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IIRC married couples are more sexually active with each other than dating couples in general.

X. Instead a hypothetical moon colony would nationalize the oxygen production industry, and if you don't pay your taxes you would be beaten by the police and then imprisoned.

To start, if that was my mother/sister/girlfriend/whatever, I probably would've started something with a willingness to use violence if he doesn't back down. Yes, it's a bad idea to try to intimidate/reason with a crazy person. But some things are important, damnit. But I don't think it would be legally justified to mace him, if you were charged for it(and that seems like an if) then "but he was making someone/me uncomfortable" doesn't cut it. You generally need an imminent danger, and I think in Illinois/Chicago you also need to have attempted to get away from him.

I was of the first generation to be tracked(and my mother was a very early adopter; my dad is less technically savvy). If I went to the library she wanted to know what book I checked out, and she still doesn't understand why I didn't like that at the time. I don't know if she just thought she was being friendly or if she honestly believed constant surveillance was necessary; certainly I hadn't actually given her cause to believe that I would leave my phone in the trunk of my car parked at the library and meet a friend there who drove someplace, but I heard her spitballing the scenario with her friends when they talked about how to spy on their teenaged children(I never heard anyone express any reservations about the teen not liking it, and indeed it never seemed to occur to them that a teenager could not like their parents spying on them. I suspect it's extremely difficult for parents of teenagers to realize that the trust relationship between them now goes both ways).

My point is, a parent who really wants to spy on their kid can double check whatever story they're given and get at the real one.

He lives in India, hygiene norms might be different there and a significant portion of the population doesn't have running water.

Datapoint of one, but I live in the US where my parents were of the "buy the kid books in lieu of having a puberty discussion", and the books definitely talked about needing to wash under your foreskin, so I'm assuming it's the default here for uncircumcised English-speakers.

Casual sex may be losing its appeal, as the Sexual Revolution has proved less freeing and fulfilling than promised.

Was casual sex ever all that popular? I get the impression of it having been a minority that did it and a minority of a minority that did it regularly- most of the boomers' sex partners came from serial monogamy(and not having a partner, uh, affects this).

I don't doubt that apostate hasidim will be a notable population in the future, but what does that population actually look like? Low-proficiency English speakers from the projects do not do very well on their own and I doubt that apostates have much community support.

For a boy? All of them. Literally all of them.

The average 12 year old boy is so early on in puberty to still be a kid.

I think it’s in large part about zoomer males being much more reticent to approach a female, probably some of which is pence effect and some of which is just living in a lower trust society.

Have you considered that some of this is just cultural differences?

Hasidic Jews also have high TFRs and inevitably are going to show up to the future as well, and are naturally going to be in the red tribe.

Welfare dependent urbanites with very low male employment rates are going to naturally be red tribe?

Your traditional Catholics get respect from red tribers for their similar family sizes and social conservatism, sure, but that’s because they pay their own bills through work and produce children who do the same thing. Hasidic Jews do not do that.

People make it work that they lose money on their cars. Cars depreciate, they don't appreciate, you eventually have to buy a new one, and you won't turn a profit on it.

The only powerful right-wing tendency that would appeal to an intellectually curious 130+ IQ is tradcath.

While 130+ IQ is probably overrepresented among IRL tradcaths, a randomly-chosen IRL tradcath is more likely to be a geocentrist who believes cigarrettes are good for you than to be rat-adjacent. Median-level tradcath politics are Alex Jones-tier conspiracy theories with added reactionary social conservatism- although not twitter race warriors either.

The difference between the internet tradcath posters(most of whom do not actually go to church) and the IRL tradcaths(who do not describe themselves that way) is vast. It seems that many of these posters could care less about practicing or believing any form of Catholicism; they just want to attach themselves to a living, reactionary western tradition.

I'd always heard the exact opposite... maybe that's specific to Battlefield Earth.

In part it's because obamacare is more or less a globally center-right healthcare policy- it's cribbed from a bunch of euro systems that are very establishment-conservative coded.

It happens to be a giant trainwreck compared to those systems, and that's mostly the democrat's fault, but it's not like there's a right-coded twenty dollar bill on the sidewalk as to how to make it better. There just isn't a conservative-coded way to meaningfully bring health insurance costs down, although you can do some pruning around the edges. There are progressive-coded ways that would get implemented by right wing technocrats not facing a lot of scrutiny, but that is not a good description of the Trump admin.

I get the same impression that being deep red tribe makes me a minority here, and that nearly everyone being a blue tribe conservative contributes to a lot of the doomerposting.

I'm not from the US so maybe my perception is completely off, but I don't have the impression that the average grill-pilled rural Trump voter knows what HBD is.

You're correct, of course, but the average blue triber doesn't either; believing "most blacks are stupid and we can't fix it" would be coded as a red tribe complaint about AADOS culture. The phrase "blacks have genetically lower IQ's" would come off as a little more blue tribe, but mostly for dialect reasons. The mainstream of both thinks that IQ is not particularly hereditary; for red tribers this is usually in the form of "a culture that values hard work and learning will generate smarter people. Look at the orientals- they were dirt poor when they came here, now they're the smartest and richest people in the country" and the blue tribe in the form of "education resources dictate outcomes" or something like that.

HBD, which is believed by nearly everyone here,

I don't think this is true. I think that the majority probably agrees with HBD and thinks it's the main explanation behind black underperformance. It doesn't seem like some level of overwhelming consensus though, and coming from someone in the mushy middle(HBD is a perfectly good explanation for why there are few black math olympiad champions, but the relative criminality and lack of economic success is mostly cultural, and most of the uber-dysfunctional parts of black culture stem from liberals deciding to incentivize single motherhood) I don't think there's some overwhelming consensus that the black-white achievement gap is unfixable.

Mine is, although there's a lot of extra paperwork and it comes with a salary cut to not have a masters degree or a teaching certificate. YMMV on yours, though.

My unsaid thought was "that's child abuse."

I am probably on the far end here in terms of thinking that adolescent experiences matter to long term outcomes(I really do believe that habits formed in late adolescence and early young adulthood dictate your habits for the rest of your life in ways that are frequently independent of genes, and that stereotypically adolescent/early young adult mistakes(eg substance experimentation, petty crime) are a pretty big deal for affecting future life trajectory). But that goes too far; your highschool education doesn't matter very much, he can make it up in a year or two of community college if he has to.

Now exposing your child to unnecessary danger may well count as abusive, but I doubt the public schools are that bad if you don't go out of your way to expose yourself to danger.

People make 1) work with vehicles, and 2) is, well, not exactly a sympathetic example.

It does let him refine his arguments before he posts about race on twitter again.

I expect that pillarization eventually fixes this. Emphasis on eventually, but I do expect, basically, parallel societies. Yes, there will be right wing cranks in prominent positions just like left wing cranks are in prominent positions right now, but a major source of creation scientists is petroleum geologists who retired early because they were sufficiently good at their jobs- most prominent cranks have motivated beliefs that enable them to do the thing they wanted to do anyways, they aren't just stupid and incompetent.

Yes, it'll be harder to go to Harvard as a conservative, but among a big chunk of society Christendom College will have the same effect. Harvard may deliver a good education, but it's not unique in doing so; its value comes from the name.

I guess the question is can PVV prevent the formation of a government.

It doesn’t describe either of those things, but typically rather poor fiscal management/high spending relative to income.

It looks like they’re measuring correlates and then matching it up to Haidt’s data.