pokemon videos all day?

I've always wanted to ask if your name is a futurama reference, because your black pills are so dense each pound of them weighs over ten thousand pounds.

It absolutely does not make an excellent point. Check history: if it's not darwin2500 it's his identical twin. The account alternates between manipulative negging and dogmatic consensus enforcement.

Isn't Sufficient Velocity the science fiction version of Resetera? Didn't they schism from the spaceballs forum over not being radical enough?

Yeiyan Yippie looks alright tbh. Noticed they harvested good reviews from a $900 budget model before switching to this more expensive one. The "premade Yeyian windows account" sounds sketchy as fuck though.
Also check if there's a single 16GB ram stick, or 2x8. If it's a single you can get another one for dual channel, and 16 to 32 is a decent upgrade if you do a lot of ram intensive stuff.

AP covers it with the stock phrase "claiming without evidence" that we saw so much of in 2020.
Is there a word for that kind of use of cliché? I think Orwell wrote about it being omnipresent in '30s propaganda.

Nothing nearly that sophisticated I'm afraid. Here is one of Propublica's senior writers accusing crime prediction algorithms of being racially biased for predicting more crime in black neighborhoods.


And so PredPol continues to make crime predictions that are incredibly unevenly distributed by race. Take these two neighborhoods in Plainfield, N.J. – where 11 crimes were predicted in the White neighborhood and 1,940 in the Black & Brown neighborhood.

Especially if you live anywhere with a microcenter, your best bet is to pick up a CPU+RAM+Mobo on sale and slap it in your old case with a generously sized power supply, then find a GPU on sale. Buildapcsales on reddit still has some decent deals despite the bot activity. There are still some good sales on 12th gen intel CPUs and boards that everyone is trying to get rid of.

Get a 2TB NVME and you won't need any other storage except a backup HDD.

8 gigs of ram in a $1000 dollar PC with a $100 case makes me wonder about that site, tbh.

My entire post--maybe even my entire blog--reduced to three words. If you want to know how you are governed, this is it: you are governed by Manipulating Procedural Outcomes. It's perfect. It belongs on someone's tomb.

That's about as succinct as you could get I think. The woman who invented the phrase had a longer blogpost about it.

This is amazing. Just the sheer blatant chutzpah of dismissing what has been celebrated by national media and all leftwing politicians as "just some crazy person," and accusing conservatives of imagining the last five years the second it becomes a liability for you.
Canadian "queer" groups were demanding that children not be allowed to opt out of drag shows, for fuck's sake!

Is this what they mean by gaslighting?

With apologies to Christopher Lasch's Angry Ghost, who said it better than I ever could:

Cultural and linguistic changes rolled out seamlessly and ubiquitously, like overnight operating system updates. No memory or recognition of previous states. Synchronised, technologically enabled cultural obsolescence.

Describing the process describes the people.

I'm wondering what approach if any you use when talking to acquaintances or friends who skew liberal, who broadly are happy to have the inertia of universities or the intelligentsia on their side

I do not, because all the motte has taught me is that it's pointless. You don't convince people, you shift the ground under the feet and they go along with it.

Hourly btu is a standard unit of measure everywhere. Air conditioners are always listed as some multiple of "12,000BTU" all over the world.

Wrong unit? Her old gas stove did have the correct propane jets, if that's what you mean.

I was going to make the same distinction, but disagree with you that people conflate NPC-dom with ideological possession.

Was just reading "Religious Nationalism and the Coronavirus Pandemic: Soul-Sucking Evangelicals and Branch Covidians Make America Sick Again," in which the author "addresses the wider implications of Christian nationalism on American politics, and capitalist ideology... (and) concludes that privatization, austerity capitalism, and ‘gig economy’ need to be replaced by socialist alternatives and seeks inspiration in theory and practice of Marxism and South American liberation theology."

This is a serious case of ideological brain-rot, but it's not "being an NPC." The author will completely predictably twist literally anything into advocating for maoist revolution, but will do so in creative and original ways despite much of the content being regurgitated stock phrases. And even more importantly he will never change his programming in response to outside input. He should be modeled as a limited AI: a paperclipper for leftism. And I don't think anyone would call him an NPC, despite recognizing him as a no-longer-human pile of brain cancer that exists only to single-mindedly carry out his programming.

The distinction is that NPCs are just making "mouth noises" they don't even understand to have meaning. They can't creatively use those noises to make arguments, even in a rote chinese-room manner, because they don't have a phrase dictionary. They often don't even notice that they're saying or doing mutually contradictory things, like a woman I know who talked about the need to ban gas stoves for the environment while a handyman was installing her new 50kBTU outdoor propane patio heater which feeds from the same tank as her removed gas stove.

So yeah, I think you're right that there are two very distinct patterns of behavior, but that people actually use "NPC" to refer to the correct one. We just need a new word for the other that isn't as niche as "paperclipper."

Here's a good parallel: "democrats will never tolerate gang shootings: they hate guns and anyone who uses them"
In practice, we get decriminalized gang shootings combined with ever more aggressive laws against legal gun owners, because it turns out the hatred wasn't directed at the guns and violence, but at the (white, male) gun owners featured in their anti-gun propaganda.

