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If you're in a 1970s British TV WWII documentary mood, also give The Secret War a try (vimeo, wikipedia)

I can't easily find a reference for it, but I think Scott asked for his full comments to be inlined as part of his deal for moving his blog there (which was a big deal for Substack at the time).

I'm not sure if there's an option for it that just nobody else uses, or he's given a special case.

I guess since the comments perform fine in the tiny paginations everyone else has, and he's no longer as important to them since they've grown by orders of magnitude, they've never bothered fixing it.

I'm also not 100% certain about "Scott's disappearance". Do you mean immediately following the doxxing threat until he reemerged a few months later, or do you mean ongoing since the doxxing (ie, metaphorically, old Scott never came back).

Karlin (and Hanania) definitely know who Scott Alexander is, it's probably just not immediately salient to them that he went dark for a few months 4 years ago.

I have no idea it if it's what you're looking for, I haven't tried any of the games you liked or didn't like, and I don't fully understand your descriptions of what you want and don't want, but Borderlands 2 is a pretty good singleplayer FPS.

I think this would be more "people need to freak out about this and have it widely disseminated that this is now possible and generate some antibodies" than directly about the explicit concrete program you're imagining.

Though that will probably also happen, if it's not already, and that is almost certainly somewhere on this guy's mind, and all insiders to this generally, to greater or lesser degrees, whether in favor of it or hoping to stave it off.

If you want to read some more particular entanglement directly into that tweet, there'd be good odds on "yet" being mostly understood to mean "before the election".

What the fuck was this responding to:

Yo Shavit @yonashav 7h
Replying to @rharang

We very intentionally are not sharing it widely yet - the hope is that a mini public demo kicks a social response into gear

I can't see the tweet it's replying to. Yonadav Shavit is "Head of Preparedness" at OpenAI.

Surely just about actual use access to Sora, right?

Could you expand on this at all?

Nitter is probably actually dead this time. (Zedeus is the primary maintainer, and has never called it dead before)

The last way left in was a guest-account system used by an old version of the Twitter Android app. Nitter was hanging on by creating thousands of these rate-limited guest accounts using a network of proxies.

Twitter shut down guest account creation 5 days ago. Guest accounts expire after 30 days, so some instances might keep going for a little while, but will all be dead within a month.

Presumably like all other legacy print media they've been fucked by default since the internet was invented. What was even their main value proposition, color photos?

Regarding the Swimsuit Issue specifically, presumably guys used to buy it to jack off to and they don't do that anymore.

That was the business. Oops!

Maybe they thought they could still wring some value out of a lingering perception of their brand among the lame and out-of-touch as having the legacy power to unilaterally proclaim what is sexually desirable, and tried to trade off of that. A formerly empowered authority trying to sell people "YAASSS!" certificates on the old letterhead. I think Playboy and Victoria's Secret both tried something similar. Clearly didn't work.

I don't pay for ChatGPT Plus, I only have a paid API key

you couldn't fork over the $20 needed for a month-long pro subscription, which would make your results an order of magnitude more interesting?

I think you might be confused about this: you can access GPT-4 via the API. I haven't seen anything suggesting that the versions of GPT-4 used in the ChatGPT Plus interface are smarter than the versions you can access via the API (modulo dubious rumours of secret tests of more advanced models, which in any case would be uncontrollable for OP's experiment)

Suspiciously correlated with the Beff doxxing, the US Secretary of Commerce at Reagan National Defense Forum 2023:

About a month ago, I stood up, in the Commerce Department, an AI Safety Institute. And that's intended to work with industry, and with Congress, and with policy-makers, to figure out: what are the guardrails? I will say there's a view in Silicon Valley, uh, you know, this uh, move fast and break things... Effective Acceleration... we can't embrace that with AI, it's too dangerous.

As far as I know (which is not far), this is the first public reference to e/acc by any part of the US federal government.

Fascinating thread on the genetics of the area from a few days ago:

Closest people [to samples recovered from the Bronze Age and Iron Age Levant] are usually Christian Levantines > Many Jewish groups > Muslims > Other Jewish groups

Palestinian Christians are almost genetically indistinguishable from Roman-era Levantines, people of the time of Jesus Christ, the Apostles, etc.

Almost all Jews, Christians, and Muslims of the region carry noticeable Bronze Age/Iron Age Levantine ancestry. This means that almost all modern Levantines are at least partially (some overwhelmingly), descended from Israelites or people genetically indistinguishable from them

As you can see Samaritans (yes they still exist, but they are dying out) are almost indistinguishable from not just Israelites, but even Bronze Age Canaanites. Very impressive continuity. But it comes at the cost of serious inbreeding. There are only a couple hundred of them left

Everyone else (Jewish, Christian, Muslim) has mixed non-Middle Eastern ancestry, the majority of it being European (Greek and even Bactrian ancestry that entered the Levant after Alexanders conquests). Muslim Levantines also carry ~3-5% sub-Saharan African ancestry on average that Christians and Jews mostly lack, and a noticeable chunk of Arabian ancestry, but that is lower than most people would expect.

The reason Christian Levantines are closest the Canaanites, Israelites, Roman-era Jews, etc is because they never relinquished their religion, and therefore never mixed with other groups after the Islamic invasion. Those Christians who converted to Islam now had opportunities to mix with other Muslims, and even slaves from sub-Saharan Africa.

This is what it looks like happened.

The Bronze Age inhabitants of the region were Canaanites, Amorites, Eblaites, etc. The ancestors of the Akkadians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Chaldeans, etc also came from the BA Levant.

