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That would allow you to pretend you're not just another variety of socialist.

I believe the term is socialist, presumably of the ethno/nationalistic variety.

The chamber of commerce & friends represent the right. The actual, traditional right, not MAGA-style socio-populism. They back the GOP for low taxes and low regulations.

Who's working in the meatpacking plants there?

It's mostly the so-called captains of industry, who tend to lean right, that imported millions as cheap labor.

You should probably take a closer look at some of your fellow "red tribers".

It's pretty ironic that Palestinians are far more closely related to the Biblical Hebrews than Ashkenazi Jews are. The latter are just displaced Slavs.

Support for that seems broadly bipartisan.

democrats are the party of status-quo predictability, managed decline included if necessary, and republicans are the party of out of left field high variance ideas

Strong disagree. The past 60 years have been Dems instituting sudden breaks with the past, and the Repubs begging for a chance to slow down and catch their breath.

I mean, can you predict what Dems will platform next, denial of which will be a fireable offense in 2030?

I think it's more common to have naive Westerners wandering into off-the-beaten-path places and getting robbed/raped/kidnapped/killed/all of the above. US Gov's travel warnings don't come with an "unless you're really cute" exception.

Also I think you're really downplaying novelty effect. John Derbyshire's review of An African In Greenland includes passages on how the Eskimos reacted to a coal-black African guy having never seen one before (they let him sleep alongside their families in the big beds they all shared):


Also that African guy who spread HIV to dozens of Polish women. A lot of people are just drawn to something they've never seen before.

99.99% of people running unrecognized code are the technologically clueless about to install malware, not tech whizzes building direct from source.

Especially on Windows. If you're actually serious about code and computers, you're almost certainly on Linux/BSD anyway.

heterosexual men denied access to women will never just accept that fact

They have in Japan.

Anglosphere Turks are largely secularized middle class immigrants who - in Turkish elections - overwhelmingly vote for secular candidates. German Turks are descended from poor Anatolian peasant laborers, and overwhelmingly vote for the Islamist Erdogan.

And all are actually ethnic Greeks.

Could you elaborate on how the P and NP complexity classes are related to this?

working behind the scenes to ensure a smoother primary win for Biden against Bernie

Why on Earth wouldn't he help out the guy who'd been his VP for 8 years?

He absolutely does.

If Biden's situation is that bad, the last thing Klein should be doing (if he doesn't want a second Trump term) is shouting it to the world.

Just keep Biden's public appearances to a minimum until November and allow Trump to do his thing.

He can just refuse to debate, like Trump did. I mean, he won in 2020 without leaving his house.

this issue has lost its place in the news cycle. A quick google overdose deaths topped 112k in 2023

"112k ODs is a statistic"


Ezra Klein saying BIden should step aside because of age, and a new candidate be chosen at the convention:


There's a link to the podcast episode in the (heavily downvoted) Reddit discussion above.

Quite frankly, that would be quite a stupid thing for Democrats to do. Last time that happened was 1968, with notable results. He then lists alternative candidates such as AOC, Newsom, Cory Booker, Gretchen Whitmer, and a bunch of randoms I've never even heard of, though his top pick is Kamala Harris.

What material does the GOP have on him to make him advise such obvious electoral suicide? Harris would never win, but passing over the black, female VP would come with tons of blowback. Plus all the infighting at the convention would make the DNC look like a party in chaos when they're trying to portray themselves as the stable, responsible alternative to MAGA craziness.

Getting rid of Biden this late in the game is simply not a winning move.

My advice: Get Biden's carcass over the finishing line in November, have Harris step in as replacement sometime early in 2025, and then start figuring out what to do about 2028 with four years breathing room, not a few months of lead time.

a lot of prominent Republicans are from the South

I would've thought that would be anti-correlated with likelihood to intermarry.

A bit of heat generated by Trump dubbing Nikki Haley "Nimbra", a butchering of her Indian birth name:


I'm not sure who the media controversy is aimed at. His base is absolutely going to love it, the normal Repubs have no choice but to vote for him, and his enemies can't hate him more than they already do.

I predict if her numbers continue to climb, he's gonna mention her daughter's married to a black guy. Way too tempting for a guy like Trump.

On that, a surprising number of the establishment Republicans have kids married to black people. Haley, McCain, Boehner, etc. What's with that?

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It's really only still effective at shaping the primaries towards Party derps who then go on to lose

Sounds a bit like the main man himself.

A lot of the electoral issues the GOP has faced over the past 6 years is crazy MAGA candidates winning primaries on Trump's endorsement and then going on to lose the general.

Trump also brings out non-regular voters on the other side.

Shoulda just gone with the English, boyo.

Half black, and I believe it was over some comments regarding Asians.