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It doesn't say anything about her father, is he native Cuban? I would assume so.

Whiteness is not a self-id thing, it's genetics. A drop of poo spoils the milk.

Meghan Markle is black. And don't capitalize it, it's uncouth

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I probably would think Buck Angel is a dude, it's not about outward appearance it's about what you are. For sex, its chromosomes, for whiteness, it's ancestry

She's a fair skinned Latina, not white. Whiteness is about pure European heritage. Biracial people that pass as white are still not white, for example.

Mitt Romney is white, as far as I know none of his ancestors are non-European or descended from Europeans. Does he have a Mexican grandpa I'm not aware of?

Of course, it guarantees their food and rent without having to work. Women are unsurprisingly over twice as likely to be an unemployed spouse than men. See https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/famee.pdf -> Opposite-sex married-couple families

Plus, fuckup women can still pull non-fuckup men. Not the other way around (as often)

He's still a Hollywood actor/director, and it being a "this is how to roll over and die happy about the Great Replacement" story doesn't make it not an example of the trope

South Americans are heavily mixed with natives, hence most of them are no longer white.

So it's a positively-spun Great Replacement narrative, as was originally claimed.

If I happen to Notice that white people seem to need less help going to college and setting up their life absent intervention than Hispanic people, and so I decide to set up the dynamic in the movie according to how I see it - the white guy helping the Hispanic guys because it'd look weird the other way around, is that "deliberate agenda pushing"?

They don't "happen to notice" that black people are criminals more often, that women can't beat men in fights, and that in fact not every relationship is interracial.

All of that looks weird, yet they persist in pushing their alternate reality. Almost as if being realistic is not their motivation

Fair enough, my point is that I'd feel the same way about a parent catching their kid on, idk, an 8chan discord server being convinced to be more racist. I don't like trans people but my opinion here is based on the action of going behind parents backs to brainwash their kids - not who's doing it. Just making that clear!

I do, seems like common sense. Why do you think they wouldn't take an action that helps them? The action not instantly guaranteeing them a win doesn't mean its not worth taking. It's one action among many

I'm saying it doesn't matter what X a group of people want, if what they want results in convincing children of X behind their parents backs its an issue

You don't have the right to expose other people's kids to any ideas the parents don't want them exposed to. Parents have an absolute veto on any random creeps having physical or digital contact with their kids and doing it behind their back via discord is disgusting.

Maybe, that's true. Unsure if there have been any psychological studies on this effect, would be interesting to know for sure. However, clearly elite dems subscribe to my prediction, otherwise why buy 538 and libbify it?

It works much like the YouTube algorithmβ€” if a certain type of answer keeps you using the app, the LLM is much more likely to give similar responses in the future.

How do you know this?

A human is a living thing that either was previously born as an infant homo sapiens or given proper time or care, barring natural medical issues, will be so in the future.

Seems airtight to me. Covers the favorite abortionist argument of "why aren't you crying over the load of cum in the toilet." If it was, is or is going to be an infant homo sapiens, it's a human, and it shouldn't be killed for convenience.

If there are no sites predicting an R win or even a close win when someone R leaning googles, they may be less likely to care about voting. Seems like a no-brainer to use your control over the media to make this happen by any means necessary.

You have the free will to act as you will as far as your agency goes, and call someone the N-word, but if you demand insularity and protection from the consequences of someone who pulls a gun out and shoots you for it, you aren't a person that wants freedom

One of those is a word, the other is murder, my 𝓃𝒾𝑔𝑔ℯ𝓇. Nobody advocates for the freedom to murder, people in sane countries do advocate for the freedom to say whatever words you want.

why does it matter the true content of their heart of hearts?

Chance of it dying down naturally without direct action of economic or physical nature.

Apple only does (good) things years after they've been done by others. They still don't have a foldable, for example. They will not be the ones to first do BCI, if they ever do it.

Hah, this is so hidebound and backward I can't tell if you're being serious. I could just as easily say "click at the wrong time, you just deleted an hours work!" Get real.

You aren't forced to twitch your finger regularly. Get real. Sorry to break it to you friend.

Thanks for linking that, didn't know about Superman's name being Jewish. His arguments as to the motivations of his creators seem very well thought out in this comment. What exactly do you disagree with there?

Glad kids don't really give a fuck about Superman anymore after reading that.

Jews run Hollywood: https://www.rollingstone.com/tv-movies/tv-movie-features/jews-in-hollywood-kanye-west-dave-chappelle-rabbi-explains-1234645366/

Hollywood promotes LGBT: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-news/lgbtq-tv-characters-glaad-report-2022-1235094632/

Anything endorsed by Hollywood is endorsed by Jews, as they run Hollywood, which is gay and getting gayer.

BlackRock promotes LGBT: https://www.investmentweek.co.uk/news/4025048/blackrock-steps-push-lgbt-equality-inclusion-joining-lgbt-great

BlackRock is a Jewish asset managing company that happens to be the largest in the world. It's very gay, and pays others to be gayer, blacker, more disabled, uglier, etc.

QED Jewish cultural influence promotes LGBT, among other things, all of which are very progressive. It would be fair to say that it's not all Jews, but the ones that do promote it just happen to have the most power.

The "why" is I feel the most debatable area, right-leaning people would say its to destroy the West, left-leaning people would say its oppressed minorities fighting to protect others on the right side of history, or something.

Not if you want your child to remain mentally and physically intact.

Stay away from children or experience the consequences.

Do you think this transgender person has a right to groom other people's children into outcomes that they believe are beneficial?

If a pedo thinks back very fondly on being diddled by his uncle, does that make it okay to diddle your kid?

I don't care about groomer logic, do whatever you want to your own disgusting body as an adult but stay away from children or face the chipper