A subgroup of Canaanites became Israelites (they are genetically indistinguishable from Canaanites). This subgroup remains largely similar to each other until Alexander conquers the entire Middle East.

Then, Greek and Bactrian ancestry start entering the Levant. At this time, Samaritans split off from the ancestors of Jews, Christians, and Muslims of the Levant.

They are the first to split off. This is because they barely mixed with the incoming Greek/Bactrian groups.

The new population Roman-era Levantines are almost indistinguishable from modern day Palestinian Christians, Lebanese Christians, etc. They stay like this till the modern period, refusing to mix with Muslim Arabs (they weren't allowed to regardless) and not usually being allowed to own slaves.

This is where Levantine Muslims (Palestinian Muslims, Lebanese Muslims, etc) split off from the Christians - some Christians convert to Islam. They are now allowed to own slaves from Africa, and mix with Arabians and Egyptians and other Muslim groups. They carry some of this foreign ancestry.

Before, during, and after Alexanders invasion you had many other Jewish groups of course, splitting off and going to Europe and North Africa, being forcibly deported to Mesopotamia, etc. They are the only ones who either

1: didnt convert to the Arabian religion

2: didnt convert to the new religion that was formed/evolved through Judaism

The truth is, everyone in the Levant is overwhelmingly descended from ancient Jews, or at the very least those genetically indistinguishable from ancient Jews.

Lots of Muslims like to exaggerate their relationship to Arabians, since that is where their religion is from, and their prophet was an Arabian. The truth, for better or worse, is that almost none of them carry much Arabian ancestry. Only Negev Bedouins and Yemenite Jews do.

A bunch of people then take him to task in the comments for not sufficiently addressing Ashkenazi Jews.

One thing that's confusing me here is his statement [slightly trimmed] "the Jewish groups splitting off and going to Europe and North Africa, etc, are the only ones who didnt convert to either Islam or Christianity". Were there no jews who never left the area but also never converted to christianity or islam? Did they just not exist, or are they just missing from these genetic samples (perhaps they so completely mixed with immigrant jews that they're no longer a distinguishable population?), or am I just blind? The closest included sample geographically is Syrian_Jew.

Jesus christ lol. Are you being deliberately obtuse? I am asking "was the guy aiming for the specific person he hit, or just firing wildly into the crowd", "did he leave the house in the morning intending to shoot up that mall or did he see it on the way", "was he trying to start a race war, or to impress Jodi Foster". Not as a leading question but because I want to know what literally happened.

Please see my edits. This is a factual question, not a moral one.

While moral culpability is certainly part of the question (I think the answer is easy enough to be uninteresting: you are right), my question is literally which parts were in the plan?

Which parts they implicitly expected would happen, vs which parts were explicitly in the plan, vs what instructions were propagated to the men, vs what actually happened.

Between any two of those, surely not all, surely not none.

On War Tunnels (6 minute video; mild practical speculation by an American who fought in tunnels with the Kurds in Iraq and is now a military advisor in Ukraine)

The video is not super content-heavy, but the general point to consider here is that people may be massively overestimating what Israel can do on the ground even if they take the gloves off.

Gaza's like 4x as dense as Stalingrad.

It's hard to tell, because there are a very few tiny fragmentary stories that come up in searches and I haven't been checking front pages for it every day to see if they've been highlighted, but it seems like effectively no general-interest major mainstream news organization has really said much/anything about the rollout of ChatGPT's vision capabilities yet.

LLM vision was already obviously 100% set in the pipeline so its arrival should not be that surprising to anybody who's been paying sufficient attention for the last year-and-a-half, but that's almost nobody. Given how much the next several normie-tiers down from that, including normies who matter, do seem to be relatively engaged with ChatGPT and its consequences, and they almost certainly had (and from this still have) no idea this was coming, shouldn't it be at least some degree of international frontpage news that it's even been announced?

I guess they're waiting until it gets actual wide user release over the next few weeks, but it's not like the media here are sober conservatives about not jumping the gun on things that will obviously eventually be enormous consequential news to their readership. What's going on here?

This is incredible, thank you so much for this.

(also thank you OP, I am eagerly following your series)

Regarding the viral Planet of the Bass, it was surprisingly difficult to dig this half-remembered reference out of the thick sludge of my brain, and Google and LLMs were not helping when I wrongly told them it was Balkan; so in case others are experiencing the same struggle: Stop The War - Speak The Hungarian Rapper

Whack the bottom with the heel of your hand a few times then try again.

If that doesn't do it, the never-fail solution is to put some dents in the edge of the lid by tapping around its circumference with a utensil. The best option for this is holding a butter knife by the blade and hitting with the handle.

Not sure how bad this is for the seal if you're intending to reseal it long term, but this always works.

I think it is a pretty big deal, certainly as far as half-pseudonymous internet communities go. Especially with its strong, early connections with AI development, as AI explodes in importance.

TPOT is the cool kids table at the cultural center of tech. Remember how much of the world was remade around the sensibilities of the kind of people who were early to computers and the internet.

My understanding is that TPOT is just a group with similiar cultural sensibilities and references, senses of humor, political tolerations (if not political views), interests, etc, that agglomerated together on Twitter. One point of commonality that was found to be extremely widespread among them (though I don't think was explicitly foundational) was that, at some point in the past, most of them had dipped into the rat-o-sphere to widely varying degrees, to the point that "postrat" is an effectively equivalent term.