Similarly, leftist hatred of sexual misconduct is targeted at "the (cis-white) patriarchy," not the misconduct itself.
A girl at my local school had to be withdrawn recently because another student with a penis wouldn't stop aggressively sexually propositioning her, and the staff with the new progress pride flag in every classroom window wouldn't do anything about it. They said "she" was just expressing her identity as a lesbian.
This is only going to escalate in the same way that anti-gun rhetoric coupled with pro-crime policies did. The same leftist prosecutors already have "queer affirming" prosecution policies that are going to effectively decriminalize age of consent violations as long as it's "queer," while legislators simultaneously increase penalties for 17 year olds getting married.

And there's another factor. When leftists really don't like something, they get aggressive about it. They "problematize," they make hashtags, they get people fired, they set a party line and ruthlessly establish conformity by any means necessary.
When they don't really care and just want to stop conservatives from doing anything about it, they make whatever soothing/mocking/rationalizing mouth-noises necessary to convince the person they're talking to that nothing is going to happen, and anyway it won't be bad... besides, it's too late to stop it, and anyway you probably deserved it.

Which of those modes do you see happening here? Because I see a lot more anger from leftists here about "election deniers" and "residential school genocide deniers" than I do towards pedophiles. The excuses and rationalization about pedophilia look an awful lot more like the "deflect" mode than the "deal with" mode. And I think you're too smart to be doing this unconsciously.

Edit: and of course the second I open twitter CNN is going to bat for a gay man who raped a 12 year old

Edit edit:

The growing consensus among scientists is that pedophilia is biological in nature, and that keeping pedophilic urges at bay can be incredibly difficult. “What turns us on sexually, we don’t decide that—we discover that,” said psychiatrist Dr. Fred Berlin, director of the Johns Hopkins Sex and Gender Clinic and an expert on paraphilic disorders.

You know what's going to happen when the "sex and gender clinic" starts talking about a "growing scientific consensus," don't you?

Yes, the entire chain of reasoning is "this dog is vicious: it bites when you kick it"

What degree did you get? What job did you get with that degree? Where did the money come from?

I'd normally say power supply too, but there's a possibility there's a power-saving setting causing either your psu or mobo to be too slow ramping up supply to sudden demand during games, causing a crash. That would explain why it only happens in games rather than benchmarks. This has been a big problem with the new graphics cards, and I've even had it on my old system.
It's also by far the easiest thing to check, since you just need to google all the different power saving options and disable them.

But imo it's still likely to be your psu, which is good news because they're one of the cheapest and easiest things to buy and replace. And even if it was your mobo, you'd need to buy a new psu for a new rig anyway, so there's no waste in getting one now.

Sorry for the late reply. Ironically couldn't post earlier because I had my PC apart to add some M2 cards and scavenged fans.

It's not an engineering issue, it's that interest rates now exist and SpaceX is going to run out of money, and also that the regime is literally trying to destroy them and will get what it wants.

The only space programs that will be tolerated are military satellites launched by the highest bidder, and NASA's artemis program to spend 100 billion dollars to put some black woman on the moon.

On the off chance this is real, you have probably already screwed yourself. You've obviously internalized a script that made you vulnerable to this narcissist's manipulation strategy out of guilt and the need to feel like a good person. Still, the best chance you have right now is the following:

Do not meet with him. Do not contact him. Leave his texts unread. Lawyer up and have him draft you a complaint to HR, with an eye to signaling to HR that it would be a costly mistake to throw you under the bus.

Do not try to change his mind or "clear up misconceptions." He does not have a misunderstanding: he has an internal narrative in which you are an object that feeds his fetish of being valued and protected "as a real woman." When you contest this, he will switch to a different narrative and turn on you instantly. This will most likely be that you were a "chaser" sexually harassing him because he is an irresistibly beautiful woman. This is what he will report to HR if you destabilize his current obsession.

You already screwed up by interacting with this guy in any way, because your HR department will be pressured to take his side by two things. First, HR ladies natural hatred for cis-white-males and a desire to hurt them. Second, and most importantly, your corporation thirsts for ESG scores from leftist queer "rating organizations" that act as mafia bosses. Only one of you can cause a multi-million dollar lawsuit if the company throws you under the bus, and it's not you, regardless of how much fear your lawyer can put into them.

Again assuming this is real, you have an opportunity here to learn a very important lesson, but it is probably already too late to stop the fallout from this entirely preventable mistake.

Do you see the irony in "I wish we had more leftists, like that other place where they ban anyone who isn't leftist"?

If you're still confused about this, there are several reasons for it.
First is that heat pump efficiency depends on the difference between high and low temperatures. It takes more energy to pump heat to a higher temperature, just like it takes more energy to pump water uphill. The outside in summer is maybe 30-40F hotter than inside (100F to 70F). The outside in winter might be 60F colder than inside (10F to 70F). The heater has to do more work to push each unit of heat "further uphill."

The second is that heat pumps need to heat up air to much hotter than room temperature for comfort. A 65F breeze in a 70F room feels like heaven in the summer. A 75F breeze in a 70F room feels like a cold draft in winter, so they pump the outlet heat all the way up to 100F or so. That can mean a 90F difference between inside and outside temperature, so even more energy per unit of heat moved.

Third, a lot of house temperature in the summer comes from sunlight on the roof. And cooling a 100F house down to the same 70F as the outside is very efficient (if you had a thermodynamically perfect heat pump you could gain a tiny amount of energy from it). In caveman days we used something called an "electric fan" for this.

Countering all this, heat pumps get a +1 to their efficiency ratio because they can use their waste heat as an output (like a regular electric heater), while ACs have to reject their waste heat to the hot outside air. That's the "+100% efficient" thing you talked about. It doesn't make up for the rest of it.