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You would expect the Asian norm of kids looking after you in retirement vs Western welfare state would lead to them having higher birthrates than us, but those societies have some of the lowest TFRs on earth.

And life years lost.

Perhaps greatest is loss of potential offspring. Instead of grandchildren a parent has to bury their kid and see their line end

He believes wokeness is downstream from the civil rights act.

Seems plausible, though I haven't seen comparisons of legislation vs wokeness in other similar Anglo countries like Canada and Australia who have frequent first nations prayers before government meetings.

Both are losses for the University Industrial Complex

LBJ passed the Civil Rights Act

An article on how it changed how the country is governed:


Gametes are used in biology because it works across species, while chromosomes or morphology don't.

The two stable equilibria are large cells (eggs, high investment) or small cells (sperm, cheap and mobile). There are no in between sized cells.

All differences in the sexes stem from this fundamental point. It is the reason for sex organs being the way they are. It is why female mammals are the ones who get pregnant and produce milk (they are the sex who invests more)

Different sized cells lead to different life and reproductive strategies, which lead to different morphologies, in body and mind.

Morphology follows from cell size, to focus on human morphology is to lose the perspective that we are just one of many animal forms building on binary gametes.

Jesus fathered no children. His most fervent followers, like monks and nuns took it literally and worked to help the poor and needy, neglecting to have families of their own.

Jesus and his followers didn't expect many generations to come after them, and humans to colonise the galaxy... they expected an apocalypse, and soon.

Jesus did not preach kin selection, but the opposite:

Luke 14:12-14 New International Version

Then Jesus said to his host, “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or sisters, your relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid.

But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous

Jewish civ bonuses:

Chosen people - ancient era bonus for developing monotheism and great prophets

Money lender - middle ages trade bonus, discount on banks

Lie back and think of Israel - modern era fertility bonus

They are both used in the real world to evaluate legal ability (or potential) so such a drastic gain in ability between versions is worth knowing. I think it's almost certain he'd see improvement in his task using the latest version

Chat GPT-4 gets 88th percentile on the LSAT vs 40th for Chat GPT-3

If you are using the free version it's the equivalent of a D student, pay $20 to get an A student.

Your professor used to be right when he said the cutting edge AI model wasn't that good for law, but AI moves so fast he is now wrong

Like most things, criminality is partly heritable. Some people, when given freedom choose to defect against others.

Executing the most violent criminals before they reproduce over many thousands of years is artificial selection for civilisation.

You would expect it to increase the proportion of law abiding genes.

There are pretty big population difference is crime. Has anyone looked at historical time and percentage of executions for crime vs present day rates?

Over the long term, if you care about your lineage, sterilization and death in you or your descendants have the same outcome - the bones no longer appear

There's no difference between sterilization and death in the fossil record

Of course it can. Thedesire for sexual novelty (reduced if children are produced, ie sense of responsibility) would benefit someone who is fertile who married someone infertile.

Somewhat jokingly, PMS is anger directed at a man who didn't impregnate her this month. Maybe that is evolutionarily beneficial

Criminality is heritable, so sex segregating prisoners is a pro eugenic policy. Please don't remove it and add to the foster care system now, and a worse society in the future

Sounds like a meat puppet from the 80s scifi book Neuromancer


Still happens (and can cause cancer or mutations in future generations) but in DNA the rates are something like a handful per few billion.

Then they have to make it through repair and error detecting mechanisms.

Not as good as computers (you can move gigabyte files across the internet no problem) but far more accurate than almost anything graspable by humans

Yeah I deleted that maybe a minute after posting, because I didn't want to explain thee edge cases

Biology defines males and females as having small (sperm) and large (egg) sex cells.

True hermaphroditism is extremely rare and non functional:

Spermatogenesis has only been observed in solitary testes and not in the testicular portions of ovotestes

The chromosomes XY, XX etc generally kick off development to phenotypically adult human sexes but there are rare disorders which most people are familiar with now.

The chromosomal pairs for sexes are different in different species, eg in birds males are the sex with 2 identical sex chroms.

But birds and mammals both fit the large/small sex cell binary

Many gender norms are amplifying existing sex differences. Eg men are naturally hairier than women, shaving exagerates this

If I ran the Liberal party, I would try and split the referendum into 2 questions. One that offers "constitutional respect" and one for the voice. Then people could vote yes:no and not be seen as not caring/being racist

Great post.

A culture war angle you didn't touch on was admixture with white Australians.

You are either aboriginal or not, ie 1/16 counts the same as 100%.

Nature or nurture, whites outperform aboriginals, thus the indigenous medical school scholarship students all look like this:


I would be willing to bet most pure blooded Aboriginals are most concerned about better food, health and shelter while the 1/16th seem to be fighting hardest to get the government to hand out cushy white collar jobs - this looks to be what the voice is to me.

It is totally unacceptable in polite company to point out how white some of these activist / scholarship recipients / welcome to country paid performers etc look

There has been a large decline in couples meeting through work. It was equal 2nd place in 1995 at 19% dropping to 11% in 2017.

Given remote work trends, it may well be even lower now.